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Soup and story telling

Today we explored storytelling and made tin can soup. They learnt that when we work together and share amazing things can happen. Some also finished off their dye work from last week.

Buckland Brewer Harvest Festival

  Today we went to the church for our Harvest Festival and we braved the rain on the way back but had a wonderful celebration.  Lovely to receive so many donations of food for the Bideford Harbour Foodbank Charity and to share this with so many parents.   Well done to all the children and for […]

Forest school names on our wood cookies

This week we finished of our wood cookies and had a game of prey and predator and also learnt some more of the songs on the boomwhackers.

Electrical problems

This afternoon, Gorwood class used different electrical components to investigate how to make a circuit work. Using wires, cells, bulbs, buzzers and switches we tried to get our circuits to work. We learnt that it must be a complete circuit with no breaks to allow the electricity to flow. As well as creating circuits that […]

Introducing our new topic

Yesterday, the children were introduced to our new topic which looks at how life has changed since the industrial revolution. We first watched a clip from the 2012 olympic opening ceremony which focused on the industrial revolution. We then looked at different aspects of Victorian life including communication (making a string telephone), engineering (building a […]


On Thursday 7th, Gorwood had a go at fencing. They started with a warm up by running around then stopping as still as possible to practice balancing. They then learnt about the stance and how to hold the foil. Following this they learnt how to move forward, lunge and parry. They practised these skills before […]

Sunny chilled first session.

We had lots of fun today with making music and learning how to use a bow saw to make wood cookies.

Year 6 Wake Park Treat July 23

We had an amazing day at the Wake Park: the weather was kind and the activities were awesome! What a fabulous way to celebrate the end of primary school for Year 6!

DT Baking session

This morning, Gorwood class had a go at making Devonshire cut rounds as part of our DT project. We followed a recipe and the children added their own personal touch with ingredients like cheese, pesto and herbs. The children had a great time baking and enjoyed eating the finished product.

Tent building and peg whittling

Today was so much fun exploring how to work as a team to build a tent. They also worked on their resilience and worked on whittling tent pegs. I also got taught how to use Google lens to find out what we found inside a stick.

Somerset vs Hampshire

Today, children from across the partnership travelled to Taunton to watch a professional cricket match. There was some cricket until lunch with Somerset losing four wickets. During this time the children had their faces painted and tried out some of their own cricketing skills with bowling and throwing at different targets. At lunchtime, Mr Marks […]

Fire lighting

Today Gorwood learnt how to light a fire with a flint and steel. They were all.then saying they were hungry so we were lucky to be spontaneous and cook some campfire apples. Some also played prey and predator again, and some finished off their lanterns from a fee weeks ago. I was so proud of […]

Mini beasts classification

In our science lesson today, we used posters to catch and collect different mini beasts. Searching in the bark of trees, under rocks and logs we found many different creepy crawlies. We took them back to the classroom and using magnifying glasses and classification keys identified what we had found. We found millipedes, worms, spiders, […]

Cricket in the rain

This morning, Gorwood class were on the field in the drizzle having their PE lesson with a local cricket coach. During the session, the children were encouraged to communicate and be supportive of the whole group along with great games to learn cricketing skills. The children played some fantastic shots into space as well as […]

Gorwood trip to Westward Ho!

On Friday, Gorwood joined Goldworthy from Parkham on a trip to Westward Ho! which linked with our geography learning. We spent time looking at human and physical features which attract tourists to the area like the beach, sea pool and the haunted house and we also looked at where the Westward Ho! railway went. The […]

Netball friendly

After school, Buckland Brewer played their first netball match against St Helens. It was their first time playing with netball hoops having practised using basketball hoops with backboards and on a court half the size. As the game went on they gained in confidence and dominated the last quarter scoring a great goal. Well done […]

A great first sunny session

Gorwood loved today’s session with finger painting for fathers day pictures and then we explored ways to build a den. They also lived playing blind fetch.

Swimming Gala at Northam Pool

Today the Village Schools Partnership took a team of swimmers to a gala at Northam Pool. For many, this was their first experience in a competitive swimming race. They demonstrated great determination and resilience as they competed in their races with very little rest in between races. One swimmer lost her hat and her goggles […]

Science Fair

Gorwood class had an amazing science week which culminated in our Science Fair on Friday afternoon. The children put a fantastic amount of effort into their presentations and we had some interesting displays including elephant’s toothpaste and an investigatio into air pressure. We had 2 sets of winners – Ella and Maisie who focused on […]

Science week – Paper boats and slime

Today, Gorwood class investigated which paper boat would hold the most weight. Using the same design to create each boat they used 5 different materials – printing paper, tracing paper, card, glossy paper and sugar paper. To ensure the results showed no anomalies, we made all 5 boats and work in groups of three and […]

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