Welcome to Woolsery Primary School

Learning At The Heart Of The Community

Welcome to our School!

Woolsery Primary School is just over 140 years old and is situated in the very heart of our village. We have six classes, taking children from 2 years up to 11. Our school is a Forest School, and all children participate in weekly Forest School sessions every other half term throughout the year. We are also a founding member of a co-operative trust of schools, called The Atlantic Coast Co-operative Trust, which works together so that all children in our locality can benefit from the very best opportunities available, regardless of which school they attend.

Our Curriculum approach is based squarely in the ethos of first-hand learning and a joined-up curriculum, which we call The Wild Curriculum. Each term, the children have a Project which encompasses much of their English and humanities subjects. The focus of the Project is often child-led but linked strongly to the National Curriculum. In addition to The Wild Curriculum, we also deliver REAL PE by Create Development, SCARF relationships education by Coram Life Education and Charanga Music education programme.

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Matt Cole, Headteacher

New Children: We welcome applications for children who wish you join our school. Please contact the school for more information and to arrange an out-of-hours tour to see our facilities. (sorry but tours during school hours are not permitted at present due to Covid restrictions)

Spring Term Full Opening Drop Off and Pick Up Times:

If you are worried about whether your or your child needs to self isolate, please read this “Schools Advice to Parents” document which explains the various procedures depending on your circumstances.

If parents are dropping children off at school, please remember that only one parent should do this in order to reduce crowding at the school entrances. 2 metre spacing marks are shown outside the school entrances and parents and children must keep to these spaces whilst waiting to come onto site.

We are asking that all children in Year 4 and above come to school without an adult. We will have staff in Hi-Vis on Old Market Drive to supervise crossing of the road, so if you need to drive your child into the village, please drop them on Copper Hill or Auction Way and get them to walk in alone and look for the member of staff to help them across the road. Avoid Old Market Drive if at all possible. All children should arrive according to their staggered start times shown below and not before. Your child should go through their designated gate in the morning and proceed straight to their classroom.

Your child must not attend school if they have any Covid symptoms, whether you think they are Covid-related or not. This includes a persistent cough, temperature, loss of , or change in, taste/smell. Please advise us as soon as possible if your child is going to be absent.

Class Drop Off Time Pick Up Time Location
Sunflowers* 8:45am 3:15pm Old Market Drive Entrance
Cranford 8:45am 3:15pm Playground Gate
Burscott 8:55am 3:20pm Playground Gate
Stroxworthy 8:55am 3:20pm Old Market Drive Entrance
Alminstone 9:05am 3:25pm Playground Gate
Ashmansworthy 9:05am 3:25pm Old Market Drive Entrance

*Sunflowers times may vary depending on the sessions you have booked.


Woolsery Primary School is a Foundation School within the Atlantic Coast Co-operative Trust and an active participant in the work of the Dartmoor Teaching School Alliance