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Alminstone PE 3.2.23

This week Alminstone increased the difficulty of the warm up by added in gears for an instruction rather than me just saying ‘jog, jump’ etc, this meant they were developing their cognitive learning aswell as their physical side of the activity. We talked about the importance of warming up before exercise.Some of the children’s responses. […]

Inside out + Scatterball PE 27.1.23

Alminstone had a new warm up and game for their real PE lesson today. Inside out was the warm up. The children took turns to go round a cone in different ways e.g. Walking, jumping, skipping etc. The class had different instructions to follow, for example ‘around the clock’ all groups moved one place around […]

Islands (scarf 27.1.23)

For this week’s scarf in Alminstone we talked about personal body space.We started the session with a game called ‘Islands’ (musical chairs but with bits of paper for islands). The class thoroughly enjoyed this game despite it becoming harder for the children to gather on one island. They got very creative and even gave other […]

Homework Update

Homework will now be set on Google Classroom. You can submit your homework in via Google Classroom, or if you prefer you can still use your green book.  To log-in to our Google Classroom, you will need your village schools email address, starting with your first name initial and surname e.g.   Thanks for […]

Forest School Reminder

Hello Alminstone, Just a reminder that Forest School will be next Thursday morning, rather than Tuesday, for next week only (2.2.23) Mrs Parkhouse

ICE!!! 24

Alminstone had a great morning. They loved finding ice around the forest school area and looking at the different air bubbles and items that have got frozen. We also had tree climbing and working out the best way to climb through the trees to get to the end. They were amazing at analysing their own […]

Friend or acquaintance? 20.1.23

Today in scarf we considered different types of relationships we can have other people and whether someone is a friend or acquaintance. The class listened to a story sheet “Umar helps Henry.” We had lots of discussions about how Umar is being a good friend to Henry and how he helps him overcome his fears/anxieties. […]

20.1.23 Throlf part 3

Today was our third lesson for throlf. The children were really challenging themselves  by making harder courses, using their non-dominant hand/foot to throw or to strike the ball and making the courses further away. They were all very creative and imaginative in creating their holes/courses. They seemed to all really enjoy themselves with a review […]

Icy weather! 17/01

Today’s forest session was a little chilly so we decided to have a fire and hot chocolate. With the mud kitchen, den building, and paper making out of denim Alminstone were super busy keeping warm and exploring what they can achieve in the cold if they keep trying.

That is such a stereotype!

In Alminstone we talked about stereotypes in scarf. The children closed their eyes and were given a description eg a child climbing a tree. They had to say whether they thought the child was male or female. We watched a short video with an experiment of two children and how people may stereotype by colour […]

Health and fitness Real PE 13.1.23

Today for Alminstone’s PE lesson we were covering more aspects of our health and fitness unit from Real PE. We continued with the warm up ‘Team juggle’ this involved the children moving in and out of each other in a set game play area, while throwing a ball to each other. The game got harder […]

Partner work in Real Gym

On Monday morning, Alminstone class used their strength, balance, trust, communication and skill to perform a range of challenging balances thinking about their own safety and the safety of their partners. As you can see they performed some amazing balances.  

Scarf The people we share our world with.

Today in Alminstone we talked about how people are different to each other (including ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, customs and festivals.) We also talked about the word respect, what it means and how we show respect to others’ differences.We had lots of great discussions about how people can be similar or different.

Real PE 6/1/23

Alminstone had lots of fun this afternoon during PE. We started with the warm up, with a game called team juggle. This involved lots of hand eye co-ordination, skill and team work. Next came the skills part. The children were practising sending and receiving a ball. We then played throlf (Golf but with no clubs) […]

First session of 2023!!!

Alminstone had their first session of forest school today. It was a little wet and windy but they had so much fun building, playing and creating. We had some building dens, some creating willow baskets, and some making up their own scavenger game which was amazing. We also found some Oak Ghouls for our ink […]

Alminstone and their poetry

Alminstone chose poems they enjoyed and performed them in front of the class.  We reflected on how we could improve our performances, to make them even better.

Basketball under the rainbow

This morning, Alminstone dodged the rain and played under the rainbow.  Today’s lesson focused on decision making in 3 v 3 mini games.  When to pass, dribble or shoot.  We played lots of mini games before joining together to make bigger teams for whole court matches applying our understanding of tactics.  

Indoor Athletics

All of the Village Schools joined together this morning for an indoor athletics competition at Atlantic Academy. The children were split into seven teams and took part in 7 field events and ended with a team relay race. The seven field events were the vertical jump, weighted ball throw, standing long jump, speed bounce, standing […]

Tag rugby

Today Miss Grant and I had the pleasure of taking 8 young ladies (years 5/6)to Bideford Rugby ground for a tag rugby festival. Considering this is the first time the girls have played together and some girls didn’t even know how to play the game before we started, they all played incredibly well. We won […]

Teeth & the Digestive system

Alminstone used large movements to remember the different parts of the digestive system and their uses. Can they name they different parts from our actions?  Do you know which part of the digestive system has acid to break up the food?

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