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Alminstone PE 3.2.23

This week Alminstone increased the difficulty of the warm up by added in gears for an instruction rather than me just saying ‘jog, jump’ etc, this meant they were developing their cognitive learning aswell as their physical side of the activity. We talked about the importance of warming up before exercise.Some of the children’s responses. […]

Ashmansworthy swimming 3.2.23

It’s so lovely to see all of Ashmansworthy class progressing so much with their swimming lessons each week. This week aswell as perfecting particular strokes, alot of the children were taken out of their comfort zone. Some of the children swam for the first time without a pool noodle/woggle & some were jumping in from […]

Girls Football tournament

Well done to all the girls who played in the Girls football tournament at Kingsley yesterday. Due to the teacher strikes some teams were unable to come. Our U9 team played against St Helen’s twice drawing the first game 0-0 and winning the second 2-1.   Our U11 team were undefeated beating Hartland 4-0 and […]

New Resources

We are always looking for new and exciting resources to improve and update continuous provision. It is exciting to see the foundations for our sand pit. Cranford Class have the benefit of two tablets which can be used by the Class to scan book QR Codes so they can listen to and enjoy books independently. […]


Ashmansworthy thoroughly enjoyed their swimming lessons today and are doing incredibly well. Quite a lot of the children have managed to over come some fears over the last few weeks, whether that’s swimming on their back, jumping in, putting their face in the water and being out of their depth or comfort zone. Ms Richardson […]

Inside out + Scatterball PE 27.1.23

Alminstone had a new warm up and game for their real PE lesson today. Inside out was the warm up. The children took turns to go round a cone in different ways e.g. Walking, jumping, skipping etc. The class had different instructions to follow, for example ‘around the clock’ all groups moved one place around […]

Islands (scarf 27.1.23)

For this week’s scarf in Alminstone we talked about personal body space.We started the session with a game called ‘Islands’ (musical chairs but with bits of paper for islands). The class thoroughly enjoyed this game despite it becoming harder for the children to gather on one island. They got very creative and even gave other […]

Homework Update

Homework will now be set on Google Classroom. You can submit your homework in via Google Classroom, or if you prefer you can still use your green book.  To log-in to our Google Classroom, you will need your village schools email address, starting with your first name initial and surname e.g.   Thanks for […]

Forest School Reminder

Hello Alminstone, Just a reminder that Forest School will be next Thursday morning, rather than Tuesday, for next week only (2.2.23) Mrs Parkhouse

Elder pencils and paint brushes 24/01

     What a sunny afternoon. We had a great afternoon today with elder pencil and paint brush making. A tree obstacle course, which was great fun and risk analysing all at the same time. There was stick play and hot chocolates. We also continued with our paper making with denim and blending the small […]

ICE!!! 24

Alminstone had a great morning. They loved finding ice around the forest school area and looking at the different air bubbles and items that have got frozen. We also had tree climbing and working out the best way to climb through the trees to get to the end. They were amazing at analysing their own […]

Physical Play on the Playground

It is great fun spending time on the playground with a range of wheeled resources to balance, sit or ride on. We are good at taking turns to ride the two-wheeled, balance bikes and pedal bikes. These activities all help to develop our body strength.

Popcorn amd fire. 22/01

Celebrating Chinese New year. Cranford were super busy today, making art, dens, hanging like sloths, also having popcorn and fire.

Our Secret Garden

Thank you to our Forest School Leader, Louise Grout and Finley from Alminstone Class for our lovely new, secret garden.  This area will help us understand the world and help us to understand the need to respect and care for the natural environment and all living things. We enjoyed exploring our new bug house and […]

Ashmansworthy Swimming

Ashmansworthy had a great swimming session on Friday.  Thankfully the coach turned up at the right time this week.  The children were assessed at their swimming and then placed into groups that they will work in until Easter.

Friend or acquaintance? 20.1.23

Today in scarf we considered different types of relationships we can have other people and whether someone is a friend or acquaintance. The class listened to a story sheet “Umar helps Henry.” We had lots of discussions about how Umar is being a good friend to Henry and how he helps him overcome his fears/anxieties. […]

20.1.23 Throlf part 3

Today was our third lesson for throlf. The children were really challenging themselves  by making harder courses, using their non-dominant hand/foot to throw or to strike the ball and making the courses further away. They were all very creative and imaginative in creating their holes/courses. They seemed to all really enjoy themselves with a review […]

Science making blood

Ashmansworthy class had great fun trying to make blood for our science lesson (Animals including humans circulatory and digestive system). We talked about the different components that make up blood (plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets) and what materials could be used to represent these eg red counters, cubes, white pom poms […]

Playing to Learn

It has been lovely to see Sunflowers and Cranford playing to learn this week. We have had great fun making imaginative and detailed small world buildings using wooden blocks and animals.

1st Aid 10/01

In today’s forest school session we explored forest school injuries and how we would call for help if something ever happened. They loved exploring different scenarios and how they would help the person injured. We also started making paper put of denim. We also played a civil war game on the field with sticks and […]

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