The winners of the Science Projects 2022

The Finalists were:

Logan from Stroxworthy ‘What type of ball bounces best?’

Dolly/Mia from Stroxworthy ‘How does the brain work?’

Harrison/Scarlett from Stroxworthy ‘How far does food need to travel to get to your plate?’

Tegan/Ella/Isla from Alminstone ‘How do you make a volcano?’

Mel/Georgia from Alminstone ‘Pollution in the ocean’

Genevieve/Aubri from Alminstone ‘Space’

Alyssa from Ashmansworthy ‘Which liquid creates the skittles rainbow the fastest?’

Mary-Jane from Ashmansworthy ‘What are crystals?’

Emily from Ashmansworthy ‘How to make a lava lamp?’

The winners were:  Harrison/Scarlett, Mary-Jane and Emily.   Well done!

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