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Scarf – Stroxworthy

This morning we discussed ‘Children should not be allowed computers, tablets or phones before bed?’

Stroxworthy 1st July trip to Burford Woods

Well what a fantastic day we had. From building dens to playing in the mud, from making crafts to eating fruit kebabs, from swinging on a swing, climbing trees to drinking hot chocolate. The children had so much fun they were rather worn out in the end.  

Stroxworthy Forest School

Today we did clove hitch, timber hitch and reef knot. We made God’s eyes with sticks and wool weaving, mud kitchen which they were excited about as we were unable to do this last week because of the heat! 

Stroxworthy SCARF – Poorly Harold

SCARF – Harold plans a party meal!

Today we have been designing a healthy meal plan for Harold’s party.

SCARF – Stroxworthy – Environment

As part of our SCARF this week we were discussing Environment. We began by understanding what the word environment means then continued to explore different ways we could look after our school and local environment We decided to make posters to promote our thoughts to the community. .

Outdoor Learning Day

As part of Outdoor Learning Day, Stroxworthy combined their Geography and Art skills by starting their field sketches. They used the beautiful views on our doorstep to try out the sketching skills we have been practising.

Stroxworthy Art at Appledore

On Tuesday our next group visited the Art Studio at Appledore Primary School, where they began their wet felting project. We had lots of fun and enjoyed ourselves. We shall return next week to complete. 

SCARF Stroxworthy – Fact or Opinion?

We discussed and chose which statements were fact or opinion. We also created our own. 

Stroxworthy Cricket Morning

A cloudy but enjoyable morning of cricket today. The children worked really well together and leaned new skills of fielding whilst revisiting our previously learned skills of bowling and batting. 

Stroxworthy Scarf

Helping each other to stay safe – Today we discussed various settings where people help us. For example, the swimming pool, the kitchen, the playground, hospital etc We discussed who might be there to help us and if there were more than one person available to help us. We then drew ourselves in a setting […]

Stroxworthy Science Tuesday

Today we were investigating the nature of vibrations through touch and sight as well as hearing. We were also exploring which materials are the best at blocking sound.

Stroxworthy Cricket Tuesday

This morning we had our second session with Tom for cricket tuition. We recapped on our bowling skills and learned new batting techniques. We finished our morning with a cricket style rounders game and we loved it!

Stroxworthy SCARF. – What is a volunteer?

Today we talked about ‘what is a volunteer?’. We discussed how important it is to help others but in particular we chatted about how it feels to give your own time to something worthwhile. We then drew what we thought a volunteer looks like. 

Stroxworthy art trip to Appledore School

This morning the 15 of our children went to Appledore Art studio to start their wonderful art project. The reports were really good and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and cannot wait to return next week. 

Stroxworthy Cricket

Today we had Tom begin to teach us all about cricket, today was all about bowling. We finished our session by trying our bowling skills. We all worked very well in our  teams!

Stroxworthy Science – Sound

Our aim today was to understand how different sounds are made and how sound is made through vibration. We begun our lesson watching and listening to the excellent ‘Stomp’ perform which sparked a conversation about rhythm and how different things can make different sounds. We then tried this ourselves with a pencil to see how […]

Forest School Friday.

Our last forest school of the term was the final day of last term. A little chilly (particularly for Mrs M!) and full of sun and rain! What fun we had! We whittled some sticks ready for eating delicious damper bread, which we all helped to make. We had a choice of either chocolate, cinnamon […]

Gym competition finals

A talented bunch of year 3-6 children entered a gym competition a few weeks ago and all did extremely well with lots of 1st,2nd and 3rd places being won. We balanced and rolled our way to the live finals, which was held today via zoom. The children were all amazing and represented the school well. […]

SCARF – Stroxworth Class – Raisin Challenge (1)

Today was all about making decisions. Each child had a small amount of raisins and they were free to eat these at any point. However, if their raisins remained uneaten they would get another handful of raisins. Choices were made and reasons were decided about what they might do.   We then considered various situations […]

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