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More from the beach trip!

Some more photos from last weeks lovely trip to the beach.

More from Jubillee day!

More pets in Burscott!

We have had more visitors over the last week or so: Monty’s chicken; Thomas’s tortoise; Rudi’s Nanny’s dog , Mollie Jo’s chihuahua, Alfie’s cat and Maggi’s Shetland Pony. All very well behaved!

Pets in Burscott

Our literacy work this term is based on books about pets. The children have been very excited to be bringing in their pets. Here are some of the pictures so far.

Burscott SCARF 6/4/2022

Burscott SCARF 29.3.2022

SCARF 14/3/2022

This week we read a story about a little boy called Louis who had a mouth like a volcano. Every time words came into his head, they erupted out of his mouth – whether it was a good time or not. We talked about what we could do to stop our moths erupting!

Mud Pies and Giant Bubbles!

  Burscott class had a lovely morning in Forest School in the sunshine.

Burscott Forest School

The children had a fabulous time at Forest School this week!

World Book Day

We have had  a lovely day with our books in Burscott class. We have shared them with our friends and done lots of book activities. We also played Mr Men charades!!

Burscott SCARF 2/3/2022

Rights and Responsibilities The children talked about getting on with others and how we have a right to be treated in a certain way, and a responsibility to treat others in a certain way. We read a story about Harold and his friends in which they were finding it hard to get on, and discussed […]

Jack and the Dreamsack

Our literacy text is ‘Jack and the Dreamsack’. We have made our own dreamsacks and filled them with dreams, and on Thursday we made Dreamtrees – we loved it!!

Burscott Scarf 24/1/2022

Burscott Scarf 12/1/2022

This week we discussed situations that are ‘completely safe’ and completely unsafe’. The children had to place themselves on an imaginary line between the two when given a scenario. Some of the more controversial ones were: Riding on a rollercoaster, stroking an unfamiliar dog in the park, and  playing near a busy road.

Burscott Gymnastics

The children are enjoying our gym work this term. We have been working on body shapes – straight , tuck and star – first on the floor, then on small apparatus, and then- the children’s favourite – the large apparatus. They really engaged with their learning. Well done!

Burscott 5/1/2022

This half term our SCARF unit is called ‘Keeping myself safe’. Our discussion today was about how to make ourselves better when we feel ill. As always there were some amazing ideas and all the children were aware of how to behave safely with medicines.

The Polar Express

It wasn’t quite the morning we had planned, but we all enjoyed our polar express experience! Mostly because it was full of hot chocolate and cookies and we came to school in our pyjamas! The children have worked hard on their literacy based on this text too. Well done everyone!

Christmas Dinner and Jumper day

We really missed this last year. Nothing quite like Slade being belted out by lots of children to get you on the Christmas spirit!

Geography – mapping the village

We went on a walk around the village to look at significant buildings. We then came back and made a 3D map with lego. It was good fun – the most significant building was Mrs Eavis’s house (she had squash and biscuits!)

Burscott SCARF 25/11/2021

This week we have been talking about how we might feel in different situations with the aim of helping children to understand that we can all react differently to different things. We also discussed how to manage our emotions. The  children were great at identifying different emotions but some found it hard to appreciate other […]

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