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World Book Day in Ashmansworthy

We thoroughly enjoyed playing Guess The Book on World Book Day – there were so many good recommendations!

Really Wild Learning in Ashmansworthy

We had a fantastic time with Kim from Really Wild Learning. We learnt lots of new information about reptiles and we were proud of the way that several people overcame their nervousness to hold Mr Mango and his friends!

Football vs Hartland in the pouring rain ☔️

Yesterday after school, we played two football matches against Hartland in the pouring rain. In the first match, the boys gave a fantastic team performance, all playing really well and working hard for each other. With two goals from Cobain, one from Aaron and another from Alfie, Woolsery ended up winning 4-2.   In the […]

Mr Davies’ challenge and passing skills

Yesterday, Ashmansworthy dodged the rain and went into the hall working together to try and run as teams to achieve the equivalent of twenty laps of the playground (Mr Davies’ marathon challenge). Well done to all of you showing incredible determination along with super support for one another. Following the challenge we practised our passing […]

Percussion tubes

In music yesterday, we had great fun playing  percussion tubes. At the start of the lesson we repeated different rhythms to develop our listening skills and timing. We then enjoyed different games to improve our playing. At the end of the session we learnt different parts to the song Iko Iko and then played them […]

Cooking campfire pizza

It was our last session for the spring term. We finished of with damper bread, s’mores and campfire pizzas. Everyone had fun and were so excited to be part of Shelley’s first s’more experience!!!!

Birch farm trip

We had a great time today at Birch farm. The children got to learnt how to start the process of planning at syntropics. They were all excited after measuring out the beds where the plants will go they learnt from this they can work out the volume of mulch they would need. They then talked […]

Hunting for clues and forest school archery

This week the class had fun in the wind with a hunt around the outside for clues then ended with an archery challenge was made difficult by the wind.

Natural art

Sports hall Athletics

Well done to our year 6 athletes who competed in the Sports Hall athletics at Kingsley School. They demonstrated excellent determination, teamwork and support for each other and their competitors throughout the morning. All 12 children showed great athletic ability in the long jump, vertical jump, chest push, speed bounce and relay runs and performed […]

First session of term.

We had a very chilly first session but we warmed up with hot chocolate or hot blackcurrant. We had fun exploring ways to work out how old a tree is and the height. They then found ice that had frozen in all the mud kitchen pans. 

Ashmansworthy gymnastics

We’ve been working on core strength and partner balances in PE this term. There has been some brilliant collaboration! We’ve also enjoyed working on the apparatus and creating sequences.

Bikeability Groups B and C

Today, groups B and C started their Bikeability courses. They did their best to dodge the bad weather throughout the day, practising on the playground in the morning and then onto the roads this afternoon. They all enjoyed the activities despite the weather.

Ashmansworthy DT project, October 23

We had a very successful day making moving toys with cams for our DT project. The designs were inspired by the mechanicals in Cogheart.

Different way to light fires 2/10

This forest school session was all about how to be safe with fire lighting. We also explored different tinders, best wood to burn, fire laying and different methods of lighting. They had fun and showed some real determination  to light with some methods.

Ashmansworthy Tag rugby competition

Today in PE, Ashmansworthy learnt about a new rule in tag rugby. The rule states that you have 5 attempts to score a try, when your team is tagged a sixth time, the ball is turned over to the other team. Congratulations to the red team for fantastic teamwork, sportsmanship and great play. Well done […]

Burford woods in the Autumn ’23

We had an amazing day today doing various activities such as scavenger hunt, stretcher obstacle course, and crafting with pine pitch glue.

Creating art with natural Dyes

This week we explored different natural dyes. They found it exciting to be using dye made of onion skins, beetroot and turmeric.

Ashmansworthy science

The looks of concentration say it all! We created simple circuits with working bulbs, buzzers and motors. We learnt that circuits need to be complete for components to work.

Autumn equinox celebrations

This week it is autumn  equinox and we talked about the history and origins and how they would celebrate the holiday with bonfires, food, dan ing and story telling. We had tin can soup and discussed how you can make something healthy and delicious even with canned food. We talked about harvest festival and giving […]

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