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Working together

Yesterday, Gorwood class used their skills as leaders to teach the younger pupils how to take part in a range of activities. Through great modelling and instructing, they worked well together to explain what to do and gave excellent support and encouragement throughout each activity. Well done to all of you. Also, a huge well […]

Year 2 Tag Rugby

Yesterday, two teams from the VSP took part in a tag rugby competition at St Mary’s School. There were 6 teams who played. This was the first time many of the children played a competitive sport against other schools. Well done to all of you who did really well following the rules and scoring some […]

Tythecott class at Burford woods

What a fun day! From creating our own drinking water using filtration to creating a bridge across a crocodile and hippopotamus river to solving the poison ivy grid to search for the lost scientist. Team building activities that really challenged us! Cooking and den building completed our day. Thank you Abi and Lee who accompanied […]

Orleigh sharing Assembly

Orleigh shared their learning about the Rainforest with the rest of the school.

Orleigh released their butterflies

Everyone went outside to see the butterflies being released. Tythecott enjoyed seeing a butterfly emerge from a cannon. As well as seeing them being released.

The Water Cycle

Today in science, we created our own water cycle using plastic bags. We explained each part of the cycle from evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection. In the lesson we also spoke about how we are still using the same water that was used millions of years ago. We have hung our water cycles on the […]

Compass work

This week on our session the children learnt how to use a compass and started with basic map reading skills. It was great to see when they had that ‘light bulb moment ‘and really understood how a map and compass works. They also had some fun with some ropes using them as climbing ropes.

Rainforest Haikus

In English, we have been creating descriptions about the Amazon Rainforest and turning them into Haikus. We decided to present these as tunnel books. The children worked hard to create their books with lots of details and precision and they look fantastic! There are some displayed in the library so please come and have a […]

Gods eye crafts and

This week we were busy planting and digging innthe mud kitchen area. We were also busy making god eyes which are a spiritual and votive object made by weaving a design out of yarn upon a wooden cross. Often several colors are used. They are commonly found in Mexican, Peruvian, and Latin American communities, among […]

RNLI came to Buckland Brewer

This afternoon our local RNLI came into school to discuss the different RNLI flags and what they mean. They discussed what to wear to keep safe in and out of the water. Which flag is safe to swim between?

Buckland Brewer Mini Marathon

Today, we took part in the London mini marathon. Before Easter all the classes had been improving their fitness trying to run 12 laps a day of the playground which is equivalent to 2.6 miles a week, the equivalent of a mini marathon (a tenth of the distance of a full marathon).  The children were […]

Last session of the year.

The year two’s had a great last session today with cooking campfire pizza, Easter damper bread and of course s’mores. They all showed team work working together together the cooking done. They also showed some great sharing skills helping each other overcome some problem solving. Lastly what amazing resilience with the weather what a difference […]

Easter visit to the Church

The whole school visited Buckland Brewer Chapel and Chapel to hear about the story of Easter starting from Palm Sunday to Good Friday. The children went into groups and experienced a variety of activities linked to Easter with an Easter egg hunt at the end.  Thank you for everyone involved and our candle now has […]

Little people came to visit

Little people had come into the Forest School area and left a surprise for Tythecott class.  Using our gift we made friendship bracelets with our partner.  As a reward to the little people we made them some shelters (including swimming pools and swings!)  After a quick game of one breath dragon game we gathered daisies […]


A huge well done to all the year 5s and 6s who took part and completed the Bikeability course over the last couple of days. Starting on the playground demonstrating your skills before progressing onto the roads to learn about how to ride on the roads safely using the correct hand signals and where to […]

Northam caretrust visit

On Friday a small group of children went to Northam caretrust in Bideford they had a lot of fun replanting daffodils and digging a flat area for there nee shed for their gardening tools. We had a lovely lunch and then enjoyed a chilled out time in their sensory room. We were lucky to have […]


This half term, they have loved creating images of mountains in Keynote. We have then inputed the image into AR Portal to create 360 images.

Red Nose Day

Tythecott enjoyed dressing up in red today.

Open the Book

Today Open the Book team read the story Praying for Peter. Peter was locked in jail by King Herald. John Mark and others were praying for Peter’s release. God sent an Angel to free him. We had some children help with the performance.

Charcoal pencils

Tythecott class learnt how to use charcoal to make charcoal pencils to write with.  We improved our knot skills and kept warm with hot chocolate.  Ask them what their favourite part of the afternoon was…..

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