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Year 2 Tag Rugby

Yesterday, two teams from the VSP took part in a tag rugby competition at St Mary’s School. There were 6 teams who played. This was the first time many of the children played a competitive sport against other schools. Well done to all of you who did really well following the rules and scoring some […]

Chilling after sats

Crafting, s’mores and games. Today we had fun playingvsome ice breaker games and getting to know each other a bit more. They had a treat as Sats had finished and we couldnt not let the year 4’s and 5’s have any so they had some too for all.the disruption this week. 

Cooking over the campfire

Today was our last session for the year so we celebrated with s’mores, and campfire pizza.

Foxdown released their class butterflies

Foxdown have really enjoyed watching the lifecycle of caterpillars and butterflies. The caterpillars came to us super small. They ate their food for a while before they turned into chrysalises.  We waited about two weeks before watching them emerge. We were super lucky that four out of five hatched while we were at school. We […]

Skipping fun

This week in our forest school session we continued with God eyes from last week as the children wanted to expand their skills. So we added more sticks so it was more challenging. We then had some games to warm us all up which led to a skipping competition. This is why I love this […]

Compass and crafts

Today we had a very busy session. We were playing a game and learning how to use a compass and map reading. The class also wanted to get crafty with some gods eyes are a spiritual and votive object made by weaving a design out of yarn upon a wooden cross. Often several colors are […]

Parkham Mini Marathon

Today all the pupils braved the cold and the wind as they took on the mini marathon challenge. Before Easter, all the classes practised running 12 laps of the playground culminating in today’s challenge to run 2.6 miles, a tenth of a marathon. Everyone showed superb determination and challenged themselves to go as far as […]

So far this half term we have made some leave in the stule of stained glass, cut wood and made mini bug hotels and made fossils with dinosaurs. We have also had a few games of capture the flag, stuck in mud and eagle eyes. They have worked so well together exploring different ways to […]

Goldworthy Class~ Safer Internet Day

This afternoon, Goldworthy Class thought about how to be safe on the Internet. We looked at different persuasive devices used on games and on the Internet and then discussed what they were and the effect of them; giving examples of each of them.

Sports Festival at Atlantic Academy

Goldworthy Class went to Atlantic Academy this morning to take part in Sports Festival ran by the youth sport leaders there. We thank them and Mr Davies for organising this great event. Everyone enjoyed it and we loved meeting up with the children from the other schools.

Northam care Trust visit

Some children from Parkham had fun today at Northam Care Trust in Bideford helping them clear an area for their very own log circle area and fire pit. We also got to have fun holding and feeding their chickens Omlette, Hero, Hey Hey.

Crafty piggies

Today we had a visit from Horace, Boris and Percy and foxdown had to make a potion to make them big again!. We had fun bird watching and making bird feeders, making trees with ours hands and feet and woodland scene pictures from items they could find in our forest school area.

The third little pig and potions

Last week in forest school we had a visit from the three little pigs but unfortunately the wolf left a magic potion around that he got from Alice in wonderland so Percy and his brick had shrunk!!!! We also explored clay modeling with natural materials

Northam care trust visit and cooking

On Friday a group of children from Melbury and goldworthy were lucky to do some cooking with clients from Northam care trust. They decided to show them our Stone pot soup story. There was even first times s’mores that were had! Amazing work and they can’t wait to visit the caretrust on Friday.

Young Writer’s Competition

Congratulations to these members of Goldworthy Class, who all entered a Young Writer’s competition before Christmas and their writing has been chosen to be published.

A visit from one of the three little pigs

Today foxdown were surprised when they had a letter from one of the pigs asking for help with his stick house. They’re a bit worried now that next week we will get a visit from the final pig to build his brick house!!!!!

Archery Club

Another fantastic turn out for morning archery club. Well done to the girls group who won for the second week running. All good practice for the upcoming family group archery competition.

ice drilling was fun today as well as leaf rubbing. We also had a visit from the first little pig he had left Foxdown some straw so they could help him build his house. They did a great job.

Pete from Asda

Thanks to Pete from Asda for coming to our school to allow our children to make and eat their own sweet and sour.

Real Gym

In Foxdown this week, we have been developing our physical skills and learning how to take off and land with control and thinking about our body position during flight.

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