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Forest School

Today we went to forest school.  We talked about Autumn and what happens at this time of year.

Our walk around the village!

Today we used our maps to explore our village.  We know about the compass and what directions are on it.  We used the symbols on the map to help us find the places.

A few photos from our continuous provision this week!

This week the bark chippings arrived and we opened up a little bit more of our outside area.  Then we could open the ‘Dog’s kitchen’ and we created an outside book area.  The children loved it all!!

Drama – Hanada’s Surprise

We acted out the story of Hanada’s Surprise changing the animals and the fruit.   We retold the story using adjectives to describe the fruit.  We tasted some fruit too.  This helped us to come up with some good adjectives.   Get them to describe a piece of fruit at home! soft, yellow banana, juicy, […]

Geography – Where we live!

This half term we are looking at where we live.  We first looked on Google maps and identified the village and its key features.  We labelled them on a map, worked out what symbols we use on a map.  Then we created our own map of the village and used the bee-bots to travel between […]

Art Day!

Today we had a whole school art day.  Here we are contributing to a butterfly display.  We also decorated our door with the saying ‘Jump in and have fun!’.

Our Curiosity Cube!

In our classroom we have a Curiosity Cube and it does amazing things to promote questioning and wonder.  Some weeks I find random things in the supermarket and other weeks it is closest linked to our topic or key learning. Our Curiosity Cube this week…

Forest School Fun!

Cranford Class explored forest school today before the lady from our SCARF programme visited us.  We had fun making things, building, mark making, measuring and discovering worms.  We measured lots of worms against different sized sticks.  Great fun.  Can’t wait for the next session!  

Exploring our new Classrooms

What a busy week we have had this week in Sunflowers and Cranford class. We have been able to explore both classrooms and our outside area. We have been getting used to new routines and many new friends.

Science week

Bubble popping fun!

We were given lots of water guns. We first learnt how to fill them up. Next we squirted bubbles! So much fun and great for strengthening our muscles in our little fingers!

Ramps, water and cars

Investigative play. The children have investigated this a few times throughout the year but today they decided to make it bigger. They worked together using several resources to allow the slope to go very high. Then they used water to make different sized cars go faster. They have two more pieces of guttering to add […]

Burford Woods

Cranford and Burscott classes had a great trip out to Burford Woods on Monday. Here are some of the photos.

Burford Woods

We had an amazing day at Burford Woods.  Cranford and Burscott Classes enjoyed making dens first thing.  We then explored the woods, played on the swings, a snooze on the hammocks and a whizz on the zipline. We make a pretty frame using sticks and wool, made some clay faces and had a go with […]

Someone swallowed Stanley

Last week we started learning about the beach. We have set up our own beach in our classroom. This week we have been learning about recycling and how it affect our oceans. We are reading the book called ‘Someone swallowed Stanley. Stanley is a plastic bag and gets swallowed by different animals. We made our […]

More from the beach trip!

Some more photos from last weeks lovely trip to the beach.

Rock pooling in Westward Ho!

We had a lovely day at Westward Ho! beach.  First we went rock pooling.  We found lots of crabs and sea snails.  We also found some squid eggs.  These haven’t been seen at Westward Ho! for years!   Next we walked along the beach to Northam Burrows visitors centre where we had our lunch.   […]

Forest school

Meet the apple club, some of the boys hanging out eating snack together, the children have enjoyed climbing, the mud kitchen, the hammock, and making flags for our next adventure using leaves, flowers and banging them with a hammer between fabric to leave an imprint.   in

Scarf- yoga and calming music

Our scarf lesson today was based around bed time routines and we talk about calming things to do, I mentioned yoga/ calming music the children were interested in what that was so we encorporated yoga into the lesson. The children thoroughly enjoyed engaging it, all had a go and have asked to try it again. […]

Jubilee Dancing

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