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Human machines

We looked at strategies for working on a collaborative task.  We role played as human machines.  Can you guess some of the things we did?   (Make a cup of tea, with milk, wash and smooth some bed sheets, toast some bread, spread it with butter and cut into pieces, to name a few)  

SCARF Life Education visit

Helen discussed SCARF  (Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience and Friendship) friendship issues today.  She gave lots of practical advice and scenarios.  Which one will you follow?

Forest School Fun!

Cranford Class explored forest school today before the lady from our SCARF programme visited us.  We had fun making things, building, mark making, measuring and discovering worms.  We measured lots of worms against different sized sticks.  Great fun.  Can’t wait for the next session!  

Stroxworthy SCARF

On Monday we discussed some of the different talents and skills that people have and how skills are developed. We then made a medal to show someone how wonderful they are.

Scarf – Stroxworthy

This morning we discussed ‘Children should not be allowed computers, tablets or phones before bed?’


Last half term we looked at our differences and how we can value each other and our differences. I our last lesson, we wrote something about each member of the class that we valued or saw as a positive thing about them. When we came back, each child received a golden envelope. Inside, typed on […]

Asmansworthy scarf 24/06/22

Ashmansworthy class looked at ‘Changing bodies and feelings.’ We discussed how male and female bodies develop, periods, and what we might need during puberty.  A very lively discussion…..

Stroxworthy SCARF – Poorly Harold

It could happen to anyone. 17.6.2022

Today the children looked at different scenarios and discussed how some people would feel, how people could react in a negative way and how people could react in a psotive way. The children had very in depth converstaions about the different scenarios. ◊

SCARF – Harold plans a party meal!

Today we have been designing a healthy meal plan for Harold’s party.

Scarf- yoga and calming music

Our scarf lesson today was based around bed time routines and we talk about calming things to do, I mentioned yoga/ calming music the children were interested in what that was so we encorporated yoga into the lesson. The children thoroughly enjoyed engaging it, all had a go and have asked to try it again. […]

SCARF – Stroxworthy – Environment

As part of our SCARF this week we were discussing Environment. We began by understanding what the word environment means then continued to explore different ways we could look after our school and local environment We decided to make posters to promote our thoughts to the community. .

SCARF Stroxworthy – Fact or Opinion?

We discussed and chose which statements were fact or opinion. We also created our own. 

How do you feel?

Asmansworhy class discussed a wide variety of feelings and discussed their meaning.  We then thoroughly enjoyed a game of feelings bingo in pairs.  Ask who won……

Stroxworthy Scarf

Helping each other to stay safe – Today we discussed various settings where people help us. For example, the swimming pool, the kitchen, the playground, hospital etc We discussed who might be there to help us and if there were more than one person available to help us. We then drew ourselves in a setting […]

To manage change

Ashmansworthy class discussed changes in our life: past, present or future. Who could help us and how we can manage it successfully.

Stroxworthy SCARF. – What is a volunteer?

Today we talked about ‘what is a volunteer?’. We discussed how important it is to help others but in particular we chatted about how it feels to give your own time to something worthwhile. We then drew what we thought a volunteer looks like. 

Burscott SCARF 6/4/2022

Burscott SCARF 29.3.2022

SCARF – Stroxworth Class – Raisin Challenge (1)

Today was all about making decisions. Each child had a small amount of raisins and they were free to eat these at any point. However, if their raisins remained uneaten they would get another handful of raisins. Choices were made and reasons were decided about what they might do.   We then considered various situations […]

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