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Tag rugby

Today Miss Grant and I had the pleasure of taking 8 young ladies (years 5/6)to Bideford Rugby ground for a tag rugby festival. Considering this is the first time the girls have played together and some girls didn’t even know how to play the game before we started, they all played incredibly well. We won […]

Summer disco

The children all had a blast on the field this evening for the summer disco. There was dancing, games, tattoos, slushes, lots of happy children and lots of laughter. Thank you to Siobhan for doing all the music and games. Thank you to FOWS for making it happen and to everyone that helped.

It could happen to anyone. 17.6.2022

Today the children looked at different scenarios and discussed how some people would feel, how people could react in a negative way and how people could react in a psotive way. The children had very in depth converstaions about the different scenarios. ◊

Beach fun videos


Karaoke video


Beach fun part 2

Beach fun part 1

The children had a lovely time on the beach this afternoon with a variety or activities like sand marble runs, sand scupltures, team games, exploring the local history and rounders.


The children all enjoyed surfing this morning. The children showed great team work before they entered the sea. We learnt how to stand on our boards on the sand and had a game of bum wars as a warm up. A few children managed to stand up. Smiles all round and the water was very […]

Warm up for early morning run

A bit sleepy this morning.

Year 5/6 cricket festival

Today I had the pleasure of taking this lovely bunch of children to a cricket festival in Instow. They played incredibly. well conseridering they had only played the game once during PE. They had previously learnt all the skills they needed for fielding and batting during their time with Coach Tom (From North Devon Primary […]

Gym competition finals

A talented bunch of year 3-6 children entered a gym competition a few weeks ago and all did extremely well with lots of 1st,2nd and 3rd places being won. We balanced and rolled our way to the live finals, which was held today via zoom. The children were all amazing and represented the school well. […]

Ashmansworthy scarf 25.3 2022.Joe’s Story

Today in scarf we looked at physical and emotional needs we have and how we get these needs met. We talked about how we meet our own needs eg ‘Needing to give and receive attention.’ We then went on to look at and discuss Joe’s story and how he was getting his needs met.  

Ashmansworthy forest school (Hapa zome printing) 8.3.2022

The children had great fun playing a variety of games at the start of the session. We played a dragon game, where a child was a dragon and they had to guess who was trying to steal their keys.1 breath game, the children had to run up the field and scream until their 1 breath […]

Girls football tournament

After winning their football matches last Wednesday at Kingsley, the girls under 9 team went through to the next round at Bideford college today. We came runners up in our category (having lost one game and winning two.) and then went through to the semi-finals. The girls all played fantastically but unfortunately they lost in […]

Gym and Dance videos for the virtual competition.

Everyone in Ashmansworthy class have been working super hard on their dance and gym videos for the virtual games competition.The closing date for these events are February the 18th. For the gym the children could their level from rookie, bronze, silver gold and platinum. The dance, most of the groups copied the dance an added […]

Ashmansworthy scarf. It’s the law!

This week in Ashmansworthy we have continued with our drug theme. The children looked at different scenarios and discussed if the law had been broken, who had broken it? And if the law hadn’t been broken, why not? . The children were all very involved in this discussion and all had lots to say on […]

Football at Kingsley.

I had the pleasure of taking 15 girls (ranging from year 3 – to year 6)to Kingsley school for a football competition. We had 2 teams the under 9s and the under 11s. The under 9s won both their matches with a 1-0 score on each game. The under 11s (with some of the under […]

Scarf 21st January 2022. To share or not to share?

To share or not to share? This week in Ashmansworthy class we have been debating different scenarios and whether or not it’s appropriate to share or not to share vidoe/images e.g. indecent images of people. We then discussed the consequences and how to make the scenarios safer. The children all worked together in small groups […]

Ashmansworthy’s Trip to Burford Woods.

It was a great pleasure to be able to take Ashmansworthy Class to Burford Woods just before the end of half term. The aim of our Forest School sessions is to provide a child-centred, inspirational learning process, that offers opportunities for holistic growth and individual personal development. The philosophy being that the ideas and skills […]

Ashmansworthy clay projects

Yeah 5 and 6 thoroughly enjoyed themselves during their clay project mornings. Year 5s made a Greek pot. They used the coiling method to make their pots. They had their base, which was called a biscuit, then used long rolls of clay to coil around the base, they then had to smooth the coils both […]

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