Science week – Paper boats


Today in Alminstone and Ashmansworthy, we investigated which paper boat would hold the most weight.  After working out what our dependent, independent and control variables were, we looked at the 5 different types of paper and tried to predict which would hold the most weight. We used card, printing paper, tracing paper, glossy paper and sugar paper. Many of us predicted that the glossy paper might make it water resistant, so predicted that one. We then worked in groups and went step by step making the origami boats. When they were made, we tested them out thinking about our control variables. We were surprised to find that in both classes it was the sugar paper that held the most. However, we agreed it wasn’t a fair test as the boat designs were not completely identical, some had holes in from the folding and some groups had more than one boat in the water a time. It was a fantastic investigation to start science week and great fun.

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