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The ugly bug ball

We celebrated learning about mini beast today by dressing up as our favourite one. We had a party. At the party we played bug bumps, stingy bee, musical bugs, had food and did some dancing.

Move your body.

In SCARF today we learnt about why do we need to exercise? To keep strong, help our muscles and bones to get stronger, strengthen our heart, which is made of muscle, feel happier and have fun. We practiced some moves and then moved to the story “ The animal bop”

Playing to Learn

In continuous provision we have enjoyed lots of bug and insect themed activities. On our new art table in the Welly Garden, we have used transient art to decorate butterflies. By using loose parts, the children can explore shape, space, pattern and texture..

Releasing the butterflies

Today the butterflies were ready to release. They have spent a few days in the enclosure to feed and dry their wings. Today because it was a warm/dry day we were able to set them free.

Bees and pollination.

In Science today we did an experiment to learn how a bee helps with pollination of flowers. As a bee moves from one flower to another it moves the pollen between flowers. 1.We had some pictures of flowers with cheesy puffs on them, the children had a bee puppet and had to fly from flower […]

New species.

In history we have been learning about Sir David Attenborough, today we looked at some of the animals that were named after him because he discovered them. We had a go at drawing them too.

We made a worm hotel.

In Science today we made a hotel for worms called a “ Wormery” We had to get a jar and layer it with soil then sand until it was nearly full. Then we went to the field to dig for some big juicy worms we put two worms in the top and gave them some […]

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

In continuous provision we have enjoyed lots of Very Hungry Caterpillar activities.

Bridge Mill trip

Bridge Mill is a working flour mill we had a great day pond dipping in the pond feeding animals and searching the wild meadow for bugs

A trip to Bridgemill

Today Sunflowers and Cranford went to Bridgemill.

Tennis with Lottie

Every Wednesday the children have been enjoying spending time with Lottie from ARC, practising their tennis skills through exploration and games. This week, the children warmed up moving around like animals, then worked on their throwing and then hitting using the “knees to trees” with their partners. At the end of each session the children’s […]


Not long until they go to sleep and begin their transformation.

Sticky web.

In our science experiment we were learning about why spiders don’t get stuck in their own webs. We talked about how spiders catch their prey in a web, their web is so sticky the bugs get stuck when they touch it. Why doesn’t the spider stick to its own web? They answered because both the […]

Morning activities – teen numbers

This morning we had to make teen numbers using numicon.

Healthy eating.

Today in SCARF Cranford and Sunflowers joined together to learn about healthy eating. We talked about why we need to eat, what foods we eat, the different food groups and how that helps our bodies work. Then we made a banana smoothy, strawberry smoothy and a smoothy made with both strawberries and bananas. At the […]

Bugs, bugs and more bugs!

In forest school this week we went on a search for minibeasts. We made a list of the bugs we found for our writing. Today we started to design our own bug ready for us to find some interesting facts about it. Then hopefully we will be on the BBC like David Attenborough. Using our […]


Today we learnt all about fossils.  Sir David loved to search out fossils in his younger days.  We found out animals and insects can make fossils but also plants can make fossils.  We learnt how they are formed.  The animal dies, they are then covered in mud and over 1000’s of years more mud/sand covers […]

A Super Start to the Summer Term

In continuous provision, we have had a great time playing to learn at the water tray. It has been fun filling jugs and watering cans with water and then pouring into tubes and down pipes. All these activities help develop our gross motor skills. We communicated with each other to find the best way to […]

Sir David Attenborough

We are learning about David Attenborough as an inspirational person for our history.  We learnt that it was this dream to go and see the animals in their habitat rather than bringing them into the BBC production studio.   We found out that David grew up in Leicester with his two brothers.  HIs father was […]

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