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S’mores and more

We had fun this week with our last session for the term. Sunflowers and Cranford were awesome and respected the fire. We talked about fire safety and how to behave safely around fire so that we can still enjoy it. They all.had fun cooking marshmallows and eating them. They also shared their craft skills helping […]

Happy Easter!

In continuous provision this week we have enjoyed lots of Easter themed activities.

The Life Cycle of a Frog

In continuous provision we have had the opportunity to learn about the life cycle of a frog and we now understand the key features. It has been interesting to observe the changes in the frogspawn and watch closely the tadpoles and froglets as they move around the curiosity box or outside tuff tray. We enjoyed […]

Hunting Hinges

Experimenting with mechanisms such as hinges and catches. We are good at finding hinges in the classroom and outside.

Play to Learn

In continuous provision this week we have enjoyed lots of activities to strengthen our fine motor skills and improve our hand eye coordination. The activities have also encouraged us to use our imagination and communicate with each other.

Little Wandle Love of Reading : Lulu Loves the Library (2)

Lulu knows all the words and the actions for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and in order to connect to the book, Sunflowers have enjoyed singing and performing the actions to this nursery rhyme.

Little Wandle Love of Reading : Lulu Loves the Library (1)

Sunflowers are enjoying participating in the fun activities connected to this book which help bring the language and storyline alive. It was fun taking part in a library role play which gave us the opportunity to use and act out the verbs and nouns in the book. We have also explored the sensory aspect of […]

Planting and Growing

In Understanding the World we have been planting seeds and learning how to care for plants. We planted carrot and cosmos seeds and we are caring for them by making sure they have light and water. We are excited to observe the changes as the seeds begin to grow.

So far in forest school

This half term so far we have planted seeds in egg shells, made bug hotels and cut wood with a saw and learnt about plants and planting seeds for out polytunnel.

World Book Day : Guess my Book

Sunflowers were very excited to bring in their wrapped books, props and clues for World Book Day. It was fun guessing what book our friends had brought in and then watching them unwrap their book.

Exploring Space

In continuous provision we have enjoyed exploring lots of space themed activities which as well as being fun, developed our fine motor skills and introduced new vocabulary.

Little Wandle Love of Reading : Monster Clothes

Little Wandle Foundations for a Love of Reading provides an opportunity to engage in the text of a book. It gives children language development opportunities, enjoyment and a chance to learn key verbs and nouns. Sunflowers had fun bringing the language alive by building in actions as the story was read, learning a new rhyme […]

Amazing Art

We based our wax resistant artwork on our topic book, The Three Little Fish and the Big, Bad Shark.

Chinese New Year

To celebrate Chinese New Year there have been lots of activities to explore in continuous provision:- Gung Hay Fat Choy! (Happy New Year!)

What can we make with a sheet of wrapping paper?

In continuous provision this week both Cranford and Sunflowers used their imagination and decided to be creative and make a book. They used their favourite wrapping paper to wrap cardboard as a cover and then added paper for pages. A lot of time has been spent writing and drawing illustrations. They have been very proud […]

The Three Little Fish and the Big, Bad Shark

Below are some of the fun activities in continuous provision this week:-

Geography in Sunflowers

In geography we looked at Woolsery Primary School on Google Maps and then Sunflowers decided to create their own map of their outside area. They were able to take part in a conversation as to how we could create a map and able to express their ideas. Sunflowers took it in turns to use the […]

More Three Little Pigs Fun!

In continuous provision this week we have been cutting and sticking to create our own puppets. It has been a challenge to use our imagination to think of a different ending for the story.

The Three Little Pigs

Sunflowers and Cranford have enjoyed listening to this story, they can remember what happened and answer questions about the storyline or characters. In our outside construction area they had great fun working together and communicating with each other to build houses for the pigs using straw, sticks and bricks. They were able to act out […]

Christmas Party

Sunflowers and Cranford Class enjoyed a fun, Christmas party with games, dancing, balloons and party food. Happy Christmas everyone!🎈 ,

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