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Skype Session with Sulawesi in Indonesia

We were lucky enough to have another Skype session organised by Katherine with the workers from Paignton based in Indonesia helping save the Black Macaques… Chrissy is the education worker we spoke to…

Goodbye Paignton…

We’ve had a great time! Just one lunch left with our friends from St Margaret’s then off up the road to Woolsery…


Another good night…all packed up by 7.30 so time for a quick walk to Paignton Harbour before breakfast

More From The Zoo

Today we met the rhinos… Monkeys… Crocodiles… Snakes… Lizards… More crocodiles… Pertinax the Gorilla again… Sumatran Tigers… …and Lions Lots of ideas for our art activity tonight!

Half Way Through

Kents Cavern

We’ve arrived at Kents Cavern. Elliot is our guide. Look who we bumped into! (Zoe was here for a meeting) And we were told there were no scary creatures at the cave…! Topsy the donkey helped excavate the cave with Mr Pengelly in 1865. They only discovered a very small part. Kents Cavern is made […]

Good morning from Sleepy Paignton!

Well, everyone slept very well (yay!) and is just about ready for thinking about maybe getting up. In a bit. Breakfast at 8.30 then off to Kents Cavern.

Rainforests workshop

We had a great workshop session about Rainforests this afternoon. We found out about the parts of the rainforest and which animals live where. We also found out about lots of animals which are endangered. The zoo has lots of skins and skulls which have been confiscated by Customs when people try to smuggle them […]

Dinner Time!

Note to parents posting comments

Thank you for your comments so far. We’ll share them later with the children. When you post comments though, please could you avoid using emojis as it causes an error on my edublogs phone app and I have to find wifi and a tablet to edit them out before your comments can be shared. Thanks.


Well, we’ve already seen the gorillas, orang utans and lots of birds. And some of us (!) have taken nearly all our photos. Lunch is great and everyone’s happy.

We’ve arrived!

A great journey down…now off to explore and find our lunch…

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