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Countdown to Half Term

This week in continuous provision, we have enjoyed playing to learn with our friends. We have used our imagination in role play, practised our ball skills and had lots of fun!

Science Week – Rubber Band Investigations

We experimented with sound using different sized boxes and different sized elastic bands. We each predicted “Will different sized elastic bands make different sounds when plucked?” We found out that not every elastic band sounded the same on each box and every box sounded different too.

Elastic bands making sounds

Todays experiment found us testing elastic bands to see if they made different sounds. We stretch different thicknesses of elastic band over a box and watched to see if it vibrated by using a magnifying glass. We predicted that the thicker band would make a lower pitched sound and it did. The thinner band vibrated […]

Music and vibrations

We made a drum using cling film and a dish. We used hundreds and thousands on the drum to see the vibrations. The lower the pitch of music the more the hundreds and thousands jumped. This was great fun and can’t wait to show the parents on Friday.

Science Week – Sound

How does sound travels? In Sunflowers, Cranford, Foxdown and Orleigh classes this week we are learning about sound. Day 1 ~Tuning Forks Today we learnt how sound travels through the air. We learnt that it vibrates through the air. We saw this by using a drum and some rice placed on top. We hit the […]

The King’s Coronation

In continuous provision to celebrate the Coronation we have enjoyed lots of Coronation themed activities. These fun activities help us strengthen our fine motor skills and give us the opportunity to talk to each other about the new King.

Water Butt

We are very lucky to have the use of a rain water butt. This means that we can independently fetch water whilst playing to learn. This strengthens our fine and gross motor skills as we turn the tap on and off and carry the water. This also helps develop our problem solving skills by working […]

A Lovely Trip to Rosemoor (Afternoon)

Sunflowers were very “busy bees” ! We listened carefully to the information given to us about bees and we pretended to be bees collecting nectar with our tongues. We had fun creating a bee headband. It was a great learning experience hunting for bees and watching them amongst the beautiful flowers at Rosemoor. We had […]

A Lovely Trip to Rosemoor (Morning)

The educational workshop activities for Sunflowers were booked for the afternoon so we had time to walk through the beautiful gardens at Rosemoor to spend time exploring the play area.

Gone Shopping!

Our greengrocer shop has been very busy since it opened. This new role play area in continuous provision has given the children lots of opportunity to play to learn. There has been lots of conversation with each other, writing shopping lists, recognising numbers, counting, exchanging money and turn taking. We enjoyed a picnic with the […]

Jack and the Beanstalk

Life Cycle of a Frog

To help us understand the world, we have been learning about the life cycle of a frog. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary and some amazing facts. An adult frog can lay up to 4000 eggs in one clump of frogspawn. The black dots, which hatch out of the frogspawn, grow into tadpoles. When […]

Cooking! 27/03

Today was exciting whilst out nettle soup was cooking we made dens and played in the mud kitchen. Some cooked damper bread to go with the soup. Unfortunately it didn’t cook in time so they will be having some in class later this week. But we did get time for bread and of course s’mores. […]

Muddy sticky mud! 20/03

Well what can I say about sunflowers forest school session today! It was amazing to see them once again wanting to be creative and make more natural paint brushes. They are so kind and helpful, wanting to help me weed and get the beds ready for our plants they’ve planted in seed trays a few […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

We have been practising making a cup of tea for mums. Filling, scooping and pouring rice helps develop our fine motor skills. It is also a sensory tuff tray as we like to use our hands to pick up the rice and let it fall through our fingers. In expressive arts and design we have […]

Seed planting 27/02

digging digging and seed planting was the aim of today’s session. Was a little cold so we decided to go up to the poly and plant seeds ready for spring.

Playing to Learn Outside

There has been a lot of imaginative role-play and playing alongside each other to develop storylines in our outside continuous provision. Experimenting with new recipes in the mud kitchen. It’s puppet show time! Exploring Dinoland. “All aboard the pirate ship”. Lighting a fire .

Amazing Art

In expressive arts and design we have been painting daffodils using watercolour paints. We learnt how to use the paints correctly by not using too much water and going “round and round” in the palette to get a good colour. We used our observation skills to note the colour and details of the daffodils. Whilst […]

Natural paints and paint brushes. 06/030

Today Sunflowers have been exploring different ways to make natural paint, we used oak galls, turmeric and beetroot. Our  paint brushes were made from Hazel and our old Christmas tree.

Junk Modelling Table

Our junk modelling table has been very busy and there have been some amazing creations. We have a large choice of materials to use and we can choose to create whatever we like. We like to start a model and during the week, we improve the model by adding extra features or painting it. Junk […]

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