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Natural paint brushes and oak gall ink 08/03

Today was a challenge as we had to change the way we do forest school. But tythecott were amazing and so adaptable they showed that they can adapt to any situation. They were also very creative with natural paint brushes and oak gall ink.

Real Dance in Orleigh

In Orleigh class we have been learning about using circles to create different dance movements. We pretended to be a piece of silk moving slowly in time with the music. We gave each other positive feedback about our dances.  

Real Dance

In Tythecott class we have been learning about working in unison and canon, as well as mirroring our partners movements. We applied our knowledge and skills and worked on developing a dance to a slow calm song thinking about the speed and different levels of movement. We did really well moving in time to the […]

Reaction times

In science, we have been looking at evolution and inheritance. This week we explored the idea of variation in offspring and how that can be advantageous in their survival. We investigated our reaction times by catching a ruler in one hand and two hands. The ruler was dropped without warning and where it was caught […]

Muddy Tag Rugby

This morning, Gorwood class were not afraid of the mud when it came to developing their skills. We practised tagging as well as  running with the ball until tagged.  This was then applied to the small sided games we played.

Buckland Brewer does Red Nose Day

The whole school came together to raise funds for Comic Relief on Friday.  We dressed in red, had crazy hair and told each other jokes.  Ask your child their favourite ones.

Exmoor Zoo

Melbury and Tythecott classes went to Exmoor Zoo today and the rain held off!  Look at all the animals we saw.  Which was your child’s favourite? Some of us even touched a snake, stick insect or a chameleon. Who knew Mrs Orchard or Mrs Roy could be snails?

Village Schools and the Burton Art Gallery

Burton Art Gallery ran their annual school exhibition.  Parkham were presented with £50 cheque for their camouflaged animals using Henri Rousseau as inspiration.  Buckland Brewer had 2 individual winners: Charlie and Hannah, for their camouflaged animals using Henri Rousseau as inspiration. The exhibition is open until the end of March, so please pop along and […]

Very cold Forest School

Tythecott class had a shortened Forest School session today due to very cold and wet weather, even with our extra layers and waterproofs! We tried to keep warm with a variety of games: tag and follow my leader. They also all made paint brushes using the organic ink to create pictures. Don’t forget the yummy […]

World Book Day 2nd March 2023

The whole school created their favourite book character out of potatoes.  First prize was £10 book voucher and an Easter egg, second and third prize was an Easter egg.  Everyone that entered received 3 Family Group points.  Well done everyone: it was a very high standard of entries!  They are all displayed in the library, […]

Tythecott Forest School

Tythecott had a fun morning at Tythecott as the Forest School fairies had left paper bags for a treasure hunt.  We read the clues and tried to find as many things as requested. More paper making using a frame this time.  Lou had also set  up some ink making and the children made their own […]

Dogs Trust at Buckland Brewer

The Dogs Trust came into Buckland Brewer to share safety ideas when children are around dogs. Emily Yeo, from the Dogs Trust, brought a very realistic pretend dog to give a whole school assembly and several workshops throughout the day.  We learned how to approach a dog safely and if a dog runs at us […]

Forest school

Today in Forest School Tythecott class had a go at making paper. We also made bird feeders and accessed the new mud kitchen.  Ask the children what else they did?  Which was their favourite?

Soup and damper bread. 08/02

What a great last session. We chopped and cooked tomato soup and made damper bread. They all tried the soup and bread and the finished of with s’mores and hot chocolate. Its been a pleassure watching this class grow and explore their strenghths and weaknesses, and seeing what they can achieve if they just put […]

Bird feeders 01/02

  The task today was to make bird feeders. They had to thread cheerios through string. They explored different ways of doing this and then they made banana and oat balls to hangs on the trees aswell. They also had cloud watching, mud painting, and cooking in the new mud kitchen.

Elder Pencils 25/01

Today was amazing Orleigh class really engaged in our adult led activity today. We had some Chinese new year craft with finger printing. They were taught what loppers were and how to use them safely. They learnt all about Elder and what we can use it for. We made pencils with elder and then willow […]

Family group treat

Mighty Stingrays won the family group treat of making chocolate chip cookies. I wonder what we will choose for our next half-term treat?

Appledore Art Part 3

Tythecott class again went to Appledore School to continue their work on Henry Rousseau and their collage pictures. They began to cut out their foliage to create the jungle before adding their tiger to camouflage him or her.  Can you see the different jungle leaves?  Can you see how the children have created texture within […]

Girls Football tournament

Well done to all the girls who played in the Girls football tournament at Kingsley yesterday. Due to the teacher strikes some teams were unable to come. Our U9 team played against St Helen’s twice drawing the first game 0-0 and winning the second 2-1.   Our U11 team were undefeated beating Hartland 4-0 and […]

Appledore Art Session 2

Tythecott class returned to Appledore School for another session.  This time we used our previous painting base sheet to create a guided tiger’s face. Ask the children what was the most difficult part? How did the children get certain parts of the tiger’s face to stand out? They looked amazing! Then we practiced creating jungle […]

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