Birthday Breakfast and Caving for Group One

This morning, we had breakfast and then made our lunches. We then split into two groups. One went caving and the second did archery and orienteering. In the limestone cave, we found stalactites and stalagmites. Everyone showed great determination and resilience and managed to get through all the small gaps and even sat in part of the cave in the pitch black as we all turned our head lamps off. An amazing experience.

4 responses on Birthday Breakfast and Caving for Group One

  1. This is soph I loved the caving it was so fun and abit scary and I liked turning off are torches and it was dark👍

  2. Did you have fun in the caves Xavi and Scarlett ? 🤠
    Was it 🌞sunny? Who are you in a room with Scarlett?🙂🌈

  3. Wow! Well done everyone. Looks like you are having a great time. Really enjoying looking at the photos. Missing you Bella ❤️

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