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Harbour Charity

Thank you to everyone who contributed with toiletries for Harbour Charity.  We collected 10 bags and these will be handed over to Roger Levick (Chairman) shortly, to be distributed to the less fortunate than ourselves.

Any one fancy leeks for lunch?

Eco Club ventured out in the rain to harvest our leeks from the school vegetable patch.  We gave them to Dave to use this week for our lunch.

Eco Club vegetable growers

Eco club used lots of skills to plant a selection of vegetable plants for the kitchen using the raised beds.  We discussed crop rotation by using last year’s plans, we carefully measured distances from each plant to give them plenty of room to grow and found labels, so everyone can read what we are growing. […]

Eco club and Harbour Charity

Eco club decorated bags ready to share with Harbour Charity for Easter presents and filled them with toiletries that Stroxworthy class and Eco club had collected over the last few weeks.  Thank you to everyone.

Eco club bird pizzas

Eco club used pizzas to create their own unique birds.  Can you recognise what they are?

Recycled models part 1

Eco Club’s theme for this term is recycling.  This evening we used junk modelling to create our own ideas…….. I wonder what they will be?

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