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Cricket festival

Today Miss Grant and I took 11 year 5 children to a cricket festival, which was held at North Devon Cricket Club Instow. We were competing against year 6 children from  schools across Devon. In our group we played Caen, Marwood, Woolacombe and Goodleigh. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to play St Helens as all of […]

Cricket 21.4.23

Alminstone thoroughly enjoyed their cricket during PE. For the warm we were throwing a ball in the air and catching it. We made this more challenging by using one hand, then changing our hands,moving around and by throwing it higher. The skill we looked at was batting the ball from a tee. We then played […]

Real dance

This week for our dance lesson we looked at partner work, which included lifts and leans. The children worked together safely to then incorporate these moves into their dances. They also included circles, turns, jumps, different levels and silk like moves (we have been working on these moves for the past few weeks.)  

Athletic finals

Today, Louise and I had the pleasure of taking 12 Yr 5/6 children to the Athletic finals (At Bideford College sports hall.) against 13 other schools from across North Devon. The children all competed in a variety of track and field events consisting of standing high jump, standing long jump, speed bounce and chest throw. […]

Dance 17.3.2023

Today Alminstone class were continuing with their dance and sequences. We had a different warm up this week ‘follow the leader’. The class got into groups and had to copy their leader’s movements. They changed leaders, changed movement, changed their speed and height. It was lovely to see the groups get quite creative with their […]

Picture wise (scarf 17.3.2023)

Toady in Alminstone we were looking at how we take photos, who we share them with and whether a picture was safe or unsafe to post on social media. The children we very good at deciding if the pictures were safe or unsafe.

Swimming 10.3.23

Another great week swimming for Ashmansworthy class. The children are all coming on leaps and bounds with their swimming skills. It has been lovely to watch the progression, from week one to where they are now and to see them all grow in confidence. Some children were learning  butterfly stroke this week, while others were […]

Real dance 10.3 2023

This week during our dance lesson we continued to focus on incorporating circles, turns and jumps into our dance sequence . We also looked at moving like a piece of silk and how we could include these moves into the sequences aswell. The children are really get the hang of changing their dance tempo/moves to […]

Alminstone real Dance 3.3.23

The children in Alminstone have been working on a new set of skills this week during dance. We have been looking at how we can  incorporate circles and circles with jumps. All of the children tried to challenge themselves with these moves and tried to vary their height levels to make their dance more interesting. […]

How dare you! Scarf 24.2.23

This week Alminstone discussed what the word ‘dare meant.’ “It can mean that you dare someone to do something or if you are having an argument you may say how dare you.” We looked at different scenarios and discussed whether they were a dare or not and how if you were the person being dared […]

Real dance 24.2.23

Alminstone started their new PE topic this half term of dance. The children moved to different tempos of music for their warm up. This made them think about how their moves needed to fit the beat of the music.We talked about moving fluently between shapes and how we could differentiate the levels and incorporate this […]

Swimming 24.2.2023

Ashmansworthy class quickly settled back into their swimming routine after a week off. Two of the groups were working on stroke techniques this week while the third group were practicing floating like a star aswell as other elements. A few challenges for some of the children, but they accepted the challenge and over came some […]

Ashmansworthy swimming 10.2.22

On Friday Ashmansworthy class continued to work on particular strokes, their breathing and stroke techniques during the lesson. Each and every child is continually pushing/challenging themselves. They thoroughly enjoyed the sinking toys, which pushed some children out of their comfort zone of going under water to retrieve them. Well done everyone for another suberb lesson.

Alminstone PE 10.2.2023

Friday was our last session on the real PE unit health and fitness. We started the session with our warm up inside out. Then we progressed onto the game scatterball and Throlf. Half the class played Scatterball and half the children played Throlf. There were lots of encouraging comments between the children, which was lovely […]

Alminstone PE 3.2.23

This week Alminstone increased the difficulty of the warm up, by adding in gears for an instruction rather than me just saying ‘jog, jump’ etc, this meant they were developing their cognitive learning aswell as their physical side of the activity. We talked about the importance of warming up before exercise.Some of the children’s responses. […]

Ashmansworthy swimming 3.2.23

It’s so lovely to see all of Ashmansworthy class progressing so much with their swimming lessons each week. This week aswell as perfecting particular strokes, alot of the children were taken out of their comfort zone. Some of the children swam for the first time without a pool noodle/woggle & some were jumping in from […]


Ashmansworthy thoroughly enjoyed their swimming lessons today and are doing incredibly well. Quite a lot of the children have managed to over come some fears over the last few weeks, whether that’s swimming on their back, jumping in, putting their face in the water and being out of their depth or comfort zone. Ms Richardson […]

Inside out + Scatterball PE 27.1.23

Alminstone had a new warm up and game for their real PE lesson today. Inside out was the warm up. The children took turns to go round a cone in different ways e.g. Walking, jumping, skipping etc. The class had different instructions to follow, for example ‘around the clock’ all groups moved one place around […]

Islands (scarf 27.1.23)

For this week’s scarf in Alminstone we talked about personal body space.We started the session with a game called ‘Islands’ (musical chairs but with bits of paper for islands). The class thoroughly enjoyed this game despite it becoming harder for the children to gather on one island. They got very creative and even gave other […]

Friend or acquaintance? 20.1.23

Today in scarf we considered different types of relationships we can have other people and whether someone is a friend or acquaintance. The class listened to a story sheet “Umar helps Henry.” We had lots of discussions about how Umar is being a good friend to Henry and how he helps him overcome his fears/anxieties. […]

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