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Stroxworthy Tennis

Today’s tennis lesson was all about accuracy, throwing and catching and then with using a racket. The whole class worked brilliantly in teams.  To

Art Day – Stroxworthy

Today was our wonderful art day. We have created a fantastic display based around the quote ‘Why fit in when you were born to stand out’, you can see it on our classroom door (back). We have also contributed to the whole school community art project. We finished our day by decorating butterflies which will […]

Stroxworthy Tennis with Julie.

Since the start of term we have had some wonderful training with Julie from ARC tennis centre. We concentrated during our first week on throwing and controlling the ball. Then we tried hitting and catching over the net. Our second week we practised various ball skills, finishing the session with a tricky game of rolling […]

Stroxworthy Science

This week we have started our new topic investigating ‘What is light?’. Today we tried to answer the question carrying out different experiments. Using an upturned card board box with items underneath, we made some holes and then looked in the box to see what we could see. We then added more and more holes […]

Stroxworthy Forest School

Friday was our final forest school of this term and we were reflecting on the time we have spent in the lovely forest school area. Following some games we played together, we went on and had fun creating our own games, making dens, crafts with Kate and then had yummy snacks around the fire. We […]

Stroxworthy SCARF

On Monday we discussed some of the different talents and skills that people have and how skills are developed. We then made a medal to show someone how wonderful they are.

Stroxworthy and Alminstone trip to the Burrows

Today both Stroxworthy and Alminstone have had great day learning at the Northam Burrows. After sheltering from the storm, looking around the information centre, we went on a coastal walk to learn about coastal features. This was followed by mini missions exploring the Burrows for different flowers and creatures. After lunch we did a beach […]

Stroxworthy Science Week finished boards.

Stroxworthy Forest School

This afternoon Stroxworthy had a lovely afternoon in the Forest School area exploring with clay, playing in the mud kitchen, deconstructing some pallets, den building and planting.

Stroxworthy Art

This morning we spent some time on the field to start our field sketching. We imagined a frame using our hands and then begun to sketch using our skills we have learned. Thank you to Mrs Coles for her instruction and expertise.

Scarf – Stroxworthy

This morning we discussed ‘Children should not be allowed computers, tablets or phones before bed?’

Stroxworthy 1st July trip to Burford Woods

Well what a fantastic day we had. From building dens to playing in the mud, from making crafts to eating fruit kebabs, from swinging on a swing, climbing trees to drinking hot chocolate. The children had so much fun they were rather worn out in the end.  

Stroxworthy Forest School

Today we did clove hitch, timber hitch and reef knot. We made God’s eyes with sticks and wool weaving, mud kitchen which they were excited about as we were unable to do this last week because of the heat! 

Stroxworthy SCARF – Poorly Harold

SCARF – Harold plans a party meal!

Today we have been designing a healthy meal plan for Harold’s party.

SCARF – Stroxworthy – Environment

As part of our SCARF this week we were discussing Environment. We began by understanding what the word environment means then continued to explore different ways we could look after our school and local environment We decided to make posters to promote our thoughts to the community. .

Outdoor Learning Day

As part of Outdoor Learning Day, Stroxworthy combined their Geography and Art skills by starting their field sketches. They used the beautiful views on our doorstep to try out the sketching skills we have been practising.

Stroxworthy Art at Appledore

On Tuesday our next group visited the Art Studio at Appledore Primary School, where they began their wet felting project. We had lots of fun and enjoyed ourselves. We shall return next week to complete. 

SCARF Stroxworthy – Fact or Opinion?

We discussed and chose which statements were fact or opinion. We also created our own. 

Stroxworthy Cricket Morning

A cloudy but enjoyable morning of cricket today. The children worked really well together and leaned new skills of fielding whilst revisiting our previously learned skills of bowling and batting. 

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