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Friday morning: Mountain biking and caving

Thursday afternoon: Kayaking

This afternoon we all enjoyed messing about in our kayaks, splashing each other and playing games. Here are the photos…

Thursday morning: Surfing

Although there was not much surf, the children made the most of the waves that appeared and had a lovely time in the sea. Some even managed to stand up!

Wednesday afternoon: Climbing and abseiling

More ropes, helmets and harnesses this afternoon on the climbing wall.

Fancy Dress

Well done for winning the fancy dress competition! 

Wednesday morning: High ropes

This morning the children faced their fear of heights by challenging themselves on the high ropes. They worked together to help with the ropes and shout encouragement as they worked their way up the leap of faith and  the table top, which wobbled uncontrollably! Lots of children faced the ultimate challenge of the aerial course […]

Extra visitor in room 93

Mrs Furse was not expecting to have to share her room…

Tuesday afternoon; Mountain Boarding

The weather was kind to us this afternoon; cooler and overcast, so it was the perfect weather for mountain boarding. After a quick lesson, the children positioned themselves at various points on the hill to whizz down to the bottom. They all challenged themselves and made progress with using steeper parts of the hill, or […]

Tuesday Morning: Canoeing

After waking the children up (!) at 6:50, we had another lovely swim or run to set us up for the day. Canoeing in the canal was great fun, and somehow the instructor persuaded the children it would be a good idea to push their teacher in!

Monday: Dinner time

After a hard day we all enjoyed our BBQ chicken dinner!

Monday afternoon: Team Trail

This afternoon the tutor groups worked together to solve lots of different problems. From building pyramids, transporting water and traversing walls, the children worked hard to co-operate and communicate to get the job done. I was really proud of how everybody worked as a team, listened, discussed ideas and helped each other to complete the […]

Monday morning: Body Boarding

Well, the children were up bright and early and rearing to go at 5:30! We all enjoyed our dip in the sea pool before breakfast-it was nice and cool; and then it was off body boarding. It was lovely to get in the water again and cool down. The children loved the experience and tried […]

Adventure International-Sunday afternoon

Hi everyone! We have arrived and settled in to our rooms. After unpacking and exploring the site, we had a tasty tea of Cornish pasties. The children have met their tutors and are now out and about doing activities. We are looking forward to cooling off in the sea pool tomorrow morning before our body […]

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