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We had a great day at Burford woods. WE We  climbed trees, had nettle pesto pasta, damper bread, nettle tea. I was so impressed with the children trying something new they of course had S’mores too. We made dragon flies out of paracord. We also had a great game of what3words hide and seek.


Today Goldworthy were amazing they helped move some woodchip that we got delivered into our forest school area. They will  be getting s’mores for their first session next half term! They had fun transforming the area and they can’t wait for the next of our on going forest school area project.

Tea parties, dragon fly crafts 09/05

Today I helped more children create their dragon fly paracord buddies. They have been so amazing with learning how to do a cobra knot. They find it hard at first but then realised that they got the hang of it after some little practice. Be ause I was supporting small groups of children I asked […]

Bird crafts 10/05

This was a lovely session as they moved on from the last weeks session. They did some lovely crafts with wood cookies and recycled milk bottles. We talked about different birds in the UK and then someone found a feather son they grabbed one of the books to try and ID where the feather came […]

Crowns, wands and bows 10/05

Today we started making our bows. This was an amazing thing to see as this was the first time tools were introduced into pir sessions. They learnt how to use peelers (so now they are all safe and ready to start helping with vegetable peeling at home 😄) We also made willow crowns and wands. […]

Visit to Northam Care Trust

Today the year 5’s from Ashmansworthy were able to visit Northam Care Trust in Bideford..they had so much fun learning more about planting and growing. They also were amazing and working along side the trusts clients. We are so proud of them. They were kind, respectful and polite. They were treated to a roast dinner, […]

Paintbrush exploring and boat making

Today foxdown had fun exploring different natural item to use as paint brushes. They painted their clay discs they made last week. They also had water fun making boats and seeing what sinks or floats.

Shadow painting and spring birds.

Today orleigh spotted a black bird so we had an impromptu dance show from all the male black birds in the class to show off to the female black birds in the class. However they were very hard to impress!!!! After this we explored painting with what they could find in the forest school area. […]

Water Butt

We are very lucky to have the use of a rain water butt. This means that we can independently fetch water whilst playing to learn. This strengthens our fine and gross motor skills as we turn the tap on and off and carry the water. This also helps develop our problem solving skills by working […]

Dragonflies 02/05

An exciting day was had by everyone in burscott. I’m so proud of them some were playing tea parties, some where making dens and we started on our paracord dragonflies. They showed determination to get them done.

Zipline attempt #1 02/05

Today Alminstone were lucky to have the sunshine out this morning. Today they were very excited as they have been waiting a long time to do a zip line however it didn’t go to plan but they still explored knot learning and how to tie a zip line. We will attempt it again next week […]

Clay and shadows 26/04

Today we explored clay and talked about the difference between wild garlic and three cornered leek. Foxdown had fun exploring the clay and making flower ornaments. We also had some shadow drawing and water play. They also decided they wanted to make more ornaments so they decided to make a wooden frame and added items […]

Campfire Pizza and den building. 17/04

Today was our first session of the summer term. We had fun making dens and eating campfire cheese pizza with wild three cornered leek. We talked about our forest school agreement where we don’t pick and eat things. But they were told that they can only eat things when foraging with an adult that can […]

Natural paint brushes and oak gall ink 08/03

Today was a challenge as we had to change the way we do forest school. But tythecott were amazing and so adaptable they showed that they can adapt to any situation. They were also very creative with natural paint brushes and oak gall ink.

More dragon flies 22/03

We were doing mud kitchen cooking, captire the flag and finishing off our dragon flies. I only managed to get one photo but I think it says it all.

Cooking! 27/03

Today was exciting whilst out nettle soup was cooking we made dens and played in the mud kitchen. Some cooked damper bread to go with the soup. Unfortunately it didn’t cook in time so they will be having some in class later this week. But we did get time for bread and of course s’mores. […]

Capture the flag! 08/03

Today I introduced a game as I know too well this class can be competitive. Capture the flag wasn’t new to them but there was some serious cheating going on bit it was so fun to see them working as a team and supporting they’re team mates. Some who didn’t want to join in chose […]

Muddy sticky mud! 20/03

Well what can I say about sunflowers forest school session today! It was amazing to see them once again wanting to be creative and make more natural paint brushes. They are so kind and helpful, wanting to help me weed and get the beds ready for our plants they’ve planted in seed trays a few […]

Den building in the sunshine 14/03

We were very lucky with the weather today. Burscott were so great today with working collaboratively with each other to build team dens. I would definitely stick with this class if we were wild camping. I also had some super helpers to put the new IBC up ready for watering our plants.

Cobra knot dragon fly’s 15/03

I can’t sat how amazed and proud I am of this amazing group. Having to deal with changes to our sessions to extreme weather, they were so adaptable to today’s session. They were creative with designs for the forest school area, imaginative with bug drawing on the paper they created a few weeks back. They […]

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