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Move your body.

In SCARF today we learnt about why do we need to exercise? To keep strong, help our muscles and bones to get stronger, strengthen our heart, which is made of muscle, feel happier and have fun. We practiced some moves and then moved to the story “ The animal bop”

(2) Little Wandle Love of Reading – Would you Rather …….

Sunflowers enjoyed being provided with soft toys and props included in the story to help them make a decision and act out their choices. Would you rather ….

Sticky web.

In our science experiment we were learning about why spiders don’t get stuck in their own webs. We talked about how spiders catch their prey in a web, their web is so sticky the bugs get stuck when they touch it. Why doesn’t the spider stick to its own web? They answered because both the […]

Parkham Mini Marathon

Today all the pupils braved the cold and the wind as they took on the mini marathon challenge. Before Easter, all the classes practised running 12 laps of the playground culminating in today’s challenge to run 2.6 miles, a tenth of a marathon. Everyone showed superb determination and challenged themselves to go as far as […]

Buckland Brewer Mini Marathon

Today, we took part in the London mini marathon. Before Easter all the classes had been improving their fitness trying to run 12 laps a day of the playground which is equivalent to 2.6 miles a week, the equivalent of a mini marathon (a tenth of the distance of a full marathon).  The children were […]

Woolsery Mini marathon

Today, we just about managed to dodge the wind and rain to take part in the London mini marathon. Before Easter all the classes were improving their fitness trying to run 12 laps a day which is equivalent to 2.6 miles a week, the equivalent of a mini marathon (a tenth of the distance of […]

What does a plant look like?

In science this term we have been learning about plants and we have finished off our topic using our art to make a plant and label it. We know all the parts of the plant from our forest school sessions, so using that knowledge we used different materials to make our collage.  

Virtual Gymnastics County finalists

A huge well done to all our gymnasts who took part in the county final today. The judges stated the standard was extremely high. Ben, Raife, Ada, Connie, Lyla, Scarlett, Evie and Seren qualified for the final and represented the Village Schools Partnership. You all performed brilliantly and we are really proud of you all. […]

Easter visit to the Church

The whole school visited Buckland Brewer Chapel and Chapel to hear about the story of Easter starting from Palm Sunday to Good Friday. The children went into groups and experienced a variety of activities linked to Easter with an Easter egg hunt at the end.  Thank you for everyone involved and our candle now has […]


A huge well done to all the year 5s and 6s who took part and completed the Bikeability course over the last couple of days. Starting on the playground demonstrating your skills before progressing onto the roads to learn about how to ride on the roads safely using the correct hand signals and where to […]

Dinner and night time orienteering

After a lovely pasta dinner followed by sticky toffee pudding, we ventured out once again. This time it was in the dark and we were orienteering around Pixies Holt. We had to locate 17 different dibbers around the site as well as a square stone, brown thing, yellow thing and a stick as long as […]

Moorland walk to Yar Tor and Sharp Tor

  This afternoon we enjoyed an amazing walk being dropped at Sharp Tor and then walking to Yar Tor before walking back to Pixies Holt. En route we saw a rainbow, Devil’s matchsticks, a skull and bone as well as a grave and a four thousand year old house from the Bronze Age. We also […]

More football ⚽️, more rain ☔️

Well done to all the players after school tonight in the rain. The first match saw Woolsery boys win against Village Schools boys in a hotly contested game. Congratulations to Woolsery who won 7-0 with 5 goals from Cobain and one from Jamie and one from Aaron. The scoreline doesn’t reflect how close it was, […]

Little Wandle Love of Reading : Lulu Loves the Library (1)

Sunflowers are enjoying participating in the fun activities connected to this book which help bring the language and storyline alive. It was fun taking part in a library role play which gave us the opportunity to use and act out the verbs and nouns in the book. We have also explored the sensory aspect of […]

Gymnastics in a different hall with different equipment

On Tuesday afternoon, we went over to Parkham and used Allardice Hall for a final gymnastics lesson of the topic. Using the skills learnt in out floor work, we transferred these skills onto wall bars and challenged ourselves to try new things. We thought about the 5 gymnastic shapes and tried to use them on […]

Football ⚽️ away to Hartland

After school, the Village Schools sent two teams to play at Hartland, a year 3/4 and a year 5/6. Sadly, we lost both games, but we had many players playing and representing the school for the first time and gained good experience ready for their next match. There were heroic saves from goalkeepers Kobe, Charlie, […]

Football vs Hartland in the pouring rain ☔️

Yesterday after school, we played two football matches against Hartland in the pouring rain. In the first match, the boys gave a fantastic team performance, all playing really well and working hard for each other. With two goals from Cobain, one from Aaron and another from Alfie, Woolsery ended up winning 4-2.   In the […]

Mr Davies’ challenge and passing skills

Yesterday, Ashmansworthy dodged the rain and went into the hall working together to try and run as teams to achieve the equivalent of twenty laps of the playground (Mr Davies’ marathon challenge). Well done to all of you showing incredible determination along with super support for one another. Following the challenge we practised our passing […]

Melbury Trip to Really Wild Planet

Beech family group treat

Beech family group were this half term’s winners and our treat was cookies and cartoons. Everyone loved Tom and Jerry!!

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