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Easter visit to the Church

The whole school visited Buckland Brewer Chapel and Chapel to hear about the story of Easter starting from Palm Sunday to Good Friday. The children went into groups and experienced a variety of activities linked to Easter with an Easter egg hunt at the end.  Thank you for everyone involved and our candle now has […]

Buckland Brewer World Book Day

Buckland Brewer whole school (even Mrs Kersey) wrapped a book, thought of some clues and brought some props.   Gorwood photos to follow…… Can you guess our books?

Music Makers comes to Buckland Brewer

This morning Music Makers came to school this morning. They normally meet in Buckland Brewer Chapel but want to bring the community into the school. Preschool and Reception from Orleigh enjoyed using a variety of instruments to sing along with. Ask them which was their favourite one?

Damper bread hotdogs!!!

Today was our last session for the term and orleigh had a great time cooking s’mores and drinking hot chocolate. They then made damper bread for the first time I loved hearing them talking about how the texture and consistency was changing when they added water or more flour they then got to cook it […]

Visit to church

Year 1s from Orleigh class went to St Mary and St Benedict church at Buckland Brewer with Betty and Roger. They looked at all the important parts of a Christian Church which links in with their RE curriculum. I wonder what they spotted? Font, pew, lectern, pulpit, organ, altar, cross.  Anything else?

Piggies, potions and birds

What an exciting afternoon. We had a visit from Horace, Boris and Percy!!! Orleigh had to make a potion to make them big again. They also explored bird watching whilst some made bird feeders. We also had a vote on what version of the three little pigs they enjoyed the most over our last fee […]

A surprise visit from Boris

Orleigh was very excited we had a surprise visit from one of the little pigs today. He needed help with his stick house. They also explored the yurt and saw the first sign of spring with a big patch if three cornered leek growing in the field. They had fun leaf rubbing and had a […]

Horace came to visit.

  We had a great first forest school session of the year. There was loads of new things to explore. But the most exciting thing that happened was we had a visit from Horace who was the first little pig who built his house out of straw. They had so much building their own den […]

Panto Pandemonium

Huge congratulations to the children from Buckland Brewer School who presented Panto Pandemonium in the Village Hall today. It was an awesome show! Here are some of the photos (click on images to enlarge)

Orleigh movement and balance

During our Real PE this half term we have focused on our personal skills learning about different ways we can move and balance. We have been on a bike adventure as well as a pirate adventure. On these different adventures we have learnt to follow instructions and practise safely and work on simple tasks by […]

Buckland Brewer Harvest Festival

  Today we went to the church for our Harvest Festival and we braved the rain on the way back but had a wonderful celebration.  Lovely to receive so many donations of food for the Bideford Harbour Foodbank Charity and to share this with so many parents.   Well done to all the children and for […]

Foxdown and Orleigh Burford wood

We had so much much fun building dens and making s’mores. We did decide to make damper bread however it ended in a flour shower for me. The children then decided to play hide and seek leaving me a trail with their flour handprints along the way.

Orleigh outdoor area make over

There have been some very exciting developments in the outdoor area of Orleigh classroom! Our new grass has been laid down and the children of Orleigh class have enjoyed playing outside in the sun this week.

String telephones

Today we made string telephones. The tighter the string the more you could hear the other person.

Pan flutes

We made pan flutes to see whether different length straws made different sounds.

Elastic bands making sounds

Todays experiment found us testing elastic bands to see if they made different sounds. We stretch different thicknesses of elastic band over a box and watched to see if it vibrated by using a magnifying glass. We predicted that the thicker band would make a lower pitched sound and it did. The thinner band vibrated […]

Ruler hit

Today we experimented with a ruler. We flicked to hear the sounds it made through vibrations. The shorter the ruler the higher the pitch. The longer the rulers the lower the pitch.

Music and vibrations

We made a drum using cling film and a dish. We used hundreds and thousands on the drum to see the vibrations. The lower the pitch of music the more the hundreds and thousands jumped. This was great fun and can’t wait to show the parents on Friday.

Science Week – Sound

How does sound travels? In Sunflowers, Cranford, Foxdown and Orleigh classes this week we are learning about sound. Day 1 ~Tuning Forks Today we learnt how sound travels through the air. We learnt that it vibrates through the air. We saw this by using a drum and some rice placed on top. We hit the […]

Bird crafts 10/05

This was a lovely session as they moved on from the last weeks session. They did some lovely crafts with wood cookies and recycled milk bottles. We talked about different birds in the UK and then someone found a feather son they grabbed one of the books to try and ID where the feather came […]

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