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Tractor and trailer

Outside construction started with building a tractor and trailer then developed into a bus and wherever their imagination took them.

Autumn Storms

Storm Agnes arrived perfectly for our PE lesson today. The children made kites and took them for a good run around the field. Amazing fun!

Matching in Maths

In maths we are able to match by size, colour or objects. We enjoyed matching animal pictures during carpet time.

Amazing Autumn

We have introduced some Autumn resources and colours to different areas of continuous provision which has been inspired by the children’s interest in this season. The photos show our playdough hedgehog making, using different utensils to paint leaves and our Curiosity Cube.

Healthy eating

As part of our topic ‘all about me’ we had the Asda man into school today to visit Cranford class and Sunflowers. We got to taste different fruits and learnt that we must eat 7 pieces of fruit and veg a day.

Our Autumn walk

Today we went on an Autumn walk around ‘muddy lane’. We saw sheep grazing, cows a very long way away, a tractor cutting a hedge, a tractor going down the road, lots and lots of muddy puddles and lots of signs of Autumn. The best part was that the sun shone for us!

All About Me

We have been learning all about our bodies and learnt lots of new vocabulary. We are able to name and point to the correct part of our body when asked.

Playing to Learn

Sunflowers and Cranford have used their imagination and created a ‘storm’ by building a circle of wooden blocks and a brick ‘mountain’ to climb over. They demonstrated careful balancing skills and great communication in this activity.

Welcome to the Autumn Term!

It has been lovely exploring our continuous provision and getting to know our new friends who have joined us.

End of Term Party

Sunflowers and Cranford Class had a lovely end of term party. There was lots of fun with dancing, games and party food to enjoy. The EYFS team would like to wish you all a lovely summer!

Sunflowers on Sports Day

Sunflowers had an amazing time on sports day. In the morning we participated in round robin activities which included running, throwing, kicking and balancing. After a picnic lunch on the field, we took part in the running races. Well done Sunflowers!

Painting Pots

Further to our earlier blog titled “Moulding Clay Pots”, we have taken a lot of care and attention decorating our pots.

There’s a Shark in the Classroom!

This morning we had the opportunity to study closely a smooth-hound (part of the shark family), a sea bass and a crab. We were able to touch if we wanted and were able to use words to describe how they felt; ‘smooth’, ‘soft’ and ‘squishy’. We were also able to use sentences to express our […]

Moulding Clay Pots

In creative arts and design we have used different techniques to model clay to make a pot; squeezing, pulling and pinching. These movements all help to develop our fine motor skills. Cranford Class had the challenge of making a coil pot.

Campfire marshmallows

Today we had marshmallows over a campfire. The group learnt how to stay safe in forest school. We also had some amazing problem solving when a leg got caught on a swing. This group is amazing at using the resources around them to explore their environment.

Campfire Bananas and apples

Today was our last session and we had so much fun. They were amazing and great at exploring new tastes as we cooked apples and bananas over the campfire. They made fairy feast and made dens to hide in.  

The Deep, Blue Sea

At our funky fingers tuff tray, we had a challenge to thread hooped cereal up pipe cleaners. This activity is good for developing fine motor skills as well as being a lot of fun. We enjoyed rolling, squishing and moulding play dough shapes to place on sea pictures. This helps develop muscles used for fine […]

Fairy and Nymph wings

Today we explored the mud kitchen and making different food for us. It was lovely we had a wonderful feast. We then found some wings that had been left by our mythical friends so of course we all had to have wings.

Baby Bathtime

Great fun has been had with this caring, role play activity and it was a good way to keep cool whilst having a bit of a splash with the babies. There has been lots of communication between each other and the use of gross and fine motor skills. The babies were bathed carefully, hair washed, […]

Sunny first session

today was super hot, but sunflowers took it in their stride. We had fun coming up with out forest school names and learning our forest school agreements. We then explored the forest school area and made pictures for fathers day.

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