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Ashmansworthy Science Week, May 23

We had a great time during Science Week, enjoying the combination of class investigations and  independent research. We even enjoyed making our spectacularly unsuccessful slime! We were impressed with the extra effort with home learning, the resilience when things didn’t go according to plan and the genuine desire to develop understanding in science.  

Ashmansworthy micro-organisms 29/3/23

At the end of our topic on micro-organisms, we had great fun creating our own!

Coronation Street Party

We had a fabulous time celebrating the coronation of King Charles III. The weather was perfect, the games were fun and the food was plentiful!  

Ashmansworthy and Alminstone History Day 30/3/23

We had a fantastic time on our World War II History Day. We learnt how to dance the Lambeth Walk and the Lindy Hop, tried out a recipe for cookies using only rationed ingredients, constructed model Anderson shelters and enjoyed learning some Make Do and Mend techniques. It was a fabulous end to our topic […]

Ashmansworthy batik 27/3/23

Some amazing art work has been created this term! On paper, we created designs inspired by nature, then, using a tjanting and hot wax, we transferred the designs onto fabric. The final stage was brushing on vividly-coloured dyes. The dyes didn’t stick to the wax so, when the fabric was ironed, the original design could […]

Ashmansworthy enjoying the library 27/3/23

We have been enjoying time in the library this term. We’ve been focusing on finding and comparing different genres of fiction.

Ashmansworthy World Book Day March 2022

We were extremely impressed with the imagination and creativity shown on World Book Day- amazing potatoes!

Ashmansworthy and Alminstone Art 8/2/23

Our two classes joined together to learn about batik, to investigate different types of wax resist techniques, and to practise repeating patterns. We also tried using a flour and water paste with paint but it was quite tricky to control the paste! We are looking forward to trying some batik later this term.

Ashmansworthy Forest School 2/2/23

Some fantastic collaborative problem-solving took place in Forest School today. The soup and damper bread were delicious too!

Ashmansworthy end-of-term events

Despite the fact that we only had two thirds of the class in school, we enjoyed our party. Hopefully everyone will be fit and well again in January! We enjoyed our trip to the Christmas Tree Festival, although it was hard to get a good photo! Panto Pandemonium was a resounding success!

Ashmansworthy Forest School 18/10/22

Here are some more photos from our last two Forest School sessions of the term.

Ashmansworthy at Burford Woods 29/9/22

We had a wonderful day at Burford. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed making damper bread, s’mores and vegetable soup to keep us going. We built dens, gave each other facials, invented stories and took part in team challenges.

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