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Burford woods fun summer 2024

We had a great day in the woods surviving crocodile infested waters, poison ivy webs and surving without water. They also had to explore and find a missing person with their orienterring skills . We then cooked damper bread, s’mores and campfire pizza.

(3) Little Wandle Love of Reading : Would You Rather ……….

Sunflowers enjoyed listening to and then learning the words to the poem “Big Green Crocodile”. They also put actions to the words. Sunflowers recited and performed the poem in front of Cranford Class – Sunflowers you were amazing! In order to explore the sensory aspect of this story book, Sunflowers were shown the different musical […]

Stroxworthy mark making

Using painting and sewing skills to create a piece of art on fabric, design inspired by Alice Kettle and Hannah Rae.

Science in the Poly

Today we were planting and the children were discussing what makes plants grow. This led to a further discussion about what would happen if we gave plants different liquids. So they all decided to do an experiment with lettuce seeds. They broke off into four groups and each group have a different liquid to water […]

Stroxworrthy Fossils!

On Tuesday we made a dough from flour, salt and coffee grounds, the class smelt interesting! We then used this dough to create some fossils using various items. They are now drying and you can come and see them on our windowsill.

Rocks! Rocks! and more Rocks!

This term we are studying rocks and fossils. Here are some highlights of our experiments and explorations. We started the term learning about the different types of rocks, then we became geologists and began to identify the type of different rocks in order the classify them into the different types. We drew the rocks, described […]

Stroxworthy Geography – Landscape

In Geography we have been looking at the differences and similarities between The Rocky Mountains and Dartmoor. We then created an example of these landscapes in lego and on paper in beautiful landscape drawings.

Stroxworthy Class Safer Internet Day 6th February 2024

This afternoon we followed a BBC Teach Live Lesson all about Safer Internet Day. We became  digital detectives, exploring the exciting world of Artificial Intelligence and learning how to stay safe online. IMG_0277

Year 3 cooking session

Today was a quiet day as we only had the year 3’s. They all got stuck in and contributed to the cooking challenge. We had a team of damper bread makers, campfire pizza makers, and s’more makers. Then they all had a turn at cooking. They also decided to do a bit of a tidy […]

RSPB Birdwatch 2024

We had great fun finishing our bird hides. We then had some time to doing the UK rspb birdwatch survey for 2024.

Trees and birds

Today we had a visitor in our forest school session. A little Robin, the children learnt how Robin are the only birds that look the same whether they are female or male. We then did some tree measuring they learnt some new skills in measuring the height of a tree and working out how old […]

Autumn/ Winter time in Burford woods.

Today was extremely tough because of the weather. I am so proud of everyone in Stroxworthy class for being so resilient with the cold they were amazing. They enjoyed the orienteering challenge and learnt loads of interesting facts about the natural world around us. They obviously enjoyed campfire doughnuts and s’mores. They worked well in […]

Morwellham Quay for Stroxworthy Class

We had the most amazing trip to Morwellham Quay. We explored the mines on a train, and how people lived during this period by looking and comparing daily living for both the more wealthy and the poor. We also experienced a classroom with a very strict teacher! The children were superbly behaved and a credit […]

Soggy session 3/10

Today wasa little wetter than we expected but some lived jumping in Puddles.

Morwellham Quay

Tythecott, Stroxworthy and Melbury travelled to Tavistock to Morewellham Quay today. What an interesting place to visit by the River Tamar.   This area was once a thriving home to the mining industry.  The industry needed a transport system, and a number of small quays were built along the River Tamar to ship out the […]

Natural dyes

Today we explored using natural dyes and how we can make them from natural things that we grow at school.

Stroxworthy Maths. Rounding numbers.

Today we played a game to round various number to the nearest 10 or 100. . Some of us were challenged further by rounding to the nearest 1000.

Snake eggs!!!

Today someone bought in some snake egs which was really exciting. We explored story telling. They split into some groups and had to create their own story about a woodland animal. We also discussed the season changing and how harvest is coming up and its autumn equinox at the weekend and how they used to […]

Devon Wildlife Trust

The year two and three’s have been lucky to have a visit from the Devon Wildlife Trust. Lastvyear they started a project that’s called ‘saving devons treescape’ we started the project last year buy gather seeds and processing them for the winter and then come the spring we planted them. We have been lucky to […]

 we continued our wood cookie cutting andearnt how to work as a team to get the task done quicker.

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