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Last session of the year.

The year two’s had a great last session today with cooking campfire pizza, Easter damper bread and of course s’mores. They all showed team work working together together the cooking done. They also showed some great sharing skills helping each other overcome some problem solving. Lastly what amazing resilience with the weather what a difference […]

Easter visit to the Church

The whole school visited Buckland Brewer Chapel and Chapel to hear about the story of Easter starting from Palm Sunday to Good Friday. The children went into groups and experienced a variety of activities linked to Easter with an Easter egg hunt at the end.  Thank you for everyone involved and our candle now has […]

Little people came to visit

Little people had come into the Forest School area and left a surprise for Tythecott class.  Using our gift we made friendship bracelets with our partner.  As a reward to the little people we made them some shelters (including swimming pools and swings!)  After a quick game of one breath dragon game we gathered daisies […]


This half term, they have loved creating images of mountains in Keynote. We have then inputed the image into AR Portal to create 360 images.

Red Nose Day

Tythecott enjoyed dressing up in red today.

Charcoal pencils

Tythecott class learnt how to use charcoal to make charcoal pencils to write with.  We improved our knot skills and kept warm with hot chocolate.  Ask them what their favourite part of the afternoon was…..


Tythecott and Orleigh have had a great session with Tom as part of tennis super week. They tried some skills and played games. They have all been invited to a free tennis party this weekend. Please see their invites for more details.

Buckland Brewer World Book Day

Buckland Brewer whole school (even Mrs Kersey) wrapped a book, thought of some clues and brought some props.   Gorwood photos to follow…… Can you guess our books?

Fossil hunting

Tythecott class made their own fossils out of salt dough using organic materials found in the Forest School area.  They then went on a dinosaur hunt………   I wonder what they discovered?

Bug hotels

Tythecott class had a fun time using tools safely to create mini bug pot hotels. We also made crowns.  Why is it important to create bug hotels in your garden?  

A wet Forest School

Tythecott class had fun in the very wet conditions yesterday.  We used our new yurt to create leaf suncatchers. Outside we planted seeds, played in the mud kitchen and the den, solved the leaf game and drank warm blackcurrant.  Which was your favourite and why?


Tythecott have been amazing at French this half term. They have looked at colours, recapped numbers to 5 and learnt about superheroes.

Really Wild Planet

Tythecott and Melbury went to Really Wild Planet to link in with our science curriculum of animals. What an amazing place to visit!  Which animal had a bath?  Which animal had a wee on the floor?  What is the rarest colour for a frog?  Which was your favourite?

Clay part 4

Tythecott’s final group went to Appledore school to finish their snails. What was their favourite part?  What would they do differently?


This week, Tythecott has created Venn Diagrams showing carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. They have used PicCollege to add pictures and labels.

Clay part 3

Tythecott class went to Appledore School this morning to see whether their clay snails had survived the kiln.  All good and ready to be glazed and ready for the second firing with the kiln. Also, we had time to create our own wildflower canvas.  Ask the children which new skill they enjoyed?   Using glazes, sponge […]

Asda Man came to Tythecott class

Asda man, Pete, came to Tythecott class this afternoon to consolidate our science learning on healthy diets.  We reviewed each of the different food groups and how it impacted our diet.  The children helped prepare the vegetables for our stir fry and thoroughly enjoyed tasting the finished dish.  Watch out for the menu cards coming […]

Clay part 2

Tythecott class second group experienced Appledore Art today to understand the different types of clay and to create their own snail.

History came to life

Shirley Henderson brought her spinning wheel into Tythecott class today to explore weaving from our Victorian history with the use of wool in fabric making.  We used a spinning wheel and we learned how to weave wool.  Thank you Shirley, we had so much fun!  

Appledore Art Part 1

On Wednesday the first group of children went to Appledore School for some clay instruction.  We explore the different types of clay.  We then created our own 3D snails.

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