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Move your body.

In SCARF today we learnt about why do we need to exercise? To keep strong, help our muscles and bones to get stronger, strengthen our heart, which is made of muscle, feel happier and have fun. We practiced some moves and then moved to the story “ The animal bop”

SCARF came to visit Buckland Brewer School

Helen from the SCARF team, came into school and spent time with each class. She discussed what people need to survive: sleep, oxygen, water, exercise and food. Can you remember what Helen said for each bit?

Picture wise (scarf 17.3.2023)

Toady in Alminstone we were looking at how we take photos, who we share them with and whether a picture was safe or unsafe to post on social media. The children we very good at deciding if the pictures were safe or unsafe.

How dare you! Scarf 24.2.23

This week Alminstone discussed what the word ‘dare meant.’ “It can mean that you dare someone to do something or if you are having an argument you may say how dare you.” We looked at different scenarios and discussed whether they were a dare or not and how if you were the person being dared […]

Islands (scarf 27.1.23)

For this week’s scarf in Alminstone we talked about personal body space.We started the session with a game called ‘Islands’ (musical chairs but with bits of paper for islands). The class thoroughly enjoyed this game despite it becoming harder for the children to gather on one island. They got very creative and even gave other […]

Friend or acquaintance? 20.1.23

Today in scarf we considered different types of relationships we can have other people and whether someone is a friend or acquaintance. The class listened to a story sheet “Umar helps Henry.” We had lots of discussions about how Umar is being a good friend to Henry and how he helps him overcome his fears/anxieties. […]

That is such a stereotype!

In Alminstone we talked about stereotypes in scarf. The children closed their eyes and were given a description eg a child climbing a tree. They had to say whether they thought the child was male or female. We watched a short video with an experiment of two children and how people may stereotype by colour […]

Scarf The people we share our world with.

Today in Alminstone we talked about how people are different to each other (including ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, customs and festivals.) We also talked about the word respect, what it means and how we show respect to others’ differences.We had lots of great discussions about how people can be similar or different.

Life Education Visit

Goldworthy Class had a visit today from Helen, who delivers PSHE lessons for Life Education (as part of our SCARF programme in school)… We learnt about what contributes to our physical and mental health and what we can do to improve our wellbeing. We were told a story about Chris and Tyler and learnt about […]

Under pressure

Alminstone understood and gave examples of who or where pressure to behave in an unhealthy, unacceptable or risky ways might come from. We discussed the differences between being unkind, teasing and bullying.  What did they say?

Different feelings

Alminstone were exploring how feelings can be linked to a physical state.  Can you guess our feelings?

An email from Harold!

Again the focus is feelings. Harold the giraffe sent an email and we discussed how his words made us feel.  We looked at the definitions of the words and how some words are stronger than others.

Human machines

We looked at strategies for working on a collaborative task.  We role played as human machines.  Can you guess some of the things we did?   (Make a cup of tea, with milk, wash and smooth some bed sheets, toast some bread, spread it with butter and cut into pieces, to name a few)  

SCARF Life Education visit

Helen discussed SCARF  (Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience and Friendship) friendship issues today.  She gave lots of practical advice and scenarios.  Which one will you follow?

Forest School Fun!

Cranford Class explored forest school today before the lady from our SCARF programme visited us.  We had fun making things, building, mark making, measuring and discovering worms.  We measured lots of worms against different sized sticks.  Great fun.  Can’t wait for the next session!  

Stroxworthy SCARF

On Monday we discussed some of the different talents and skills that people have and how skills are developed. We then made a medal to show someone how wonderful they are.

Scarf – Stroxworthy

This morning we discussed ‘Children should not be allowed computers, tablets or phones before bed?’


Last half term we looked at our differences and how we can value each other and our differences. I our last lesson, we wrote something about each member of the class that we valued or saw as a positive thing about them. When we came back, each child received a golden envelope. Inside, typed on […]

Asmansworthy scarf 24/06/22

Ashmansworthy class looked at ‘Changing bodies and feelings.’ We discussed how male and female bodies develop, periods, and what we might need during puberty.  A very lively discussion…..

Stroxworthy SCARF – Poorly Harold

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