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Fun on the Farm

We had an enjoyable day at Ashcroft Farm; many thanks to Mr Pennington, Gita, Jackie, and Bob and Vicky Meeson. After a snack in the barn, we learnt about how one day old chicks are reared to become fully grown hens. Crossing the fields, we found one of the sources of the River Torridge and […]


We investigated how much weight round based, square based and triangular based cylinders could hold before collapsing. We recorded the total weights then converted the units of measurement.

Elder Family Group

Today Jack and Harrison brought in their giant land snail, Garfield, to show us. We saw his breathing hole and found out that Garfield can’t hear anything but can feel vibrations. Garfield’s favourite food is cucumber and he also enjoys eating dandelion leaves.

Elder Family Group

The older children were very good at reading stories to the younger members of our family group.


Alminstone are learning about forces. We made spinners and timed how long they took to fall. Then we made changes, trying hard to test fairly by only changing one thing at a time. We found the mean average.

Pottery: The children made fantastic masks which are in the process of drying before being fired.

Alminstone Forest School

Today in Forest School we made dream catchers. The web will catch all the dreams floating around whilst we are asleep. The bad dreams will be trapped and destroyed, wheras the good dreams will flow through to our heads. Please could you leave a comment to tell us what dreams you have. Sweet dreams everyone! […]

Paper Hat Competition

Alminstone class had fun making paper hats this afternoon. Which would you choose as a winner?

Yaki Macaquies

The children enjoyed using animal print designs to make their own collages.

An afternoon in Alminstone class

The Year 4 children worked hard at drawing and painting figures in the style of Lowry whilst Year 5 children worked together in scienceto separate solids.

Family Groups

The children enjoyed sharing stories.


Year 4 children tried to identify a range of solids which were mixed together. They then had to separate them. Noone succeeded in separating the sugar from the tea leaves!

Yaki Macaquies!

The Yakis designed animal face pizzas which looked- and hopefully tasted- delicious.  A new idea was born: add sweets!

Tuck Shop

There is now a greater range of ‘goodies’ to choose from, proving popular with the children. The next Tuck Shop will at break time on Wednesday 5th November.

Visit to Buckfastleigh

Class Alminstone really enjoyed their day out yesterday and we used these photographs to talk about what we found out.

An afternoon in Alminstone class

Some children carried out science investigations whilst others used oil pastels to create railway posters.

Yaki Macaquies

Today the children continued their pastel drawings of endangered animals and researched information to make a fortune teller.


Following on from sorting and describing the properties of materials, the children thought about what they might like to investigate next. Ideas ranged from finding out which type of sugar dissolved first to seeing how many grains of salt were in a teaspoon! Various mixtures and solutions have been left on the window sill for […]

Yaki Macaquies!

To help us learn about endangered animals, we played Bingo. This was followed by designing a wordsearch.


We took our learning outside this afternoon and sorted a range of materials, giving reasons for putting various items into groups. We considered the properties of a range of materials and began to think about what makes something a solid, liquid or gas.

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