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Goodbye Heatree!

So, that was a truly awesome few days – I hope your children enjoy retelling their experiences…and don’t forget that although we’ve read the comments to them each day, they’ve not seen the photos, so please take time to share them over the coming days. The children have all grown over the last few days […]

Bits of video

Here are some short snippets of video from Heatree. The WiFi isn’t fast enough to upload any more… we are on Dartmoor after all!

Out On The Moor

This afternoon, our Leaders Stewart, Izzy and Chris took us out on the moors. We could see for miles! On our way back to Heatree we rested in a small copse. It was hot and sunny.

More photos from the Swamp…

Wet Muddy Wet Adventure…with Mud

We had a FANTASTIC morning on the low level adventure course. We worked in two teams helping us over obstacles using lots of team skills. These are photos of the activities…and at the end is a selection of photos of some mud-dwelling creatures we found at the end of our adventures… And here are the […]

Morning from Heatree

Yes! We had a good night’s sleep. The boys are already up, dressed and playing games before breakfast… …and the girls have just appeared too…

Island Activities

The Woolsery Pirates (in training) have been undertaking challenges for rare eggs…

We’ve arrived!

Heatree is just beautiful! We’re just having lunch before afternoon activities…

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