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Science in the Poly

Today we were planting and the children were discussing what makes plants grow. This led to a further discussion about what would happen if we gave plants different liquids. So they all decided to do an experiment with lettuce seeds. They broke off into four groups and each group have a different liquid to water […]

Spring time planting.

Today we were lucky to have Jack from Birch Farm come for a visit at school today. He helped the class plant up some beds with different vegetable like turnips, radishes and spinach. He discussed with the children what plants needs to grow, showed them how to sow, plant and water the seeds. He will […]

Our edible woods

This week has been super exciting. After a lot of hard work and planning me and some children have been able to plant our first three beds in our synstropic system. Today we have had help from Jack and Josh from Birch farm with the planting, planning and donations of a lot of trees and […]

Northam caretrust visit

On Friday a small group of children went to Northam caretrust in Bideford they had a lot of fun replanting daffodils and digging a flat area for there nee shed for their gardening tools. We had a lovely lunch and then enjoyed a chilled out time in their sensory room. We were lucky to have […]

Planting trees at the church

Last week we were asked vy the churchbto go help plant some apple trees at the front of the church. It was wet and windy but they all enjoyed themselves being part of something that’s going to last for years.

Today we planted our orchard with trees from The Tree Council. Some very excited children can’t wait to have fruit from them and make jam or crumbles.

Northam care Trust visit

Some children from Parkham had fun today at Northam Care Trust in Bideford helping them clear an area for their very own log circle area and fire pit. We also got to have fun holding and feeding their chickens Omlette, Hero, Hey Hey.

RSPB Birdwatch 2024

We had great fun finishing our bird hides. We then had some time to doing the UK rspb birdwatch survey for 2024.

Birch farm trip

We had a great time today at Birch farm. The children got to learnt how to start the process of planning at syntropics. They were all excited after measuring out the beds where the plants will go they learnt from this they can work out the volume of mulch they would need. They then talked […]

Birch farm visit

We had an amazing time at Birch farm learning about what they do there and Agrofostery and Syntropics. We will be creating our very own Syntropic area in the school with the help from the gardeners at Birch Farm. The children learnt about biodiversity and we planted some wiow cuttings. The children found this exciting […]

Gardening club In Autumn

This term in gardening club we have been sorting through all the plants that have died, seed harvesting. We’ve also been sorting compost, laying hedges and creating a fence around our growing area. Then lastly we have been so lucky Becki and Tess were very kind and made the club a batch of green tomato […]

Magnificent Mud Kitchen

Sunflowers and Cranford Class are loving the new mud kitchen. This kitchen provides a messy, sensory experience allowing the children to explore different textures and materials whilst having fun. The mud kitchen supports communication and language development as the children talk to each other and discuss what they are doing. It also encourages imaginative role […]

Northam care Trust visit at Rosehill

We had a lovely day planting trees at Rosehill learning about national tree week, ID trees, we then glazed their signs they had already made. We had fun with their chickens called Halo, Nae Nae and Omlette. The children were amazing interacting and helping the clients and realising how people struggle in society with physical […]

Devon Wildlife Trust

Lou Grout organised for Jasmine from Devon Wildlife Trust to work with Tythecott class today.  Jasmine discussed the Saving Devon’s Tree Scope Project with the children. We looked at a variety of seeds from our local environment and discussed each: Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Hornbeam, Alder, Acorn and Sloe. We then planted them using compost provided by […]

Visit from Devon Wildlife Trust

We were very lucky to have a visit from Devon Wildlife Trust. We have joined a programme called ‘Saving Devons Treescape’ the children learnt all about different seeds and how to process them and why they are our champions for this project. Watch this space for our little nursery in our new growing area in […]

Tythecott go invertebrate hunting

For our science project looking at living things and their habitats, it was time to look at invertebrates.  Did you know some invertebrates have no heads? Or that they make up over 95% of all the animals on our planet?

Devon Wildlife Trust

The year two and three’s have been lucky to have a visit from the Devon Wildlife Trust. Lastvyear they started a project that’s called ‘saving devons treescape’ we started the project last year buy gather seeds and processing them for the winter and then come the spring we planted them. We have been lucky to […]

Family Point treat

Last term Sting Rays won the family point treat which was a water fight.  With the lovely weather, we decided to commence the water works this afternoon.  Some very wet children (and slightly wet adults!) had a lot of fun!

Visit to Northam Care Trust

Today the year 5’s from Ashmansworthy were able to visit Northam Care Trust in Bideford..they had so much fun learning more about planting and growing. They also were amazing and working along side the trusts clients. We are so proud of them. They were kind, respectful and polite. They were treated to a roast dinner, […]

Water Butt

We are very lucky to have the use of a rain water butt. This means that we can independently fetch water whilst playing to learn. This strengthens our fine and gross motor skills as we turn the tap on and off and carry the water. This also helps develop our problem solving skills by working […]

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