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A wet Forest School

Tythecott class had fun in the very wet conditions yesterday.  We used our new yurt to create leaf suncatchers. Outside we planted seeds, played in the mud kitchen and the den, solved the leaf game and drank warm blackcurrant.  Which was your favourite and why?

Music lesson

We had our first samba lesson with Mr Hamilton this week. The children enjoyed learning about samba and all the different instruments. They then had a go at playing which meant different children playing different rhythms and keeping in time. We were very impressed. You can see the concentration in these photos!

Gravity and craters

In science this afternoon, we looked at the force of gravity. We found out that objects have weight on Earth because gravity pulls them down. We also discovered that regardless of size or shape if two objects are dropped at the same time, from the same height they will hit the ground simultaneously. In our […]


Tythecott have been amazing at French this half term. They have looked at colours, recapped numbers to 5 and learnt about superheroes.

Music Makers comes to Buckland Brewer

This morning Music Makers came to school this morning. They normally meet in Buckland Brewer Chapel but want to bring the community into the school. Preschool and Reception from Orleigh enjoyed using a variety of instruments to sing along with. Ask them which was their favourite one?

Open the Book

The Open the Book team came into tell us the story about a young Jesus.

Damper bread hotdogs!!!

Today was our last session for the term and orleigh had a great time cooking s’mores and drinking hot chocolate. They then made damper bread for the first time I loved hearing them talking about how the texture and consistency was changing when they added water or more flour they then got to cook it […]

School Film Night

mHaving a fun night watching a film. There’s been a lot of giggles so far.

Visit to church

Year 1s from Orleigh class went to St Mary and St Benedict church at Buckland Brewer with Betty and Roger. They looked at all the important parts of a Christian Church which links in with their RE curriculum. I wonder what they spotted? Font, pew, lectern, pulpit, organ, altar, cross.  Anything else?

Really Wild Planet

Tythecott and Melbury went to Really Wild Planet to link in with our science curriculum of animals. What an amazing place to visit!  Which animal had a bath?  Which animal had a wee on the floor?  What is the rarest colour for a frog?  Which was your favourite?

James Dyson Foundation

This morning, we had a virtual meeting with a representative from the James Dyson Foundation. The children enjoyed finding out how Sir James Dyson invented the bagless vacuum cleaner. We found out details of how an invention goes from an idea stage to a prototype, then testing and making. The children were able to ask […]

Piggies, potions and birds

What an exciting afternoon. We had a visit from Horace, Boris and Percy!!! Orleigh had to make a potion to make them big again. They also explored bird watching whilst some made bird feeders. We also had a vote on what version of the three little pigs they enjoyed the most over our last fee […]

Clay part 4

Tythecott’s final group went to Appledore school to finish their snails. What was their favourite part?  What would they do differently?


This week, Tythecott has created Venn Diagrams showing carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. They have used PicCollege to add pictures and labels.

Sketching skills

We have been practicing our sketching skills and created some prompt cards we can look back at for different ways to make marks including hatching, spots and large strokes. We used some of these skills to add detail to a landscape picture of the Rocky Mountains. We will add water colour to these in our […]

Rev’d Jane Hayes visits Buckland Brewer

Rev’d Jane Hayes revisited the story of  Jesus and his birth with a twist at the end.  Ask the children what it was? Rev’d Jane reminded us that Jesus grew into an adult and treated people with kindness and she should do the same.  What kindness can you do to others this week?

Clay part 3

Tythecott class went to Appledore School this morning to see whether their clay snails had survived the kiln.  All good and ready to be glazed and ready for the second firing with the kiln. Also, we had time to create our own wildflower canvas.  Ask the children which new skill they enjoyed?   Using glazes, sponge […]

A surprise visit from Boris

Orleigh was very excited we had a surprise visit from one of the little pigs today. He needed help with his stick house. They also explored the yurt and saw the first sign of spring with a big patch if three cornered leek growing in the field. They had fun leaf rubbing and had a […]

Asda Man came to Tythecott class

Asda man, Pete, came to Tythecott class this afternoon to consolidate our science learning on healthy diets.  We reviewed each of the different food groups and how it impacted our diet.  The children helped prepare the vegetables for our stir fry and thoroughly enjoyed tasting the finished dish.  Watch out for the menu cards coming […]

Archery Club Buckland Brewer

We had two more archers join this week to test out and improve their archery skills. Well done to all of you. You will be ready for the upcoming family group archery competition when it starts. There are more places available for any pupils who want to join us Tuesday mornings at the village hall, […]

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