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Creating art with natural Dyes

This week we explored different natural dyes. They found it exciting to be using dye made of onion skins, beetroot and turmeric.

SCARF- All about me.

Helen came into school to talk to Cranford all about me, the children learned about body parts, looking after ourselves and having help from our adults.

Tractor and trailer

Outside construction started with building a tractor and trailer then developed into a bus and wherever their imagination took them.

Natural dyes

Today we explored using natural dyes and how we can make them from natural things that we grow at school.

Natural dyes

We explored natural dyes today with beetroot from our poly and onion skins from the school kitchen. Now they have to wait to see what happen to our creations next week.

Autumn Storms

Storm Agnes arrived perfectly for our PE lesson today. The children made kites and took them for a good run around the field. Amazing fun!

Matching in Maths

In maths we are able to match by size, colour or objects. We enjoyed matching animal pictures during carpet time.

Amazing Autumn

We have introduced some Autumn resources and colours to different areas of continuous provision which has been inspired by the children’s interest in this season. The photos show our playdough hedgehog making, using different utensils to paint leaves and our Curiosity Cube.

Our trip to the new library

We went to the new library in Bideford. We caught the 319 in. Katie read us some stories. We had a look around then visited the park for lunch. We had a fantastic time!

Thaumatrope toy

Today we made a toy from the past. We span the two pieces of string and when we let go the bird went in the cage.

Stroxworthy Maths. Rounding numbers.

Today we played a game to round various number to the nearest 10 or 100. . Some of us were challenged further by rounding to the nearest 1000.

Healthy eating

As part of our topic ‘all about me’ we had the Asda man into school today to visit Cranford class and Sunflowers. We got to taste different fruits and learnt that we must eat 7 pieces of fruit and veg a day.

Ashmansworthy science

The looks of concentration say it all! We created simple circuits with working bulbs, buzzers and motors. We learnt that circuits need to be complete for components to work.

Story telling in the wind

Autumn equinox celebrations

This week it is autumn  equinox and we talked about the history and origins and how they would celebrate the holiday with bonfires, food, dan ing and story telling. We had tin can soup and discussed how you can make something healthy and delicious even with canned food. We talked about harvest festival and giving […]

Snake eggs!!!

Today someone bought in some snake egs which was really exciting. We explored story telling. They split into some groups and had to create their own story about a woodland animal. We also discussed the season changing and how harvest is coming up and its autumn equinox at the weekend and how they used to […]

Food chains

We had a game of scavanger hunt and then discussed a different game of Prey and predator. Today we talked about food chains and what animal would be prey and what would be a predator. So they decided on fox and bunnies. We then had a game where the prey had to go and hide […]

Devon Wildlife Trust

The year two and three’s have been lucky to have a visit from the Devon Wildlife Trust. Lastvyear they started a project that’s called ‘saving devons treescape’ we started the project last year buy gather seeds and processing them for the winter and then come the spring we planted them. We have been lucky to […]

 we continued our wood cookie cutting andearnt how to work as a team to get the task done quicker.

Our Autumn walk

Today we went on an Autumn walk around ‘muddy lane’. We saw sheep grazing, cows a very long way away, a tractor cutting a hedge, a tractor going down the road, lots and lots of muddy puddles and lots of signs of Autumn. The best part was that the sun shone for us!

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