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Football Tournament at Hartland

After school, we entered three teams to play in a football tournament at Hartland Primary School. With five teams altogether, each team played 4 matches. All the teams played really well, with some excellent goalkeeping, defending, shooting and great goals. A huge congratulations to our green team who were the winners. Well done.  

Tri Golf for Ashmansworthy class

Today, it was our turn, with other year 5 and 6 children from local schools to visit Royal North Devon Golf Club at Westward Ho!  We explored different golfing techniques in small groups and rotated around and then finished with a round of golf in the glorious sun. Even time for a little picnic…… Thank […]

Lloyds bank visited Ashmansworthy class

Lauren and Jake from Bideford Lloyds bank came into Ashmansworthy class this afternoon. They came in to discuss banking and money.  They asked the question “What services would they hope to have for their bank accounts in the future?” Some chose money to open an account, some gave you money monthly and Jake’s favourite was […]

It could happen to anyone. 17.6.2022

Today the children looked at different scenarios and discussed how some people would feel, how people could react in a negative way and how people could react in a psotive way. The children had very in depth converstaions about the different scenarios. ◊

Outdoor Learning Day

Ashmansworthy class used their outdoor learning day to use role play to help them recreate parts of the text ‘The Hero Twins’ and complete a variety of maths challenges around converting measurements.  They based their Decision Spelling on outdoor words with homophones.  Finally, our geography was looking at maps and finding places and using grid […]

Year 5/6 cricket festival

Today I had the pleasure of taking this lovely bunch of children to a cricket festival in Instow. They played incredibly. well conseridering they had only played the game once during PE. They had previously learnt all the skills they needed for fielding and batting during their time with Coach Tom (From North Devon Primary […]

Friction investigation

Ashmansworthy class using past knowledge of forces, to investigate friction and different surfaces.  We checked our results 3 times and took an average to make it a fair test and made our conclusions over our findings.

How do you feel?

Asmansworhy class discussed a wide variety of feelings and discussed their meaning.  We then thoroughly enjoyed a game of feelings bingo in pairs.  Ask who won……

RNLI visit

Jack and James from the RNLI came to visit Alminstone and Ashmansworthy class. Flags: Red/yellow mean body boarders and swimmers can go in the water Black/white mean kayaking and surfing can go in the water Red mean danger We learnt how to shout help with our hand in the air to summon help in the […]

Cricket in the sunshine

Ashmansworthy class had a cricket coach, Tom from Atlantic Academy, in this morning to show them some cricket skills. Accuracy and precision with their bowling and an introduction to batting.

Screen printing

Rachel Coles came in with Ashmansworthy class looking at William Morris printing.  We designed our shapes to make templates and then used these to print.  We adapted colours and orientation to create very unique patterns.

Cooking Forest School with Easter twist

We created our own baskets and made Easter nests.  Which was the tricky part of making them?

Gym competition finals

A talented bunch of year 3-6 children entered a gym competition a few weeks ago and all did extremely well with lots of 1st,2nd and 3rd places being won. We balanced and rolled our way to the live finals, which was held today via zoom. The children were all amazing and represented the school well. […]

Joe’s Story

Ashmansworthy class read Joe’s story again to find the choices that Joe made and discussed whether it was good choices.

What did we eat by the fire?

Ashmansworthy class melted marshmallows and placed them in between chocolate digestives. YUM!! We continued with our frames and some even completed them and went on to help their friends.

Cricket taster

Woolsery school had a cricket session for every class. Ashmansworthy class had their session before lunch. We learnt lots of throwing and catching skills.  Then went on to bowling.  Ask the children which part of the activity they enjoyed most.

Ashmansworthy scarf 25.3 2022.Joe’s Story

Today in scarf we looked at physical and emotional needs we have and how we get these needs met. We talked about how we meet our own needs eg ‘Needing to give and receive attention.’ We then went on to look at and discuss Joe’s story and how he was getting his needs met.  

Creating frames for Hapa Zomes

Ashmansworthy class enjoyed the beautiful sunshine to use tools safely.  They began by looking at their Hapa Zome designs and began to whittle the frames before cutting their lengths and deciding on a shape.  To be continued……

The Lion and The Unicorn

Ashmansworthy class used the outside to use role play to perform the text to an audience using narrative and humour.  Why is this a more useful way to remember the story, than just a story map?

Victorian Artefacts

Ashmansworthy class have been looking at Victorian Artefacts from Tiverton Museum.  They explored how different everyday items were and how some items they had never met before.  I wonder what surprised them?

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