Newsletter: 10th November 2023

Three Important Forms…

In today’s Newsletter we have no less than three important forms for you.

The first is a request for tickets for our School Productions. We don’t charge for tickets but we need to know how many to expect in the audience for each performance. Please make sure you book for the correct show!

Buckland Brewer: Panto Pandemonium on 14th December:

Parkham: Alice The Musical on 13th December

Woolsery: Porridge on 13th and 14th December

The second form is to order Christmas Lunch This allows our kitchen (who is providing Christmas lunch for Buckland Brewer and Woolsery) and FOPS (who are providing Christmas Lunch for Parkham), to order the correct amount of food and minimise waste. We need your Lunch order by Friday 8th December, please – after which time orders will close. For children who pay for their meals, the cost will be the usual £2.50 but children who receive means-tested or universal Free School Meals won’t nee do to pay.

To order your child’s lunch please click on this form:

Parents with children at Buckland Brewer or Parkham can now breathe a sigh of relief – all of your forms are done – thank you.

Parents with children at Sunflowers Preschool in Woolsery, however, need to use the third and final form in order to book sessions for the Spring Term.

The link for booking is here:

Please ensure we have your requests by Friday 24th November so that we can deploy staff to cover session demand. Thanks.

Questionnaire Thanks

Thank you to everyone who compelted our annual Questionnaire this year. In the end we received 59 responses – 11 each from Buckland Brewer and Parkham and 37 from Woolsery, which is about the same rate of return per child in each school.

Governors and the Senior Leadership Team will be looking through your thoughts in detail, but please be assured all of your responses will be read and thought about.

I am very pleased to say that every person who returned a questionnaire would recommend their child’s school to another parent, which is a huge vote of confidence for which we are very grateful.

Of the answers we received, only 2 questions had any negative responses at all, and then a very small minority – these were questions about whether concerns had been addressed properly and the question about the provision of after school clubs.  Other than those questions, parents who replied were either neutral or in agreement/strong agreement with the question.

It was lovely to read the free-text responses too, which described what it is you like about Village Schools Partnership. The top responses were:

  • The staff who know your children well
  • The curriculum offered
  • Outdoor learning, trips and visits
  • PE and Sports opportunities

Of course, there were also things that you’d like to see improved – although there were lots of “not at this time” type replies, your ideas for further improvement are really useful; we are constantly trying to improve things across all three schools and your insight and perspective is really useful.

Most common things parents would like improved are:

  • More clubs and wider opportunties for the youngest children
  • Creatvie subjects such as Drama, Music and Art
  • Communication with Parents

I will share more comprehensive analysis of the responses later in the term, once leaders have had a good look at them.

Cross Country Success!

Well done to our Cross Country runners who braved the elements on Sunday on the Northam Burrows.  We had great performances from our 4 runners – Bella 11th
Mia 14th, Molly 34th and Monti 38th.

Tempest Photo Orders

If your child attends Woolsery School, please remember the last date for Tempest Photo orders is next Monday 13th November.

FOWS AGM is on Friday 8th December 9am in the School – everyone is welcome. Please think about stepping into one of the Committee roles so that FOWS can continue its work after Christmas
Also, we’re delighted to say that the Halloween disco raised £275.35. FOWS would particularly like to say a huge thank you to Siobhan who made the disco a magnificent success.

BBC Children In Need

Children In Need Day is next Friday. Here’s a run-down of what each school is doing to raise their Pudsey Pounds…

We are asking for a donation of £1 per child to wear non-school uniform for this excellent charity who helps children all across the UK.

Buckland Brewer:

Non School Uniform – Spots theme if possible (including face paints if the children want to) Charity Football match (in spotty clothes)


Non School Uniform – Pattern theme if possible (including face paints if the children want to) and Cake Sale after school – donations of cakes needed, please!


Non School uniform – Dots and Spots theme if possible (including face paints if the children want to) with biscuit decorating (and eating) at break time.

Medication in School

Just a reminder that if your child needs to bring in any type of medication -whether prescribed or over-the-counter, it must be taken to the office and a form filled in. If your child comes to school by School Transport, it is essential that your child understands that they must take their medication to the office and not leave it in their bag. We can email you the appropriate consent form in advance, but if there’s been no time to do that, please sned us an email or telephone to alert us to the fact your child is carrying medication. Thanks.

Well done to everyone who has received a Headteacher’s Award in assembly today! As usual, our awards are given in recognition of achievements relating to our six learning animals which represent for children the qualities needed to be a good learner. They are:


Orleigh: Sophia (Dolphin) For working hard to blend the words in her head while reading and enthusiasm towards learning new tricky words; Maddie (Spider) For growing confidence with counting, recognising and writing numbers.

Tythecott: Jacob (Spider) – for making links and connections whilst planning his instruction writing for Design Technology; Eleanor (bee) – for working together like a bee during Forest School where she helped others with elastic bands for the tie dye

Gorwood: Freya (Dolphin) – for diving into her learning when writing an biography and using all the techniques we have practiced in lessons; Isaiah (Spider) – for making connections in maths by using his times tables knowledge when learning about factors and multiples

Foxdown: Willow (Dolphin) – Willow has really dived into our art topic, drawing fantastic circles and spirals; Arya (Tortoise) – Arya has worked really hard in Maths and can now write addition number sentences all by herself.


Goldworthy:  Harry (dolphin) for diving straight into your artwork, without being prompted at all, to create inspirational letters from paper; Molly (tortoise) for continuing to be resilient in all her subjects and showing a mature attitude to your learning.

Sunflowers:  Charley (Spider) – for her story recall and phonics work; Ernest (Tortoise) – for his participation in Phonics

Cranford: Mollie (Dolphin) – for being a dolphin and diving into your phonics. You are amazing!; Oakley (bee) –  for being a great friend. You really do care and look after your friends when they are feeling sad.

Burscott: Summer (Spider) – making links to her learning in class by doing lots of maths at home; Bea (Bee) – for always helping and looking after her friends and teachers

Stroxworthy: Oscar (Tortoise)  – for being resilient like a tortoise and making excellent progress in his reading; Maggie (Dolphin) – for diving into her learning like a dolphin and showing us how amazing she is at addition and subtraction using a number line. Well done Maggie.

Alminstone: Logan (Bee) – for impressing the coach with his amazing manners, behaviour and attitude at Bikeability this week. Well done, Logan!; Olivia (Dolphin) – for diving into her Maths learning on factors. Olivia has set to tasks straight away and focused on completing tasks in given time limits. A superb attitude, Olivia.

Ashmansworthy: Isla (Dolphin) – for contributing confidently to class discussions and expressing her ideas thoughtfully; Harry  (Bee) – for collaborating willingly with staff and children, no matter the task or activity

  • 13-14th November: Bikeability at Woolsery
  • 15th, 22nd, 29th November, 6th December: Melbury Class at Appledore Art Studio (am) by minibus
  • 16th November: Individual Photos, Parkham
  • 17th November: BBC Children In Need Day
  • 1st December – FOPS Christmas Fayre
  • 13th December – Parkham Christmas Production (Alice The Musical) 6pm
  • 13th December: Woolsery Christmas Production (Porridge) 1:45pm & 6:30pm
  • 14th December: Buckland Brewer Christmas Production (Panto Pandemonium) 1:30 and 6pm
  • 14th December: Woolsery Christmas Production 6:30pm
  • 19th December: Christmas Dinner Day (all schools)
  • 20th December: Last Day of Term


Monday FOPS Meeting in Partnership Room, Parkham (am)

School Voice children visiting Harbour

Mr Cole out PM

Wednesday Melbury Class to Appledore (Art project) AM
Thursday Tempest taking indididual and family photos (Parkham)
Friday Children In Need Day – see main article

Mr Cole’s planned schedule

Monday all day
Tuesday morning
Wednesday all day
Thursday all day
Friday morning afternoon afternoon

With best wishes,


Matt Cole, Headteacher

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