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A racing track

Some boys wanted to make a racing track so we started today. It will need some jumps, lots of mud for the track, a tractor for grading the track, and a quad bike for the first aiders.


Sunflowers have been practising their listening skills.  We have been on a listening walk to identify environmental sounds and had great fun naming the sounds from the Noisey Box.

Handa’s Surprise

Some of the activities in continuous provision this week include rolling playdough to form juicy, orange tangerines for Handa’s basket. We had a great time threading chereos over a strand of spegetti and by squeezing tongs we have been colour sorting animals. All these fun activities help to develop and improve our fine motor skills.

A few photos from our continuous provision this week!

This week the bark chippings arrived and we opened up a little bit more of our outside area.  Then we could open the ‘Dog’s kitchen’ and we created an outside book area.  The children loved it all!!

Geography – Where we live!

This half term we are looking at where we live.  We first looked on Google maps and identified the village and its key features.  We labelled them on a map, worked out what symbols we use on a map.  Then we created our own map of the village and used the bee-bots to travel between […]

Our Curiosity Cube!

In our classroom we have a Curiosity Cube and it does amazing things to promote questioning and wonder.  Some weeks I find random things in the supermarket and other weeks it is closest linked to our topic or key learning. Our Curiosity Cube this week…

Exploring our new Classrooms

What a busy week we have had this week in Sunflowers and Cranford class. We have been able to explore both classrooms and our outside area. We have been getting used to new routines and many new friends.

Rock Pool Tuff Tray

Sunflowers have had a great time exploring the tuff tray using their hands and fishing nets. They have discovered different shells, pebbles and sea creatures. Sunflowers were able to talk about the shells they found and tried to guess who it had once belonged to; “a sea snail” “that’s a hermit crab shell”. Sunflowers have […]

Happy Royal Jubilee!

Sunflowers would like to wish Queen Elizabeth II a very Happy Royal Jubilee!

Jubilee Tuff Trays

Sunflowers enjoyed our messy, maths tray. Their challenge was to recognise the numeral on the tubes and add the correct number spoonfuls of rice. It was fun playing with the small world castle.

The Queen’s Crown

Using our fine motor skills we have enjoyed finger painting and decorated a Crown. In maths, we have been recognising numerals and then counting out the correct quantity of each coloured jewel to add to the Crown.

Jasper’s Beanstalk

This half term our topic is living and growing. We have been enjoying the book Jasper’s Beanstalk and learning the days of the week. We also planted a bean like Jasper and added a castle to our potted beans. We have been playing in our messy maths tray pretending to plant beanstalks and counting how […]

Djembe Drumming

We read the book called SHHHHHH.  We had to be quiet as we didn’t want to wake the giant.  We then went to the hall and used the djembe drums to make quiet and loud sounds.  We learnt about where the sound came out of the drum.  We learnt if we hit the drum in […]

Three little pigs

Once upon a time… …there were 3 little pigs and a big group of children having fun! ‘Look at my pig’

Sunflowers forest School

Today at forest school the sun was shining and Sunflowers had the exciting challenge of making something in the mud kitchen. They also decided to make their own house out of sticks. Can you guess what book we are learning about this week?

Messy Tuff Tray

Sunflowers have explored slime to find hidden numicom and different sized bears. We also thought of words to describe the slime; sticky, soft, slimy and gooey.

Works of Art

Sunflowers experimented painting and mixing colours with a pine cone. They created some beautiful, colourful pictures. We also painted letters of the alphabet using our fingertips.

Forest School Crowns

Whilst enjoying the sunshine, Sunflowers hunted in the Forest School area and on the School Field for decorations for our crowns. We carefully picked daisy and dandelion flower heads and observed the different shaped and coloured leaves as we added them to our crowns.

Forest School Fun

After listening carefully to the Forest School rules; no running, staying inside the ribbon boundary and to stop when we heard a special whistle, Sunflowers had a great time exploring the Forest School area. Sunflowers had a busy afternoon climbing, sliding and digging. Thank you Louise and Katherine

World Book Day

Sunflowers celebrated World Book Day by wearing pjamas or a onsie for the “Bedtime Story”. Thank you to all those who were able to join us to share a book.

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