Newsletter: 30th September 2022

Good Luck, Runners!

We have several children taking part in the first Gliddon & Squires Cross Country event of the season this weekend. The first meeting is at Northam Burrows  at 10am on Sunday. Good luck, all – we hope you have a great time and are very proud of you for representing our schools!

School Jotter App

We’ve become aware that not all families have switched schools on the app so that they receive notifications for Village Schools Partnership. The old Flying Start account has now closed so you won’t receive anything until you switch schools.

Although we were expecting to have moved over to the School Jotter 3 app by now, Webanywhere still haven’t upgraded us, so for the time being please continue to use the School Jotter 2 app, which is the one with the green pencils as its icon.

I am guessing that if you’re reading this newsletter you have successfully updated the app, so please check in with your friends to make sure they have completed the changes too.

Before School Club

Earlier in the week I sent out a Google survey about the possibiility of setting up a Before School Club at Parkham. Although based at Parkham, it may be possible to make it available to the other two schools if we can sort out travel logistics to get your children to their regular school for the start of the day. In any case, please respond to the survey so we can work out if the project is financially viable. As soon as we’re able to make a decision we will of course let you know.

The Survey can be found here:


Thank you to everyone at Buckland Brewer who supported our Harvest Celebration yesterday. Although our second trip to the Church in as many weeks, this time had a very different feel and the children participated really well and it was wonderful to have so many members of the wider community to join us. Thank you also for your donations for the Food Bank, which the children chose to support this year. Mr Watson will take the donations into Harbour once the parish Harvest services have concluded.

Next Thursday morning, Woolsery will be holding their Harvest Celebration. Due to renovation work in the parish church, we may need to move to the Methodist Chapel instead, or even hold it in the school hall. Wherever the celebration ends up, we won’t be able to invite parents this year, I’m afraid. Here is a request from Ms Richardson and the Community Voice team:

We are looking forward to our Harvest celebration on Thursday 6th October. The Community Voice team would be grateful for any non-perishable food donations for the Bideford Food Bank. At the moment, they are particularly in need of:
tinned vegetables
sweets and treats
long life fruit juice
tinned fruit
sponge puddings
tinned or instant custard
Please send your donations into school during the week beginning Monday 3rd October. Thank-you for your support.

On Thursday afternoon, Parkham will be holding their Harvest celebration in St James’ parish church. Parents and friends are very welcome to come along and share this event with the children. As with the other two School Voice Teams, the Parkham children have chosen to support Harbour Food Bank as well, so the message above applies equally to Parkham children as well. Thanks.

Former Teacher Visit

On Thursday morning, we had a visit from a former teacher at Buckland Brewer School. Mrs Sue West taught at the school from 1978 to 1981 and was in the area so asked to visit. Mrs West taught in the Infant classroom. She was really pleased to see a thriving village school, with some things that were very much unchanged and, of course lots on the site that is different from when she was here. Sue has left us two photo albums of school life between 1978 and 1981 so if there are any former pupils who were at the school between those years and would like to have a look through, please just let us know. Sports Days, school sports teams, the long-gone swimming pool all feature so there may well be faces you recognise. If you have memories of your time at the school with Mrs West, do feel free to add them to the comments section at the bottom of the Newsletter and I will pass them on to her.

Flu Immunisations at Woolsery – Important

We received this message from the immunisation team yesterday. If your child attends Woolsery Primary please follow the link to register your child for their annual flu vaccine:

Please be advised that we have checked our system for consents to the Nasal Flu vaccine and your school has a very low uptake. We have taken the decision to extend the closing date of the link until Midnight 2/10/22.

Please advise your parents/carers that they have until this date to consent however if they have already done so there is no need to do it again. I have attached the link for your ease should you need to send it again.

We appreciate your cooperation and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards

School Age Immunisation Team


Flu Immunisations are due to take place at Woolsery on Wednesday 12th October.

Appledore Book Festival Author Visits

Next week, children from across the Partnership will be able to meet with two real-life children’s authors as part of the Appledore Book Festival outreach project.

Joseph Witchall will be visiting on Monday 4th October and will be talking to children from Ashmansworthy, Alminstone and Goldworthy Classes

John Dougherty will be visiting on Tuesday 5th October and will be talking to children from Burscott, Stroxworthy and Tythecott Classes

The author visits will take place in Woolsery so children and staff from Goldworthy Class and Tythecott Class will be taken to Woolsery by coach on their day and will stay at Woolsery over lunch time, returning to their own schools in the afternoon. If you have ordered a school lunch for your child, it will be ready for them at Woolsery. Children with packed lunches will take their lunches with them.

Joseph and John’s books can be purchased from our local book stores.

The children will have the opportunity to ask the Authors questions, so it would be great if your child could have a think over the weekend about what they might ask.

Dance Club at Woolsery

Siobhan is unable to run dance club at Woolsery next week so the next one will be on 11th October. Please collect your child from school as normal next week.

Year 5 London Residential

We now have confirmation of the itinerary for our London Residential which this year wil take place in May. we are hoping that by moving it to earlier in the summer term, we will avoid clashing with the likely Coronation. It has also saved a large increase in costs. Letters about the Residential should be in Year 5 book bags today so please look out for them. We do not normally hold a parents’ meeting about this residential until nearer departure when we can give out very specific information about the trip, so if you have questions about any aspects of the residential, please don’t hesitate to email me.


Well done to the children who achieved a Headteacher’s Award today in recognition of developing their positive learning behaviours which are represented by the six animals:

Orleigh: All of Orleigh (bees)- for working together and trying hard with our performance in the Harvest festival, and showing excellent behaviour in the church; Caleb (dolphin)- for diving into his learning and working hard to form the past tense of the verbs; Elsie (dolphin)- for taking on a challenge in continuous provision and finding and recognising all of her new sounds.

Tythecott: Connie (dolphin) – Excellent engagement with her learning in all areas of the curriculum, you are a shining star Connnie! ; Laicee (Dolphin)- Absolutely brilliant engagement in your learning even when you’re finding things tricky, fabulous Laicee.

Gorwood:  Whole Class (Bees) for developing great teamwork this week, bothin Forest School and in class work. It’s lovely to see the class gel together!

Foxdown: Ashley  (bee) -Ashley has been excited to celebrate his Nanny’s birthday this week. He has worked well with many of his peers to make a sack full of gifts!;  Arya-Rose (tortoise) for being resilient. Arya found forming the letter k a little tricky this week. She didn’t give up and was asking for help to practise the skill some more!

Melbury: Hugo (cat) – Hugo has been asking questions and thinking about our Science topic for this term – he has been considering the different types of food and how they keep us healthy; Violet – (bee) Violet has been a supportive and helpful member of Melbury class, helping the younger children settle in. Well done Violet

Goldworthy: Harry S (bumblebee) for working successfully with others- using excellent communication skills to with a wide range of partners this half term. Also showing a more mature attitude. ;Lacie (tortoise) for being resilient and not giving up when things become difficult. Completing, without moaning, her mock SATs assessments.

Sunflowers:  Dahlia (Tortoise) –  trying really hard with writing her letters; Ethan (cat) for trying new foods

Cranford: Freddie (bee) for great teamwork and being a good friend; Joey (tortoise)  good sounding out in phonics.

Burscott: Thomas (cat) –  being curious and absorbing information in Science – including educating Mrs Farmer about protons electrons and neutrons!; Molly (spider) – making links and connections in her reading and reading her book independently.

Stroxworthy: Scarlett (spider) – For making links and connections like a spider by recalling facts about our study of Isman during RE.  Tommy (tortoise)- for being resilient when being challenged to develop his English writing skills; with great success!

Alminstone: Emily (dolphin) – diving into her maths with place value; Isla-Mae (bee) working together in PE with Mrs Appleton.

Ashmansworthy: Maisie (tortoise)-  for showing great resilience when faced with challenges and obstacles; Alfie (dolphin) for diving into his learning with enthusiasm, especially in maths and science


Appledore Book Festival – Joseph Witchall visiting (Ashmansworthy, Alminstone and Goldworthy Classes)

FOPS committee meeting 2pm in Parkham School (Partnership Meeting Room)

Bude Residential Parent’s Meeting at Parkham 3:15pm, Goldworthy Class

Governors’ Meeting at Woolsery 6pm (5.30pm for Safeguarding updates)


Appledore Book Festival – John Dougherty visiting (Burscott, Stroxworthy and Tythecott Classes)

ARC Tennis Stroxworthy and Burscott Classes


Mrs Oyarzabal out (am) Mrs Nisbet supply

Woolsery Harvest Celebration 10am

Parkham Harvest Celebration 1:30pm

Friday ARC Tennis – Orleigh Class

Mr Cole’s planned schedule…

Monday late afternoon all day
Tuesday afternoon morning
Wednesday all day
Thursday afternoon morning
Friday morning afternoon afternoon

with best wishes,

Mr Cole

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