Newsletter: 8th July 2022

Shorter Newsletter

This week’s Newsletter is shorter than usual, I’m afraid. This is due to the London Residential only getting back at 11pm on Thursday, leaving very little time to put a publication together. We’ll be back to normal next week.

FOPPS’ Leavers’ Disco

We are so excited to be able to see our year 6’s off properly this year!
Everyone attending Parkham School is welcome! We only ask that parents of pre school and reception stay with their children.
There will be snacks, pizza, hotdogs and squash all provided.

Friday 22nd July 3.15pm – 5.30pm

Please make sure you put in your diaries!

FOWS’ Leavers’ Disco

FOWS are holding a Leavers’ Disco on Friday 22nd July from 5.30pm at the school. It’s open to all children attending Woolsery School but children in Reception and below must be accompanied in the room by an adult.

There will be the usual tuck shop and drinks. More details will be out in the next week.

London Residential

What a time to be in London! The Year 5 children were amazing for the three full-on days in the Capital. They toured Parliament and had a Q&A session with neighbouring MP Selaine Saxby (just before she resigned from the Government), enjoyed a boat trip down the Thames, had a ride on the London Eye, saw Buckingham Palace, St James’ Park, Trafalgar Square and Whitehall. We were booked in to go down into Downing Street for photos on the steps, but unfortunately, Wednesday’s events changed things rather and all visits into the Street were cancelled. Even so, we were at the gates at a very exciting time! The children had a fantastic time at LegoLand yesterday too. If you’ve not seen the photos of the Residential, you can view them HERE. The password protection on the London posts which we have to put on during the visit for security reasons, has now been removed so everyone can see the pictures.


Annual Reports will be in book bags this evening. If you would like to make an appointment with your child’s teacher to discuss anything in the Report, you are very welcome to do so: please contact your child’s teacher directly.

For parents who don’t live with their children, your copy of the Report will be posted to you and will you by midweek next week.

Sports Days

Sports Days are taking place next week. At the weather is looking good for the week, please make sure your child has sun cream and a hat on their day as they will be ouot in full sun for a long period of time!

On Tuesday, it’s Woolsery’s turn. As previously advertised, parents and friends are welcome to come and share a picnic lunch on the school field from 12:00. If you are planning to sit to watch the races, please bring your own chairs as we won’t be bringing classroom chairs onto the field this year. FOWS will be selling good quality secondhand uniform so please drop any donations of outgrown items into school before then so stock can be organised. Thanks.

On Wednesday, Buckland Brewer are holding their Sports Day. Parents and friends are welcome from 1:30pm. FOBBS are asking for donations of cakes for their refreshments stand so please send anything in to school in the first part of the week.

On Friday, it will be Parkham’s Sports Day. You’re invited to join us on the football field from 1pm. FOPPS will be serving cream teas in the Allardice Hall after the event.

Monday Miss Orchard out (pm) – Mrs Pennington covering Buzzards Class.

Woolsery Sports Day

PCSO visiting Buckland Brewer (Eagles Class) 


Burscott Class Trip to Bideford

FOPPS Coffee Morning in the Allardice (from 8:45am)

Buzzards Swimming

Buckland Brewer Sports Day

Friday Parkham Sports Day
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