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Mr Davies’ challenge and passing skills

Yesterday, Ashmansworthy dodged the rain and went into the hall working together to try and run as teams to achieve the equivalent of twenty laps of the playground (Mr Davies’ marathon challenge). Well done to all of you showing incredible determination along with super support for one another. Following the challenge we practised our passing […]

Gravity and craters

In science this afternoon, we looked at the force of gravity. We found out that objects have weight on Earth because gravity pulls them down. We also discovered that regardless of size or shape if two objects are dropped at the same time, from the same height they will hit the ground simultaneously. In our […]

Percussion tubes

In music yesterday, we had great fun playing  percussion tubes. At the start of the lesson we repeated different rhythms to develop our listening skills and timing. We then enjoyed different games to improve our playing. At the end of the session we learnt different parts to the song Iko Iko and then played them […]

Multisports at Atlantic Academy

Today, all the children from the Village Schools Partnership in years 4, 5 and 6 came together for a Multisports event at Atlantic Academy.  We were split into year groups working alongside children from the other schools, taking part in a range of fun activities.  These included tennis, basketball, cricket, agility, dodgeball, hockey and tag. […]

Internet Safety Day

In Gorwood class this afternoon, we have been looking at the development of technology and how we can stay safe in the online world. We thought about what tech will be like in the next 20 years. Our ideas included a phone that hovers so you don’t have to hold it along with FaceTime that […]

Year 3/4 ARC tennis 🎾 competition

Well done to all our players at the ARC tennis competition today. Mrs Barnes took 12 players from our schools (4 from each) to enter 3 teams in the tournament. There was some excellent play by all of you and super sportsmanship demonstrated too. A huge thank you to ARC for organising the fantastic event.

Girls Year 5/6 football tournament

This morning, we took two teams to the Year 5/6 football tournament hosted by Kingsley. There were seven teams playing in a league with the top two qualifying for the North Devon Final. It was a wonderful event and all the girls played some excellent football, showing great togetherness and wonderful skill. The Village Schools […]

Archery Club Buckland Brewer

We had two more archers join this week to test out and improve their archery skills. Well done to all of you. You will be ready for the upcoming family group archery competition when it starts. There are more places available for any pupils who want to join us Tuesday mornings at the village hall, […]

Archery Club

Another fantastic turn out for morning archery club. Well done to the girls group who won for the second week running. All good practice for the upcoming family group archery competition.

Lunchtime Fitness Club

Despite the cold yesterday lunchtime, we had a good turnout for some children and staff who wanted to improve their fitness. They were tasked with a range of exercises including press ups, squat thrusts, shuttle run, step ups, star jumps and tricep dips. Well done for all you hard work. See you next week.

Football ⚽️ friendly

After school, the VSP had two friendly matches against St Helens. The first saw Woolsery year 6 boys narrowly losing a close game 5-3 after a great performance.  Well done to all the players who showed excellent team spirit, determination and amazing skill including two goals from Cobain and one from Alfie. In the second […]

Real Gym

In Foxdown this week, we have been developing our physical skills and learning how to take off and land with control and thinking about our body position during flight.

Sports hall Athletics

Well done to our year 6 athletes who competed in the Sports Hall athletics at Kingsley School. They demonstrated excellent determination, teamwork and support for each other and their competitors throughout the morning. All 12 children showed great athletic ability in the long jump, vertical jump, chest push, speed bounce and relay runs and performed […]

Intra class competition

In Alminstone, we have been learning about attacking and defending as well as positioning in hockey. Over the last few weeks we have developed our dribbling, passing and shooting skills along with how to defend and attack in a game. We ended our learning with a intra class competition with the red team winning having […]

Real Gym with large apparatus

Yesterday, in Real Gym the year 3s had time and space to really develop their gymnastics skills. They challenged themselves, worked together and helped each other improve through encouragement and giving ideas to help improve performance. Focusing on the 5 main gymnastic shapes (tuck, star, straddle, pike and straight), they all show great strength, balance […]

Real Gym

During Real Gym this week, we were thinking about how we can use the 5 gymnastic shapes (straddle, pike, tuck, straight and star) to create movements and sequences in rhythmic gymnastics. We focused the session on developing our listening and negotiating skills working with a partner to create each movement.  We discussed the challenges we […]


This week in science, Gorwood class have been looking at shadows. We thought about transparent, translucent and opaque objects and predicted whether the size of a shadow will increase or decrease depending on how close the object was to the light source.  We found that the closer to the light source the object was, the […]

Sports Leaders training

This morning, the year 6 Buckland Brewer children came over to join the Parkham year 6s to do some Sports Leader training. The session involved playing lots of games whilst learning about self belief, communication, teamwork and leadership. From Monday, they will work together at lunchtimes and run different activities and games for the younger […]


In science this week, we looked at how light refracts when it passes through different mediums. As light passes through water it slows down  compared to when it travels through air. When you place a pencil ✏️ in a glass of water it looks like the pencil bends due to the rays of light changing […]

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