Blogging Guidelines for Everyone

Our blog has many purposes.We want to use it to help us to learn, share, communicate and have fun in our learning.

Technology is moving at a pace; the iPhone was only introduced in 2007 and nearly half of our school children were born after this date! Many of our parents and former pupils keep up to date with Woolsery School news via our Twitter feed by SMS, on Smartphones, tablets and PCs.

We need to embrace this fast pace of development in technology, use it appropriately and help to teach our children how to do all of this safely and with responsibility. This is why we have to set guidelines.

BE SAFE: The World Wide Web is world-wide and so it is important that we don’t give away any other information about ourselves.
• First names only please (parents too.)
• Never share your address, email address or phone number. (The email address you give on Comments isn’t published)
• Don’t share details about yourself.
• Do not post photos of others – ask an adult if photos are appropriate.
• Photos and names should not appear together – a photo is allowed but never with a name, and vice versa.


BE RESPECTFUL: Although all comments have to be approved by school staff, you should always consider how other people would feel about what you’re writing.
• Be polite, considerate and courteous.
• Don’t say anything that might be offensive to someone.
• Be open and respectful to other people’s opinions and try to be positive rather than negative.

BE RESPONSIBLE: Read these guidelines!
• Have someone around to help you. At home you should never use the Internet without permission and supervision.
• Tell someone if you see or read something you don’t like or think shouldn’t be on this site. Use the ‘Contact Us’ page if you need to.
• Parents should proof-read comments and posts that you write at home.

BE LITERATE: We should always use proper and appropriate communication skills. Mobile phone ‘text-speak’ is not for blogs!
• Use good grammar, spelling and punctuation.
• Proof read your post or comment before you publish.

Our WWW. presence…
Website – where you’ll find information about the school that’s useful for our parents or for those who want to find out more about our school.
Blog – where we share and celebrate our learning.
Twitter – solely for current information and communication for our school community and not for the children.

Thanks to our good friends at Georgeham Primary School for helping out with our Blog Guidelines.

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