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Easter visit to the Church

The whole school visited Buckland Brewer Chapel and Chapel to hear about the story of Easter starting from Palm Sunday to Good Friday. The children went into groups and experienced a variety of activities linked to Easter with an Easter egg hunt at the end.  Thank you for everyone involved and our candle now has […]


A huge well done to all the year 5s and 6s who took part and completed the Bikeability course over the last couple of days. Starting on the playground demonstrating your skills before progressing onto the roads to learn about how to ride on the roads safely using the correct hand signals and where to […]

Water resistance

In science yesterday, we explored which shapes resulted in less water resistance when sinking in a container. We moulded plasticine into different shapes and timed how long it took to sink to the bottom. We timed it three times and took an average before analysing our results. We found that flat round shapes took longer […]

Gymnastics in a different hall with different equipment

On Tuesday afternoon, we went over to Parkham and used Allardice Hall for a final gymnastics lesson of the topic. Using the skills learnt in out floor work, we transferred these skills onto wall bars and challenged ourselves to try new things. We thought about the 5 gymnastic shapes and tried to use them on […]

Buckland Brewer World Book Day

Buckland Brewer whole school (even Mrs Kersey) wrapped a book, thought of some clues and brought some props.   Gorwood photos to follow…… Can you guess our books?

Force metres and friction

Today in science we investigated friction. Using force metres to measure the amount of friction created, we explored which surfaces created the most and least friction by dragging a kilogram weight across different surfaces to find out. We found that sandpaper, carpet and bubble wrap created the most friction whilst paper and cardboard created the […]

Animal fact files

In geography, we have been learning about mountain life with a focus on the Rocky Mountains in North America. We have researched animals that live in the Rocky Mountains and focused on appearance, diet and behaviour. The children have created these fantastic fact files. They have taken great pride in their content and presentation and […]

Music lesson

We had our first samba lesson with Mr Hamilton this week. The children enjoyed learning about samba and all the different instruments. They then had a go at playing which meant different children playing different rhythms and keeping in time. We were very impressed. You can see the concentration in these photos!

Gravity and craters

In science this afternoon, we looked at the force of gravity. We found out that objects have weight on Earth because gravity pulls them down. We also discovered that regardless of size or shape if two objects are dropped at the same time, from the same height they will hit the ground simultaneously. In our […]

James Dyson Foundation

This morning, we had a virtual meeting with a representative from the James Dyson Foundation. The children enjoyed finding out how Sir James Dyson invented the bagless vacuum cleaner. We found out details of how an invention goes from an idea stage to a prototype, then testing and making. The children were able to ask […]

Sketching skills

We have been practicing our sketching skills and created some prompt cards we can look back at for different ways to make marks including hatching, spots and large strokes. We used some of these skills to add detail to a landscape picture of the Rocky Mountains. We will add water colour to these in our […]

Sports hall Athletics

Well done to our year 6 athletes who competed in the Sports Hall athletics at Kingsley School. They demonstrated excellent determination, teamwork and support for each other and their competitors throughout the morning. All 12 children showed great athletic ability in the long jump, vertical jump, chest push, speed bounce and relay runs and performed […]

Panto Pandemonium

Huge congratulations to the children from Buckland Brewer School who presented Panto Pandemonium in the Village Hall today. It was an awesome show! Here are some of the photos (click on images to enlarge)


This week in science, Gorwood class have been looking at shadows. We thought about transparent, translucent and opaque objects and predicted whether the size of a shadow will increase or decrease depending on how close the object was to the light source.  We found that the closer to the light source the object was, the […]

Sports Leaders training

This morning, the year 6 Buckland Brewer children came over to join the Parkham year 6s to do some Sports Leader training. The session involved playing lots of games whilst learning about self belief, communication, teamwork and leadership. From Monday, they will work together at lunchtimes and run different activities and games for the younger […]


In science this week, we looked at how light refracts when it passes through different mediums. As light passes through water it slows down  compared to when it travels through air. When you place a pencil ✏️ in a glass of water it looks like the pencil bends due to the rays of light changing […]

Partner work in Real Gym

This morning, Gorwood class developed their social skills working on partner balances in gymnastics. By discussing each balance and earning the trust of their partner they successfully achieved some very challenging balances demonstrating great strength as well as balance. Well done to you all. Next week, we will try even more challenging balances and discuss […]

Lunchtime football ⚽️ club

On Tuesday lunchtimes, Tythecott and Gorwood classes have enjoyed football club. We have been learning passing, shooting and dribbling including different types of turn. We have applied all our skills to play games at the end of each session.

Tag rugby

Over the half term, Gorwood class have been learning about attacking and defending in tag rugby. We have learnt about the side pass, pop pass and gut pass along with the importance of dodging as well as supporting a team mate who is running for the try line. In addition, we have learnt the rules […]

Electrical knowledge

In science this week, Gorwood have applied the knowledge they have learnt to make pressure pads to sound a buzzer. Using foil, cardboard, tape and foam along with a battery, wires and a buzzer, each group created a pressure pad to sound a buzzer using the foil to conduct the electricity and complete the circuit […]

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