Stroxworthy Forest School

Today we started to make a willow and hazel hurdle fence (Anglo Saxon style! – link to our History topic!), we made Christmas tree decorations from willow, leaves, wool (using our weaving skills) and still had the opportunity to exploire our usual forest school activities like the mud kitchen climbing trees, gardening, maintenance of our […]

Alminstone and their poetry

Alminstone chose poems they enjoyed and performed them in front of the class.  We reflected on how we could improve our performances, to make them even better.

Analysing performance in Gymnastics

Yesterday in Burscott class, we worked on improving our performance. Working in pairs, we filmed our partner and then discussed what they had done well and what they could improve in their performance. It was great fun being able to see our performances to help us improve.    

Campfire donuts and christmas decorations. 29/11

It was exciting today with cooking and crafting. Burscott also got busy with climbing, chalk art, den building, cooking in the mud kitchen. We also got to start our very own great fire of London with our Pudding lane Wooden houses from last week. We had a sing song around the fire too.

Christmas trees and wood cookies. 28/11

Sunflowers had a awesome afternoon despite the cold and rain showers. They were busy in the mud kitchen, bug hunting, drilling and decorating wood cookie necklace and decorating a willow Christmas tree. So resilient with the weather today.

Basketball under the rainbow

This morning, Alminstone dodged the rain and played under the rainbow.  Today’s lesson focused on decision making in 3 v 3 mini games.  When to pass, dribble or shoot.  We played lots of mini games before joining together to make bigger teams for whole court matches applying our understanding of tactics.  

Nails and hammers. 23/11

Today was another soggy afternoon but Melbury soldiered on. We started some crafts with hers, nails, wood and wool.

Hail, rain and wind! 23/11

Today was tough the weather was against us. But wow this class is amazing. We had fun in the Hail the trying to use the wind to keep us up. We also managed to start a project with wood, hammers, nails and wool. Our first letter is up on the fence!!!

Seed planting and pudding lane! 21/11

Today we were planting the seeds that we had processed a few weeks ago. Ready for our Tree nursery. The seeds are now in the fridge waiting for the spring when we can plant them. We We were also looking at fire and decided to create our own Pudding Lane so that next week we […]

Newsletter: 25th November 2022

Children In Need Thanks Wow! what a day we had on Friday, with some fabulous dressing up, a super skip-a-thon at Parkham and cookie decorating (and eating) at Woolsery. I am delighted to say that across all three schools, you donated just under £500 to this amazing charity which funds a myriad of projects supporting […]

Our Body

In science Sunflowers have been naming and identifying the different parts of their body.   We can point and name the parts of our body such as shoulders, knees and head.   We then learnt about inside our body and had fun taking it in turns to add a piece of puzzle to make a skeleton.  We […]

Continuous Provision

To practise our technology skills, we log on and use correctly the controls on the Chromebooks to access a maths programme. The subtraction to ten game provides a simple introduction to the concept of subtraction. The visual representation of the subtraction process can help to reinforce our subtraction skills whilst having fun. Threading is a […]

Stroxworthy Real Gym

Today we continued our lessons of Real Gym. Today we were making rhythms in groups and then matching the rhythms using balls. We then were practising our rotation skills.

Creating a scale model of the solar system

Today in science, we used ratios and calculations to create a model of the solar system. Using lengths of toilet roll to measure the distances between the planets, we did our best in the blowing wind and driving rain to measure and set up our model of the solar system. Working in groups we calculated […]

Clay, wood and mud! 16/11

This week we started some Christmas decorations with clay and willow sticks. We also talked about fire and what it needs to survive. We also had a great game of cat and mouse!!!

The Great fire of London 16/11

Today was fire day! They learnt how fire needs three things to survive, and how to put it out. They talked about how they’ve been doing The great fire of London we decided to make our own Pudding lane and light it with flint and steel.

Pizza flavoured rain! 15/11

Today it was raining and we all had to try and see what flavour rain we could taste. There was pizza, chocolate and sweets!!! We also got weeding in our sensory garden area , building with lose parts and of course mud pies in the kitchen.

Nails and paints 14/11

We had a great afternoon with Sunflowers busy painting our clay leaves, wood and nail hammering, bug hunting, den building and mud kitchen.

Gone knotty!!! 9/11

Today we learnt how to do some basic knots, played with clay and in the mud kitchen. We also made dens. 

Children in Need day – Burscott Class

The children made an amazing effort with their dressing up and have had a fun day completing Pudsey activities, decorating biscuits and best of all, completing a spotty treasure hunt which they really enjoyed – thanks to Charity Voice for organising!

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