Group One Archery

This afternoon, group one got their waterproofs on and had an archery session. They learnt about how to handle the equipment safely and the different parts of the equipment before a practise and finally a tournament with a birthday champion.  This was followed by high speed orienteering around Pixies Holt.

Birthday Breakfast and Caving for Group One

This morning, we had breakfast and then made our lunches. We then split into two groups. One went caving and the second did archery and orienteering. In the limestone cave, we found stalactites and stalagmites. Everyone showed great determination and resilience and managed to get through all the small  gaps and even sat in part […]

The day with all the birthdays

Good morning from Pixies Holt. Everybody slept well and we are full of energy for the day ahead. We’re all looking forward to lunchtime and 4 birthday cakes 🎂!!

Dinner time and night walk

For dinner, we had as much pasta and bolognaise as we could eat, followed by homemade raspberry sponge cake and raspberry ripple ice cream.  We then found our torches and headed out for our night walk. We followed the river and navigated our way to a clearing where we switched off our torches and enjoyed […]

Moorland and woodland walk

      This afternoon, we walked up and up and up into the woods. We learnt about deciduous and coniferous trees, as well as different moss and lichens. Some us were brave and tasted some gorse whilst others lost their shoes/boots in the bogs. All were recovered. We climbed a tor with stunning views […]

Natural paint brushes and oak gall ink 08/03

Today was a challenge as we had to change the way we do forest school. But tythecott were amazing and so adaptable they showed that they can adapt to any situation. They were also very creative with natural paint brushes and oak gall ink.

More dragon flies 22/03

We were doing mud kitchen cooking, captire the flag and finishing off our dragon flies. I only managed to get one photo but I think it says it all.

Cooking! 27/03

Today was exciting whilst out nettle soup was cooking we made dens and played in the mud kitchen. Some cooked damper bread to go with the soup. Unfortunately it didn’t cook in time so they will be having some in class later this week. But we did get time for bread and of course s’mores. […]

Ashmansworthy batik 27/3/23

Some amazing art work has been created this term! On paper, we created designs inspired by nature, then, using a tjanting and hot wax, we transferred the designs onto fabric. The final stage was brushing on vividly-coloured dyes. The dyes didn’t stick to the wax so, when the fabric was ironed, the original design could […]

Ashmansworthy enjoying the library 27/3/23

We have been enjoying time in the library this term. We’ve been focusing on finding and comparing different genres of fiction.

We’ve arrived

We arrived safely just after 11am. After a tour of Pixies Holt we went to our rooms and tried to make our beds!! We’re now enjoying our lunch before our afternoon hike.

Real dance

This week for our dance lesson we looked at partner work, which included lifts and leans. The children worked together safely to then incorporate these moves into their dances. They also included circles, turns, jumps, different levels and silk like moves (we have been working on these moves for the past few weeks.)  

Newsletter: 24th March 2023

Inspection This week, Woolsery School had its long-awaited Ofsted Inspection. This was a two day inspection with two inspectors. As is the way with Ofsted’s methodology, we are not able to discuss the outcome fo the Inspection until the Report is published – this will be delayed due to the Easter Holidays and May bank […]

Real Dance in Orleigh

In Orleigh class we have been learning about using circles to create different dance movements. We pretended to be a piece of silk moving slowly in time with the music. We gave each other positive feedback about our dances.  

Real Dance

In Tythecott class we have been learning about working in unison and canon, as well as mirroring our partners movements. We applied our knowledge and skills and worked on developing a dance to a slow calm song thinking about the speed and different levels of movement. We did really well moving in time to the […]

Reaction times

In science, we have been looking at evolution and inheritance. This week we explored the idea of variation in offspring and how that can be advantageous in their survival. We investigated our reaction times by catching a ruler in one hand and two hands. The ruler was dropped without warning and where it was caught […]

Real Dance

This week in our Real Dance lesson, we learnt about artistry using very calm music. We started working individually and then in small groups. We learnt about keeping time with the music, working in unison and canon at varying levels.

Capture the flag! 08/03

Today I introduced a game as I know too well this class can be competitive. Capture the flag wasn’t new to them but there was some serious cheating going on bit it was so fun to see them working as a team and supporting they’re team mates. Some who didn’t want to join in chose […]

Muddy sticky mud! 20/03

Well what can I say about sunflowers forest school session today! It was amazing to see them once again wanting to be creative and make more natural paint brushes. They are so kind and helpful, wanting to help me weed and get the beds ready for our plants they’ve planted in seed trays a few […]

Den building in the sunshine 14/03

We were very lucky with the weather today. Burscott were so great today with working collaboratively with each other to build team dens. I would definitely stick with this class if we were wild camping. I also had some super helpers to put the new IBC up ready for watering our plants.

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