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Ashmansworthy forest school 27/09

Ashmansworthy had a soggy session this week. But still managed to keep busy with the bridge building challenge. Digging, painting, mud kitchen, chilling out in the hammock.

Forest School

Today we went to forest school.  We talked about Autumn and what happens at this time of year.

Our walk around the village!

Today we used our maps to explore our village.  We know about the compass and what directions are on it.  We used the symbols on the map to help us find the places.

A few photos from our continuous provision this week!

This week the bark chippings arrived and we opened up a little bit more of our outside area.  Then we could open the ‘Dog’s kitchen’ and we created an outside book area.  The children loved it all!!

Drama – Hanada’s Surprise

We acted out the story of Hanada’s Surprise changing the animals and the fruit.   We retold the story using adjectives to describe the fruit.  We tasted some fruit too.  This helped us to come up with some good adjectives.   Get them to describe a piece of fruit at home! soft, yellow banana, juicy, […]

Alminstone’s day at Burford Woods

Beautiful weather gave us a good day out. We made dens, cooked soup, played on rope swings, used fire flints, eating s’mores, had lots of adventures and hid in the ferns, making bread, orienteering, making crafts, exploring Burford Woods and making friends…… Which was your favourite?

Archery club

Yesterday, we started a morning archery club.  We learnt how to set up and use the equipment safely, as well as body position when firing the arrows.  All of us fired some great shots and were already getting high scores.  We have a few spaces left in the club, if you would like to join […]

Geography – Where we live!

This half term we are looking at where we live.  We first looked on Google maps and identified the village and its key features.  We labelled them on a map, worked out what symbols we use on a map.  Then we created our own map of the village and used the bee-bots to travel between […]

Ashmansworthy Forest School 20/09

Today was an amazing session they have all remembered the names of the trees we have in a school forest school area and we had fun once again in the mud kitchen. We’ve started to build a Hazel bender den, where they had to work in teams to find the best wood to cut and […]

OK or not OK?

The children explained what they mean by a positive, healthy relationship. They came up with lots of good ideas and had a lively discussion.  What would you add?

Stroxworthy Tennis

Today’s tennis lesson was all about accuracy, throwing and catching and then with using a racket. The whole class worked brilliantly in teams.  To

Art Day!

Today we had a whole school art day.  Here we are contributing to a butterfly display.  We also decorated our door with the saying ‘Jump in and have fun!’.

Art Day – Stroxworthy

Today was our wonderful art day. We have created a fantastic display based around the quote ‘Why fit in when you were born to stand out’, you can see it on our classroom door (back). We have also contributed to the whole school community art project. We finished our day by decorating butterflies which will […]

Having fun in Forest School

Alinstone class had an amazing afternoon in the sunshine working together.  Some chose to build dens, make mud masks, transporting water, making a banana bird feeder, doing some woodland management, weaving, helping with the bug hotel or making a hammock.  Ask them which ones they enjoyed doing?  

Filming techniques

Today in Alminstone, we have been learning about filming.  Using ipads we explored a variety of filming techniques including: close up, mid range, long shot, side by side, moving subject, high and low angles.  With this knowledge, we will be able to create our own films over the next few weeks using a range of […]

Our Curiosity Cube!

In our classroom we have a Curiosity Cube and it does amazing things to promote questioning and wonder.  Some weeks I find random things in the supermarket and other weeks it is closest linked to our topic or key learning. Our Curiosity Cube this week…

Stroxworthy Tennis with Julie.

Since the start of term we have had some wonderful training with Julie from ARC tennis centre. We concentrated during our first week on throwing and controlling the ball. Then we tried hitting and catching over the net. Our second week we practised various ball skills, finishing the session with a tricky game of rolling […]

Stroxworthy Science

This week we have started our new topic investigating ‘What is light?’. Today we tried to answer the question carrying out different experiments. Using an upturned card board box with items underneath, we made some holes and then looked in the box to see what we could see. We then added more and more holes […]

Human machines

We looked at strategies for working on a collaborative task.  We role played as human machines.  Can you guess some of the things we did?   (Make a cup of tea, with milk, wash and smooth some bed sheets, toast some bread, spread it with butter and cut into pieces, to name a few)  

Ashmansworthy Forest School

Ashmansworthy enjoyed the first Forest School session of the term. We focused on working together to solve problems creatively, but we also helped with transplanting strawberries, lopping and hedge laying. We loved the mud kitchen!

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