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National Tree Week

This week in forest school we celebrated national tree week with some tree ID, games and tree hugging. They had so much fun in the mud kitchen where I was served lots of worm sound and slug sandwiches!!! Delicious!!!

Magnificent Mud Kitchen

Sunflowers and Cranford Class are loving the new mud kitchen. This kitchen provides a messy, sensory experience allowing the children to explore different textures and materials whilst having fun. The mud kitchen supports communication and language development as the children talk to each other and discuss what they are doing. It also encourages imaginative role […]

Kipper’s Birthday

We have enjoyed listening to this story book and answering questions about the storyline and characters. We then discussed what we needed for a birthday party and had fun helping to plan our own party for Kipper.

Ups, downs unders and overs

Today the class explored the woods with an obstacle course. They laughed and giggled as they had to navigate their way through the trees. They had to wait their turn which they did so well. But as soon as they were free to go they were off.

Children In Need

For Children in Need we have enjoyed some SPOTacular activities in continuous provision which all help us develop our fine and gross motor skills.

Windy and fun

Today Cranford and Sunflowers did an amazing job today in the windy. They were super busy making flags with the cloth they dyed last week. Then they made tealight holders for Diwali with a forest twist. We had a quiet spot time, they had to focus on the sense of sight and what they could […]


We have talked about and watched a short, animated film to help us apppreciate the significance of wearing a poppy. This has helped us to understand the world and make links to our history. We have practised being silent for two minutes ready for 11 o’clock on the 11th November to show respect for those […]

Colourful Continuous Provision

Bonfire night and Diwali has produced colourful and sparkly expressive art activities to enjoy. These activities have also meant we can use our imagination and develop our fine motor skills.

Play to Learn

A lot of imagination has been used at our loose parts table enabling the children to arrange and rearrange small parts to create their own designs. Fine motor skills are developed and strengthened when children grasp and pick up small objects. In our construction area we have been very creative. We have used our imagination […]

Our first forest school session this year.

Today was our first forest school session we explored our forest school area, created our own forest school names and used natural dyes to dye some fabric for our project next week. They were amazing at being creative with some planks and branches creating a see saw which was lived by all even the teachers! […]

Room on the Broom

We enjoy listening to Room on the Broom, making comments and answering questions about the story and characters. We can repeat words and phrases and thereby learn new vocabulary.

More mud

Forest School at Burford woods

A muddy day in the woods. We all had fun!

Mud glorious mud!

Happy Halloween

We have enjoyed lots of Halloween themed activities in continuous provision this week. Whilst having fun, the activities help us develop our fine motor skills, imagination and communication.

Great Gravel Pit

The EYFS team are always looking for ways to enhance our continuous provision areas. This week we added natural loose parts to our small world construction site. Sunflowers and Cranford had great fun using wooden planks, pebbles and logs to extend their play by building roads, bridges and buildings. The gravel pit inspired creativity, storytelling […]

Fruit patterns

As part of our maths this week we have been making patterns. We used our school fruit to make a simple repeating 2 pattern.

Autumnal Activities

In continuous provision we have been busy playing to learn with fun autumnal activities. When using a rolling pin, we like to see the leaf prints left in the play dough. This activity is good for our gross motor skills.

SCARF- All about me.

Helen came into school to talk to Cranford all about me, the children learned about body parts, looking after ourselves and having help from our adults.

Tractor and trailer

Outside construction started with building a tractor and trailer then developed into a bus and wherever their imagination took them.

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