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Real Gym

Yesterday, Goldworthy class showed great trust, balance and strength in their partner work. They demonstrated good communication discussing how they would perform each balance safely thinking about body tension and shape.

Archery Club at Parkham

This morning before school, was the first session for the amazing archers at Parkham. We learnt how to stand, hold the bow, set the arrows and how to shoot. We all helped each other and got better and better as the session went on. The highest score with 3 arrows was 16. This will be […]

Parkham whole school PE/games

Today, we couldn’t go on the playground because of all the ice, but we needed to run around. After lunch we were kindly offered the use of Allardyce Hall to use for a PE and fun games lesson. We were split into four teams and showed great teamwork and sportsmanship as we competed in a […]

Indoor Athletics

All of the Village Schools joined together this morning for an indoor athletics competition at Atlantic Academy. The children were split into seven teams and took part in 7 field events and ended with a team relay race. The seven field events were the vertical jump, weighted ball throw, standing long jump, speed bounce, standing […]

Exploring the digestive system

Children in Goldworthy conducted an experiment which showed the human digestive system… we learnt a new word~ churned 😁

Life Education Visit

Goldworthy Class had a visit today from Helen, who delivers PSHE lessons for Life Education (as part of our SCARF programme in school)… We learnt about what contributes to our physical and mental health and what we can do to improve our wellbeing. We were told a story about Chris and Tyler and learnt about […]

Goldworthy forest school session 19/10

So sad it was our last session today for this term. Goldworthy have come on so far. They are so kind, creative, resilient, and I know there is so much more to come from our forest school sessions. Today they’re mud kitchen ‘taco bell’ has been christened and we had Veggie chillie and Tacos round […]

Stephen Shield Cross Country

The Village Schools Partnership team were incredible at the Stephen Shield Cross Country at Torrington, showing great determination, self-belief and teamwork. Running a very muddy course, the years 3s and 4s ran an undulating 1.5km and the year 5s and 6s a challenging 2.2km.  All the children showed great sportsmanship cheering all the runners.  Well […]

Goldworthy forest school 12/10

8A very wet and muddy session. We had a great afternoon, with the kitchen still being built with new pots and Pans added to it, we had charcoal painting going on, a shed being moved and lots of clearing and sorting. They have worked really hard to take ownership of this little area and they […]

Goldworthy forest school 5/10

Today was the sunshine did come out eventually for us. The children  were very productive today and resourceful. We had a group working on the mud kitchen. We had children using bill hooks and mallets chopping down the wood to make kindling for our camp fire. We had a group of children who were using […]

Goldworthy forest school 28/09

Wow what an amazing afternoon. As usual the sun did come out for us! But there was some rain at the end of our session. They were so amazing and so resilient working and playing in the rain. Today we’ve been looking at staying warm and dry with the survival shelters it then escalated into […]

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