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KS1 football club

At lunchtime, we started a football club for Years one and two with some helpers from the older year groups. We practised dribbling and shooting and then used our skills in a match at the end of the session. It was lovely to enjoy the football in the sunshine. We’re all looking forward to next […]

Year 4 and 5 Goldworthy WR attempt

Well done to the year 4s and 5s in Goldworthy who pledged to run a mile to be part of the World Record attempt. We should find out next week if we are successful and officially World Record breakers.  

KS1 Multi-skills festival

Today, all the pupils from year 1 and 2 joined other schools from ACCT at the ARC tennis centre. They worked together to try out their skills including an obstacle course, tennis ground strokes, tennis ball dribble, throwing and catching and target shooting over a net. All the children gave each other great support and […]

Melbury’s World Record Attempt

Yesterday, Melbury pledged to run a mile in a world record attempt.  They showed great determination to keep going and those who finished the challenge first kept going and ran along side their friends to help and support them to finish.  An amazing effort showing excellent team work in the class. Well done.    

World Record Attempt

This afternoon, Burscott class pledged to run a mile in a world record attempt.  They showed great determination to keep going and offered each other support and encouragement to ensure everyone completed the challenge.  Well done to you all.                           

Continuous Cricket

Yesterday, Alminstone class continued learning about striking and fielding skills. They practised throwing, catching, running with the bat, as well as bowling and batting. They then used these skills to play continuous cricket.

World Record Attempt

Today, Gorwood class pledged to complete a mile of exercise in an attempt to be part of a Guiness World Record. All members of the class achieved the mile at the start of their PE lesson either running, jogging or walking.  Well done to you all. All other classes across the Partnership will have the […]

Cricket 21.4.23

Alminstone thoroughly enjoyed their cricket during PE. For the warm we were throwing a ball in the air and catching it. We made this more challenging by using one hand, then changing our hands,moving around and by throwing it higher. The skill we looked at was batting the ball from a tee. We then played […]

VSP Family Group Cross Country

A huge well done to all the runners in their family group races. All of you showed great determination and tenacity, as well as superb support for all the runners. Thankfully, the sun shone down on us while we run a races for each year group. Congratulations to Hazel who were the winning team. Thank […]

Real dance

This week for our dance lesson we looked at partner work, which included lifts and leans. The children worked together safely to then incorporate these moves into their dances. They also included circles, turns, jumps, different levels and silk like moves (we have been working on these moves for the past few weeks.)  

Real Dance in Orleigh

In Orleigh class we have been learning about using circles to create different dance movements. We pretended to be a piece of silk moving slowly in time with the music. We gave each other positive feedback about our dances.  

Real Dance

In Tythecott class we have been learning about working in unison and canon, as well as mirroring our partners movements. We applied our knowledge and skills and worked on developing a dance to a slow calm song thinking about the speed and different levels of movement. We did really well moving in time to the […]

Real Dance

This week in our Real Dance lesson, we learnt about artistry using very calm music. We started working individually and then in small groups. We learnt about keeping time with the music, working in unison and canon at varying levels.

Athletic finals

Today, Louise and I had the pleasure of taking 12 Yr 5/6 children to the Athletic finals (At Bideford College sports hall.) against 13 other schools from across North Devon. The children all competed in a variety of track and field events consisting of standing high jump, standing long jump, speed bounce and chest throw. […]

Muddy Tag Rugby

This morning, Gorwood class were not afraid of the mud when it came to developing their skills. We practised tagging as well as  running with the ball until tagged.  This was then applied to the small sided games we played.

Real PE in the rain

Today, we continued to develop our personal skills by challenging ourselves, persevering and reacting positively when things became difficult. After working on a range of skills, we put these into practise in a game. 

Dance 17.3.2023

Today Alminstone class were continuing with their dance and sequences. We had a different warm up this week ‘follow the leader’. The class got into groups and had to copy their leader’s movements. They changed leaders, changed movement, changed their speed and height. It was lovely to see the groups get quite creative with their […]

Swimming 10.3.23

Another great week swimming for Ashmansworthy class. The children are all coming on leaps and bounds with their swimming skills. It has been lovely to watch the progression, from week one to where they are now and to see them all grow in confidence. Some children were learning  butterfly stroke this week, while others were […]

Real dance 10.3 2023

This week during our dance lesson we continued to focus on incorporating circles, turns and jumps into our dance sequence . We also looked at moving like a piece of silk and how we could include these moves into the sequences aswell. The children are really get the hang of changing their dance tempo/moves to […]

Real PE

This half term, we are improving our ball skills. We are developing our sending and receiving skills using different sized balls and using these skills in different games. This week we also challenged our reaction times with a partner.

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