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Gorwood forest school 5/10

Today was again very challenging with the weather. But if Gorwood have shown anything this term it’s perseverance in challenging situations. Today we had another dig session where they’ve found some interesting items which they’ve asked to research over the next week and are going to share with the session next week. We’ve also been […]

Ashmansworthy forest school 3/10

Today was a very productive day using all types of tools. We broke put into small groups. Group 1 were using a bill hook and mallet to make kindling for our fire session in a couple of weeks. Group 2 were making log seats for Cranford outdoors area and group 3 have been clearing and […]

Ashmansworthy forest school 27/09

Ashmansworthy had a soggy session this week. But still managed to keep busy with the bridge building challenge. Digging, painting, mud kitchen, chilling out in the hammock.

Goldworthy forest school 28/09

Wow what an amazing afternoon. As usual the sun did come out for us! But there was some rain at the end of our session. They were so amazing and so resilient working and playing in the rain. Today we’ve been looking at staying warm and dry with the survival shelters it then escalated into […]

Gorwood forest school 28/09

Gorwood have had another great morning despite the weather. They have had fun making dens, using survival shelters (some of the group definitely liked these as they worked out they could stay warm inside the tents), some were creating their own mud area for archaeological digs. They found some items so they needed to clean […]

Alminstone’s day at Burford Woods

Beautiful weather gave us a good day out. We made dens, cooked soup, played on rope swings, used fire flints, eating s’mores, had lots of adventures and hid in the ferns, making bread, orienteering, making crafts, exploring Burford Woods and making friends…… Which was your favourite?

Ashmansworthy Forest School 20/09

Today was an amazing session they have all remembered the names of the trees we have in a school forest school area and we had fun once again in the mud kitchen. We’ve started to build a Hazel bender den, where they had to work in teams to find the best wood to cut and […]

Having fun in Forest School

Alinstone class had an amazing afternoon in the sunshine working together.  Some chose to build dens, make mud masks, transporting water, making a banana bird feeder, doing some woodland management, weaving, helping with the bug hotel or making a hammock.  Ask them which ones they enjoyed doing?  

Ashmansworthy Forest School

Ashmansworthy enjoyed the first Forest School session of the term. We focused on working together to solve problems creatively, but we also helped with transplanting strawberries, lopping and hedge laying. We loved the mud kitchen!

Stroxworthy Forest School

Friday was our final forest school of this term and we were reflecting on the time we have spent in the lovely forest school area. Following some games we played together, we went on and had fun creating our own games, making dens, crafts with Kate and then had yummy snacks around the fire. We […]

Final forest school for Ashmansworthy

Ashmansworthy had a lovely final session with some of Ashmansworthy and some of Alminstone class (as the others were at Cricket)   We started with a stick balancing game with partners and then moved on to 4 different activities: rope through a tree, clay faces, clay and stick creations and finally grab the stick team […]

Burford Woods

Ashmansworthy class enjoyed Burford Woods today.  From den building to orienteering, to cooking to mud masks.  We had so much fun!

Stroxworthy Forest School

This afternoon Stroxworthy had a lovely afternoon in the Forest School area exploring with clay, playing in the mud kitchen, deconstructing some pallets, den building and planting.

Stroxworthy Art

This morning we spent some time on the field to start our field sketching. We imagined a frame using our hands and then begun to sketch using our skills we have learned. Thank you to Mrs Coles for her instruction and expertise.

Map designing

Ashmansworthy class started their session with a quick game and ended with 2 different games.  Ask your child which was their favourite……………..tree, 40:40 or sardines. We then linked in with geography and maths to look at designing our own map of the school’s grounds.  We aim to complete our maps with grid references to provide […]

Stroxworthy 1st July trip to Burford Woods

Well what a fantastic day we had. From building dens to playing in the mud, from making crafts to eating fruit kebabs, from swinging on a swing, climbing trees to drinking hot chocolate. The children had so much fun they were rather worn out in the end.  

Burford Woods

Cranford and Burscott classes had a great trip out to Burford Woods on Monday. Here are some of the photos.

Stroxworthy Forest School

Today we did clove hitch, timber hitch and reef knot. We made God’s eyes with sticks and wool weaving, mud kitchen which they were excited about as we were unable to do this last week because of the heat! 

Forest school

Meet the apple club, some of the boys hanging out eating snack together, the children have enjoyed climbing, the mud kitchen, the hammock, and making flags for our next adventure using leaves, flowers and banging them with a hammer between fabric to leave an imprint.   in

Outdoor Learning Day

As part of Outdoor Learning Day, Stroxworthy combined their Geography and Art skills by starting their field sketches. They used the beautiful views on our doorstep to try out the sketching skills we have been practising.

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