Newsletter: 4th November 2022

Staff Changes

I am delighted to be able to tell you that we have secured Mrs Emily Hanger as a replacement teacher for Ms Peter, who will begin her maternity leave shortly. Mrs Hanger has previously taught at West Croft School, Bideford and at Clovelly Primary before its closure. Mrs Hanger therefore has experience of teaching in mixed age classes within a small school, as well as experience of a much larger organisation. She also has maths as a specialist subject so will be a great replacement for Ms Peter on all fronts. Mrs Hanger will be in school on Tuesday and Wednesday next week and so will have the chance to meet the children and staff, and please do say hello to her if she is around at drop off and pick up time. Mrs Hanger will cover the class for the full duraton of Ms Peter’s leave, which will begin on Mlonday 14th November.

In order that Buckland Brewer still has a full time Head of Learning in post, I have also asked Mrs Claire Parkhouse to swap with Mrs Sue Kersey at Woolsery from the start of the Spring Term in January. This will mean that Mrs Kersey will become Head of Learning at Buckland Brewer, teaching Tythecott Class on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and carrying out her Leadership duties in the school on Thursdays and Fridays. Mrs Lewis will continue to teach the class on Thursday mornings and Fridays all day, with Mr Davies taking the class for PE and music on Thursday afternoons.

Mrs Parkhouse will teach in Alminstone Class at Woolsery on Tuesdays to Fridays, whilst Mr Davies will continue to take Alminstone on Mondays as he presently does. We will make sure there is a good hand-over period between Mrs Kersey and Mrs Parkhouse in the lead up to the end of term so that there is minimal disruption for the children in both schools.

Edit: For clarity, Mrs Farmer will undertake the role of Head of Learning at Woolsery during this time so there will still be a clear and definite leadership structure at Woolsery in January.

Fobbs Thanks

Fobbs would like to say a huge thank you to all those children and parents/grandparents that kindly donated some wonderful cakes and biscuits for our Halloween bake sale.
We were overwhelmed with how many we had. Thank you to everyone that came along and made a purchase. Fobbs raised an amazing £172.

As we had so many we were able to give out prizes for best child decorated cakes
3rd Jack Wycherley
2nd Laicee Harrison
1st Leo May Butler

If anyone is after their tubs/containers please see Suzanne.

Keep an eye out on the App or for posters for the next event. Please remember any new ideas or anyone still looking to join Fobbs are more than welcome

Poppy Appeal

Next week, School Voice children will be selling Royal British Legion merchandise to raise money for the Poppy Appeal. Items for sale will vary in cost from 50 (for poppies, reflective poppies and zip pulls) through to £1.50 for snap bands. If you would like to send you child in with some money to support the Poppy Appeal, please do so. Thanks.

All three schools will mark Armistic Day next Friday with a 2 Minute Silence and the context of Remembrance will be spoken about on our assemblies and Family Group Time.

Changes to the School Day

In order to meet the requirements of the DfE to have all schools open for 32.5 hours per week, each of our schools will need to change both start and finish times with effect from 3rd January.

From the start of the Spring Term, all three schools will open at 8:45am and run through until 3:15pm. We will also need to adjust the times gates open for children to come onto the playground. At the moment, our plan is that gates will open from 8:30am but this will be confirmed nearer the end of term.

These changes mean that our official Registers will close at 8:55 in all schools and so any child arriving after this time will receive an unauthorised absence mark. Children arriving after 8:45 but before 8:55am will receive a “late” mark in the Registers.

This change will increase the school week by almost one hour per week for all learners. Children who reveive School Transport will be contacted by Transportwith revised pick up times where these are necessary.

Christmas Lunch Booking

Booking for Christmas Lunch at Woolsery and at Buckland Brewer is now open (Parkham will have different arrangements as FOPPS will be cooking for chidlren there)

Please book your child’s preference using the Google Form here:

If you could complete your booking by 21st November, it will ensure Dave has ordered enough food for everyone. Thank you.

Sunflowers Allocations for Spring Term

If you require Preschool sessions at Woolsery next term, session allocations are now open. Please use this form to request a place for your child. Thanks

The link to the form is here:



FOWS AGM will be on Monday evening here at the school from 7:30 pm. Please come along if you would like to help with running events and raising money. We are also looking for a new treasurer so if you think you would be able to help please consider volunteering a small amount of your time to support  our schools charity.

We will be collecting clothes at the end of this month to raise money through Bags2schools.

Thank you to everyone who came along to the school Halloween disco, it was a great night thanks to Siobhan’s entertainment and games. We raised £214.60 for the school. Thank you to all the parents who helped out on the evening to make this event possible.

Buckland Brewer and Parkham Parishes:

PARISH COMMUNITY LARDER.  Both Parkham and Buckland Brewer parishes have set up a Community Larder in the church’s porch, where we invite: GIVE WHAT YOU CAN and TAKE WHAT YOU NEED.   Just come and help yourself to what you need from the church porch (open daytime each day) – no need to ask.  And maybe there are those who can give something.  We hope this goes a little way to help in these times of rising costs.

Bonfire Night at Buckland

On Friday, 4th November Buckland Brewer Parish Council are hosting a bonfire and fireworks event from 6pm in the field next to the village hall.
The timings of the event are as follows:
18:00 – Official opening of the new fitness equipment
18:15 – Hog Roast and Bar (see village website for the menu
19:00 – judging of the Guy competition followed by the fireworks, which the organisers anticipate will be between 19:00 and 19:30. They advise that the fireworks are expected to last about 10 minutes.
We wanted to give all local animal owners notice that this will be taking place.
You would be most welcome to come and join this community event.

Well done to the children who achieved a Headteacher’s Award today in recognition of developing their positive learning behaviours which are represented by the six animals:

Orleigh: To Follow

Tythecott: Leah (bee) – For being a fantastic friend in Forest School and working together beautifully with Eleanora; Eleanora (bee) – For being a fantastic friend in our first Forest School session working beautifully with Leah, well done girls.

Gorwood: Tillie (Spider) – making connection in her learning when using subtractions; Jay  (Owl) – Always producing a quality writing all the time and not lowering expectations

Foxdown: Athea (spider) Athea has worked hard in Maths while learning about whole-part models. She was quick to make connections in her learning: linking some of the parts she found to double facts she already knew!; Ashley (tortoise) –  Ashley did not give up while working on his Mondrian inspired piece of abstract artwork. He spent time selecting, arranging and gluing his primary coloured squares and rectangles onto a black background

Melbury: Olivia (tortoise)  – Olivia has shown resilience in maths and has used the equipment to help her work independently;  Emmelene (dolphin) –  Emmie has dived into Forest School despite the rain and the cold and was totally engaged in the activities

Goldworthy: Abi (dolphin) – for being engaged in her learning; continuously working hard to improve her standard of work especially in writing. Ava (owl) –  for reviewing and understanding your learning journey especially in mathematics

Sunflowers: Joshua (bee) – for joining in with singing and actions of Nursery rhymes at circle time; Freddie (dolphin) for his Beautiful fireworks picture

Cranford: Isla and Darcie (dolphins) – for some fantastic writing this week.  You both tried so hard to form all your letters correctly.

Burscott: Kaleb (tortoise) – persevering and producing amazing firework art; Poppy (dolphin) – diving into her learning using number lines to add independently

Stroxworthy: Elsie (dolphin) – for diving into her learning  when reading a poem aloud as a class during English; Alfie (tortoise) – for being resilient and working hard on his addition and subtraction in maths.

Alminstone: Lyla (owl) –  for looking forwards and backwards in her reading and showing greater confidence; Seren (tortoise) – for being resilient with subtraction using exchanges in maths.

Ashmansworthy: Emily (tortoise) – consistently and conscientiously applying herself to her learning with quiet determination; Faris (tortoise) – for showing determination to overcome the challenges of long multiplication and long division

Monday Football – Woolsry Vs Parkham & Buckland at Woolsery 3:30pm

Mrs Hanger visiting Buckland Brewer (all day)

Burscott Class – Farm Visit


Mrs Hanger visiting Buckland Brewer (all day)

Mr Cole to Exeter (meeting) PM

Ms Richardson out (pm) Mrs Appleton covering Ashamsnworthy


Armistice Day – all schools will observe 2 Minutes’ Silence at 11am

Ms Peter’s last day

Mr Cole’s planned schedule

Monday All Day
Tuesday Morning Afternoon
Wednesday Morning
Thursday Afternoon Morning
Friday Morning Afternoon Afternoon

with best wishes,

Mr Cole


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