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Year 2 Tag Rugby

Yesterday, two teams from the VSP took part in a tag rugby competition at St Mary’s School. There were 6 teams who played. This was the first time many of the children played a competitive sport against other schools. Well done to all of you who did really well following the rules and scoring some […]

Ladder making

Today was our first forest school session of the summer, we had so much fun making a ladder to cross. We were also lucky to have a visit from Jack from Birch farm to help with our growing project. We started the session off with some grounding then they broke off into small groups some […]

Campfire s’mores and pizza in the rain

Today we were ment to go to Burford instead we had cooking fun in our school forest area. The children had fun grating cheese and spreading sauce to make their own pizzas. But s’mores still come out on top for favourite snack in the woods.

Burford woods.

Today Cranford went to Burford woods for the day. We started by sitting around the fire circle and talked about the forest school rules, then went off to explore. We were set some challenges, one was to get through the spiders web without getting trapped another was to build a den working as a team. […]

Burford woods fun summer 2024

We had a great day in the woods surviving crocodile infested waters, poison ivy webs and surving without water. They also had to explore and find a missing person with their orienterring skills . We then cooked damper bread, s’mores and campfire pizza.

Burford wood summer 2024

We had a great day exploring, playing, storytelling, problem solving, crafting and so much more in the woods today. They enjoyed s’mores and hit chocolate too.

Football ⚽️ success

A huge congratulations to the Year 6 Woolsery team who won 11 – 4 against Appledore after school. A superb team performance led to some excellent passing and movement from the players resulting in a resounding win. Wonderful defending by Harry, Alfred and Leo along with incredible goalkeeping from Xavier kept the Appledore attack at […]

(4) Little Wandle Love of Reading : Would you Rather ……..

In order to bring the language alive Sunflowers had to decide Would you rather be.………

Pentecostal bunting.

This term Ashmansworthy class and Alminstone class have been considering “when Jesus left, what was the impact of Pentecost?” To bring this unit to a close both classes designed and created bunting to reflect the celebration of Pentecost for Christians, the end of the Easter season. These are beautiful and can be seen hung in […]

Bug gallery

The ugly bug ball

We celebrated learning about mini beast today by dressing up as our favourite one. We had a party. At the party we played bug bumps, stingy bee, musical bugs, had food and did some dancing.

Move your body.

In SCARF today we learnt about why do we need to exercise? To keep strong, help our muscles and bones to get stronger, strengthen our heart, which is made of muscle, feel happier and have fun. We practiced some moves and then moved to the story “ The animal bop”

(3) Little Wandle Love of Reading : Would You Rather ……….

Sunflowers enjoyed listening to and then learning the words to the poem “Big Green Crocodile”. They also put actions to the words. Sunflowers recited and performed the poem in front of Cranford Class – Sunflowers you were amazing! In order to explore the sensory aspect of this story book, Sunflowers were shown the different musical […]

Playing to Learn

In continuous provision we have enjoyed lots of bug and insect themed activities. On our new art table in the Welly Garden, we have used transient art to decorate butterflies. By using loose parts, the children can explore shape, space, pattern and texture..

Releasing the butterflies

Today the butterflies were ready to release. They have spent a few days in the enclosure to feed and dry their wings. Today because it was a warm/dry day we were able to set them free.

Bees and pollination.

In Science today we did an experiment to learn how a bee helps with pollination of flowers. As a bee moves from one flower to another it moves the pollen between flowers. 1.We had some pictures of flowers with cheesy puffs on them, the children had a bee puppet and had to fly from flower […]

(2) Little Wandle Love of Reading – Would you Rather …….

Sunflowers enjoyed being provided with soft toys and props included in the story to help them make a decision and act out their choices. Would you rather ….

New species.

In history we have been learning about Sir David Attenborough, today we looked at some of the animals that were named after him because he discovered them. We had a go at drawing them too.

(1) Little Wandle Love of Reading. Would you Rather ……….

We have enjoyed learning the ‘action’ words and nouns from the book Would you Rather and deciding what we would choose. We then discussed our choice. We talked about the word ‘desert’ and ‘supermarket’. Sunflowers were invited to create a sentence using the noun. They thought of some amazing sentences using these words:- “Olivia says […]

We made a worm hotel.

In Science today we made a hotel for worms called a “ Wormery” We had to get a jar and layer it with soil then sand until it was nearly full. Then we went to the field to dig for some big juicy worms we put two worms in the top and gave them some […]

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