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Village Schools Partnership Football away to Hartland

Village Schools Partnership played two matches away to Hartland. Well done to all the players, you were amazing. Some of the players had never played before whereas some had played last year and for other local teams. The year 3/4 match ended 1 – 1 and the year 5/6 match was sadly lost. There was […]

Different feelings

Alminstone were exploring how feelings can be linked to a physical state.  Can you guess our feelings?

Stroxworthy Tennis

Intra-class Basketball

During our PE session this morning, we practised a range of skills before we used them in our intra-class competition. We practised dribbling, passing and shooting. During the games we produced some excellent work playing as a team, as well as great individual play finding space, dribbling and scoring.

Tag Rugby – Intra Class Competition

Today in PE, Alminstone practised some more attacking and defending skills before playing an intra-class competition.  Lots of tries were scored by all four teams, with some incredible individual efforts along with some excellent passing for team tries.  Congratulations to the pink team who were the winners.

Year 5/6 Football Friendlies

After school, we had two Woolsery teams play friendly matches against Hartland. Well done to all the players who played really well and gave their best. Both teams were very unlucky not to score. Congratulations to Hartland who won both games. A huge thank you to Mrs Appleton for organising all the refreshments after the […]

Real PE

This week in Real PE, we have been learning about working with a partner and balancing, as well as sending and receiving balls. It became very challenging when we were doing partner balances with one hand and then with our eyes closed.  At the end of the lesson we spoke about what our partner did […]

An email from Harold!

Again the focus is feelings. Harold the giraffe sent an email and we discussed how his words made us feel.  We looked at the definitions of the words and how some words are stronger than others.

Hedgehogs Babies

Over the weekend Riley found a baby hedgehog and rescued it. We all had a go at making a hedgehog with clay and sticks. We then had to think of a word to describe it ‘spiky hedgehog, sleepy hedgehog, small hedgehog etc’

Ashmansworthy at Burford Woods 29/9/22

We had a wonderful day at Burford. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed making damper bread, s’mores and vegetable soup to keep us going. We built dens, gave each other facials, invented stories and took part in team challenges.

Archery club

Yesterday, we started a morning archery club.  We learnt how to set up and use the equipment safely, as well as body position when firing the arrows.  All of us fired some great shots and were already getting high scores.  We have a few spaces left in the club, if you would like to join […]

Stroxworthy Tennis

Today’s tennis lesson was all about accuracy, throwing and catching and then with using a racket. The whole class worked brilliantly in teams.  To

Stroxworthy Tennis with Julie.

Since the start of term we have had some wonderful training with Julie from ARC tennis centre. We concentrated during our first week on throwing and controlling the ball. Then we tried hitting and catching over the net. Our second week we practised various ball skills, finishing the session with a tricky game of rolling […]

Human machines

We looked at strategies for working on a collaborative task.  We role played as human machines.  Can you guess some of the things we did?   (Make a cup of tea, with milk, wash and smooth some bed sheets, toast some bread, spread it with butter and cut into pieces, to name a few)  

SCARF Life Education visit

Helen discussed SCARF  (Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience and Friendship) friendship issues today.  She gave lots of practical advice and scenarios.  Which one will you follow?

Forest School Fun!

Cranford Class explored forest school today before the lady from our SCARF programme visited us.  We had fun making things, building, mark making, measuring and discovering worms.  We measured lots of worms against different sized sticks.  Great fun.  Can’t wait for the next session!  

Looking for our Website?

Please remember that, from August 2022, Woolsery Primary School website is now over at This site is used solely for blog posts and newsletters for our Partnership.

Summer disco

The children all had a blast on the field this evening for the summer disco. There was dancing, games, tattoos, slushes, lots of happy children and lots of laughter. Thank you to Siobhan for doing all the music and games. Thank you to FOWS for making it happen and to everyone that helped.

Stroxworthy SCARF

On Monday we discussed some of the different talents and skills that people have and how skills are developed. We then made a medal to show someone how wonderful they are.

Somerset vs Yorkshire

Buckland Brewer and Woolsery schools are in Taunton watching Day 2 of Somerset vs Yorkshire. While play was suspended due to rain, we met the mascot, toured the museum and tested are throwing accuracy. In between play, we managed to get a few autographs from the players.    

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