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New Resources

We are always looking for new and exciting resources to improve and update continuous provision. It is exciting to see the foundations for our sand pit. Cranford Class have the benefit of two tablets which can be used by the Class to scan book QR Codes so they can listen to and enjoy books independently. […]

Physical Play on the Playground

It is great fun spending time on the playground with a range of wheeled resources to balance, sit or ride on. We are good at taking turns to ride the two-wheeled, balance bikes and pedal bikes. These activities all help to develop our body strength.

Popcorn amd fire. 22/01

Celebrating Chinese New year. Cranford were super busy today, making art, dens, hanging like sloths, also having popcorn and fire.

Our Secret Garden

Thank you to our Forest School Leader, Louise Grout and Finley from Alminstone Class for our lovely new, secret garden.  This area will help us understand the world and help us to understand the need to respect and care for the natural environment and all living things. We enjoyed exploring our new bug house and […]

Playing to Learn

It has been lovely to see Sunflowers and Cranford playing to learn this week. We have had great fun making imaginative and detailed small world buildings using wooden blocks and animals.

Exmoor Zoo

Exmoor Zoo

We had a wonderful day at Exmoor Zoo.

“What Shall I See?”

The reading and topic book this week in Cranford Class is “The Train Ride”. It is fun using the small world tuff tray to retell the story using our own words and some repeated phrases from the text; “What shall I see?” Printmaking helps develop our fine motor skills. We enjoyed experimenting with shapes and […]

Christmas Dinner

Today we enjoyed our belated Christmas Dinner. Thank you to all the kitchen staff for a lovely dinner.

It’s December!

Pipettes are a great tool to develop fine motor skills. By squeezing the bulb at the top of the pipette, we watched the water get sucked up into the tube. Our challenge was to use control and release a droplet of water into each hole. We had great fun using a pipette to suck up […]

Continuous Provision

To practise our technology skills, we log on and use correctly the controls on the Chromebooks to access a maths programme. The subtraction to ten game provides a simple introduction to the concept of subtraction. The visual representation of the subtraction process can help to reinforce our subtraction skills whilst having fun. Threading is a […]

Our trip to the fire station

Today we went to the Fire Station to learn all about their job and to look at the fire engine.  We caught the public bus over to Hartland.  Had our lunch in the play park.  Went into the fire station and the firemen showed us around.  It was a great day and we learnt so […]

Bears for Children in Need

In art we have enjoyed using a palette of watercolours to paint a bear. We learnt in order to get a good co!our we needed to dip our brush into the water and then go “round and round” in the paint. Using play dough helps our eye-hand co-ordination and helps develop our fine motor skills […]

RE -weddings

As part of our RE work we need to understand how Christian’s show love to one another.  TOday Bea and Lucas got married to explain this.  We had great fun.  Noah was the vicar.  We had lots of bridesmaids and a best man.  We finished the wedding off with cake and a little party.  Congratulation […]

PE – large apparatus

Poppies for Remembrance

Whilst gluing and sticking to create beautiful poppies, we had the opportunity to talk about a red poppy being a symbol of remembrance. By manipulating play dough, which strengthens our fine motor skills, we had the challenge of recognising numerals and then creating the correct number of poppies. We enjoyed drawing and colouring a poppy.

Glorious Gloop

We had a great time exploring gloop with our fingers and investigating how it changes consistency in our hands. We like to think of words to describe how it feels. Hidden in the gloop are different coloured and sized elephants. Once we find an elephant we like to communicate with our friends using the language […]

PE – small apparatus

Today we remembered our skills we learn on the floor last week and applied them. We tried to do a tuck, straight shape and a star shape on small apparatus.

Piet Mondrian

Today we started our art topic, first looking at Piet Mondrian. We learnt that he liked to use primary colours. The Froglets went on a primary colour hunt and the frogs recreated his work.

Gymnastics – shapes

Today we started gymnastics. We learnt to do three shapes – a straight shapes, a tuck shape and a star shape. We pretended the shapes went in the washing machine. When we were doing our straight shape – scarf we learnt to point our fingers and toes. Our tuck shape needed to be small and […]

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