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Natural painting and rain

In forest school we did some natural painting with mud and leaves. We then had a challenge where they had to get water from one end to the other without moving from one side. They did it and did it as a team.

Bugs, stickman, hand drills

Today for once we actually had the sun shining down on our forest school session. We had a really good discussion about risks a d how as they get older they need to start doing their own risk assessments when it comes to tasks. They were so sensible talking about how tree climbing is a […]

Professional athlete at Parkham School

Orleigh, Tythecott from Buckland Brewer School travelled to Parkham School to take part in the visit from David Hill a professional athlete with Goldworthy, Melbury and Foxdown.  We each participated in a training exercise and then we listened to David’s inspiring story of his life with a Q & A.  What an inspirational man!

Foxdown released their class butterflies

Foxdown have really enjoyed watching the lifecycle of caterpillars and butterflies. The caterpillars came to us super small. They ate their food for a while before they turned into chrysalises.  We waited about two weeks before watching them emerge. We were super lucky that four out of five hatched while we were at school. We […]

Crafty piggies

Today we had a visit from Horace, Boris and Percy and foxdown had to make a potion to make them big again!. We had fun bird watching and making bird feeders, making trees with ours hands and feet and woodland scene pictures from items they could find in our forest school area.

The third little pig and potions

Last week in forest school we had a visit from the three little pigs but unfortunately the wolf left a magic potion around that he got from Alice in wonderland so Percy and his brick had shrunk!!!! We also explored clay modeling with natural materials

A visit from one of the three little pigs

Today foxdown were surprised when they had a letter from one of the pigs asking for help with his stick house. They’re a bit worried now that next week we will get a visit from the final pig to build his brick house!!!!!

ice drilling was fun today as well as leaf rubbing. We also had a visit from the first little pig he had left Foxdown some straw so they could help him build his house. They did a great job.

Real Gym

In Foxdown this week, we have been developing our physical skills and learning how to take off and land with control and thinking about our body position during flight.

Christingle Service at Parkham~ 11th January 2024

The children from Parkham Primary School went to St James’ Church on Thursday to celebrate Christingle with Rev Jane. Here are some photos:

Alice The Musical

We are so proud of Parkham children’s performance of Alice The Musical last night at The Alladrice Hall. Thank you to parents and friends who supported the children so well, and to the Allardice Hall for the use of their fantastic facilities. Here are some pictures of the show (click on images to enlarge)…  

Foxdown and Orleigh Burford wood

We had so much much fun building dens and making s’mores. We did decide to make damper bread however it ended in a flour shower for me. The children then decided to play hide and seek leaving me a trail with their flour handprints along the way.

String telephones

Today we made string telephones. The tighter the string the more you could hear the other person.

Pan flutes

We made pan flutes to see whether different length straws made different sounds.

Elastic bands making sounds

Todays experiment found us testing elastic bands to see if they made different sounds. We stretch different thicknesses of elastic band over a box and watched to see if it vibrated by using a magnifying glass. We predicted that the thicker band would make a lower pitched sound and it did. The thinner band vibrated […]

Ruler hit

Today we experimented with a ruler. We flicked to hear the sounds it made through vibrations. The shorter the ruler the higher the pitch. The longer the rulers the lower the pitch.

Music and vibrations

We made a drum using cling film and a dish. We used hundreds and thousands on the drum to see the vibrations. The lower the pitch of music the more the hundreds and thousands jumped. This was great fun and can’t wait to show the parents on Friday.

Science Week – Sound

How does sound travels? In Sunflowers, Cranford, Foxdown and Orleigh classes this week we are learning about sound. Day 1 ~Tuning Forks Today we learnt how sound travels through the air. We learnt that it vibrates through the air. We saw this by using a drum and some rice placed on top. We hit the […]

Crowns, wands and bows 10/05

Today we started making our bows. This was an amazing thing to see as this was the first time tools were introduced into pir sessions. They learnt how to use peelers (so now they are all safe and ready to start helping with vegetable peeling at home 😄) We also made willow crowns and wands. […]

Paintbrush exploring and boat making

Today foxdown had fun exploring different natural item to use as paint brushes. They painted their clay discs they made last week. They also had water fun making boats and seeing what sinks or floats.

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