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Friday Morning: Mountain-boarding and canoeing

Well, after such a busy week, we made it to Friday for our final activities: Mountain-boarding and canoeing. After a lengthy discussion about which shoes to wear-wet or dry- our shoes got saturated anyway on the way to the mountain boarding field in the wet grass…so we all ended up with wet feet. Despite soggy […]


30 tutor groups this week, and look who won… Mr Cole, Miss Butler, Miss Hewitt and Mr Davies are VERY happy….and I think these people are too… Joker, Bottle and Superstar awards will be posted soon…it’s been a fab evening.

The Drip Tube Files

Yes, the end of Team Trail meant passage through the dreaded Drip Tube. Here are the crew…

Body boarding

We all enjoyed an afternoon in the sea body boarding. The waves were amazing and we all flew along, some of us even doing tricks like barrel roles and standing on our knees. Then it was back to the centre for a pizza tea before presentation night.

Team trail

The children had to work together to complete a range of tasks from crossing a chocolate river with giant marshmallows, solving the invisible maze, getting the team through an electrified spiders web to guiding each other trough obstacles blindfolded. Everybody worked together so well, helping and encouraging each other and listening to each other’s ideas. […]

Yes, more food!

Sausage or giant fish fingers or spring rolls with chips or mash and peas or salad followed by cake! The hardest part of the week…which to choose??!

Caving and Mountain Biking

After another good night’s sleep, we were up and out for our early morning run (yes, Miss Butler actually did go for a run, I know it’s hard to believe-it probably will never happen again…). The sea pool was still overflowing and too rough to go in, due to it being a high spring tide, […]

Fancy Dress Night

We are all dressed up with somewhere to go… Great effort everybody. Now, let’s go PARTY!!!!

Messages from the children…

Mark: Hi Mum, I’m having fun messing about with the boys! Luca: Thanks for the offer…I will practice the hoovering. Love you all xxx Sean: Having tons of fun. See you in 3 days. Missing you, my lanky brother! Eliza: My hair’s still a bit wet! Lucy: I’m having lots of fun. Happy birthday for […]

Catching the Waves

The surf was up this afternoon as we made our way to the beach. After a quick lesson and a warm up we were straight into the waves…and what waves they were! It was a bit like being in a washing machine. Anyway, the children enjoyed the challenge of manoeuvring their boards into position and […]

Kayaking-Tuesday Morning

Your children are all amazing: Monday night and they were all in bed and asleep by 10:30! This meant they were were raring to go in the morning (at the sensible hour of 7am-I had to wake them) for their swim or run. Sadly the sea pool resembled a churning pool of doom so we […]

More hidden talent!

Skyfall by Adele!

Karaoke night!

A Woolsery and St. Margaret’s collaboration.

High Ropes Monday Afternoon

This afternoon’s challenge (apart from cleaning the bedrooms-everyone got 100% by the way…) was the intimidating High Ropes Course. There was a range of climbing activities from the Jacob’s Ladder where teams of three children have to help each other up successfully wider rungs, the trapeze, the bird table, the rack and of course the […]

Monday Morning-Climbing Wall

After our very refreshing morning swim in the sea pool and a good breakfast, it was off to the climbing wall to try out our climbing skills. Half the group did bouldering whilst the rest tackled the big wall, before swapping over. Everybody challenged themselves to get the highest they could; some even managed it […]

Monday Morning

After a very settled night (all was quiet by 11pm!) the children enjoyed their early morning swim or run, before a breakfast of sausages, hash browns and spaghetti hoops. James F (St Margaret’s, is now the official GoPro/ICT support team!) Thanks James!

First evening in Adventure International

Everyone’s settled in and having fun playing football, watching a film or playing in the games room.

First sitting for tea..

We’ve settled in really well! First sitting for tea was very good.

Bude 16 has started!

We have arrived and Miss Hewitt is starting as she means to go on, joining some of us playing some footie before tea!

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