The Village Schools Partnership

We are very excited in the next phase of our school development: the Village Schools Partnership.

We have always believed that working with other schools can only be a good thing and bring new and wider opportunities for our children than working in isolation, that is why Woolsery Primary School was a founder member of the Atlantic Coast Co-operative Trust.

Throughout 2021, the Governors and Leadership teams of Woolsery, Parkham and Buckland Brewer Primary Schools began exploring how inter-school opportunities could be extended and deepened further: The result is a Management Partnership between the three schools which began operation in September 2021.

The Partnership will enable children to experience more learning opportunities both in their own school, in other Partnership schools and out and about through shared working, careful planning and great communication between our school communities.

Our vision is to retain and strengthen each of the three schools’ unique identities and vital place in the hearts of their respective communities. By sharing leadership expertise at all levels we will be able to ensure the long term viability of each school and offer good career development for staff at all three small schools. Parents and children will have access to more services and opportunities than before and, in time, the three schools will be able to save precious funding in order to spend more on each and every child’s education.

Governors are now consulting on whether to strengthen the Partnership further through a full Federation:

The Statutory Consultation Period for full federation is now closed and we are no longer accepting submissions. Governors will let all stakeholders know the outcome of their considered opinion in due course.

Woolsery and Flying Start consultation letter to Parents   (pdf)


Buckland Brewer

Primary School


Primary School


Primary School

Parents’ Information, July 2021:

The aims of the Village Schools Partnership will be:

  • To provide a range of wider opportunities for children in terms of visits, curriculum experiences and inter-school events.
  • To improve teaching and learning and raise standards so that sustained pupil progress is secured at all schools, through a well articulated and planned broad and balanced curriculum
  • To provide developmental opportunities for staff in all schools, especially subject leaders’ knowledge and capacity.
  • To ensure the continuing development and sustainability of all schools in the Partnership whilst maintaining the individual characteristics and strengths of each school.
  • To share strategic leadership to enhance further the quality of education in all schools.
  • To build leadership capacity and secure leadership transition arrangements by formalising this partnership for the future with the aim of ensuring all three schools flourish and are sustainable.

What does this mean for the Schools?

This Partnership between Flying Start Federation (Parkham and Buckland Brewer Schools) and Woolsery Primary will enable all schools to work more formally and collaboratively together, and to test out the potential opportunities and benefits of working in this way. Both the Headteacher of Woolsery, Mr Matt Cole, and the Executive Headteacher of Flying Start Federation, Mrs Gina Finch, will remain in post during the Management Partnership phase and work together to deliver the aims of the Partnership together with their respective Governing Boards.

Flying Start and Woolsery will maintain their separate identities in the eyes of the Local Authority, and the Local Authority will support this partnership as needed.

The Governing Boards and Staff from both schools are really excited about the possibilities this arrangement will bring to the future for all three schools and the children in them. To enable the Partnership to work effectively, both Headteachers will spend time working across all three schools. This means parents and children at Flying Start will see Mr Cole on site from time to time and will be able to meet with him. This will mean that school development opportunities can be aligned so we can all work together for the good of our children.

Some of the projects that are anticipated that we will work on in the Autumn Term include:

  • Widening our choice of opportunities for residential experiences across the Partnership
  • Joint music opportunities for children receiving tuition to be able to collaborate on larger performances
  • Joint sports training and events for those who wish to participate more fully in competitive sports
  • Developing lunchtime arrangements across the three schools

Further opportunities for drama, art and science days are also in the plan for later in the school year.


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