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The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza)

Listening to and acting out the story:- We enjoyed exploring the straw to find pizza toppings which The Little Red Hen had lost:-


Today, we had to move loads of compost and mix it into our garden, ready for planting. It was hard work and we all had to work together to get it done. We needed our snacks afterwards.

Pancake Day

Making and then eating delicious pancakes:- Ordering numbered pancakes: Dance in the school hall:-

The Little Red Hen

We have been using shapes and drawing to create our own hen:- We have also been practising our number writing:- We all enjoyed gardening:-

But Martin!

Look at our big, floating Martin!  We now have a lovely wall display with all the Martins we have made.

But Martin!

It’s been sometimes messy but great fun making our own alien Martins.  Bubble painting, using our scissor skills to cut our Martin out and then adding his face – aren’t they great?

Planet Biscuits

Sunflowers enjoyed cooking, decorating and eating planet biscuits which were “very tasty”.


We have an exciting new space, role play area to explore and play in:- Looking for Jupiter!

Sport Adventurers

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to take part in this activity with Budehaven.  After reading Hello Harry Horsepower it was exciting pretending to be the animals and vehicles from the story.   Sunflowers also enjoyed learning a dance to Old McDonald using lots of different arm and leg movements.

Whatever Next!

Happy New Year! At Sunflowers we are having fun learning all about space. Acting out scenes from the story:- Using shapes:- Hand print aliens:-

Carol Service at the Church

Well Done Sunflowers and Cranford Class – you sang beautifully!

Christmas Dinner

We all enjoyed eating our Christmas Dinner!  We had fun pulling crackers and we were very excited to have a surprise visitor!

The Jolly Postman

It is a busy time at Sunflowers Post Office.  Writing messages, addressing envelopes, sticking on stamps and then posting in our post box. Wrapping parcels and putting them under our Christmas tree: It’s exciting taking it in turns to open our Advent Calender and counting down the number of days to Christmas Exploring our Winter […]

A Cold & Frosty Morning

It was great fun making a ‘crunchy’ sound with our feet to make footprints, exploring the ice and looking at our shadows:- Copying and continuing patterns:-


We have achieved some amazing concentric circle painting! After we had all put our coats on by ourselves, we had a walk around school to find shapes.  We were really clever and found lots of different shapes:-

The Gruffalo

We are getting very familiar with this story and can retell the story in our small world area: Making a Gruffalo with play dough: Listening to a story CD:


Poppy Pictures

Room on the Broom

Using puppets Sunflowers retold the story in their own words:- We have created some colourful firework pictures:- It was fun running outside and twirling our streamers:- Moving to music we love play dough gym:- In letters and sounds we enjoyed Tony the Train’s Busy Day.  We talked about words beginning with the same sound; Big […]

Room on the Broom

This week we have been:- Painting with spaghetti brooms:- Threading spider web plates: Potion play- Look at our magnificent broom!


We have been using our scissor skills:- We have enjoyed listening to and talking about the story Owl Babies: We have fed the owls:- Making play dough creatures:- Sunflowers would like to wish everyone a lovely Half Term!

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