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Science in the Poly

Today we were planting and the children were discussing what makes plants grow. This led to a further discussion about what would happen if we gave plants different liquids. So they all decided to do an experiment with lettuce seeds. They broke off into four groups and each group have a different liquid to water […]

Spring time planting.

Today we were lucky to have Jack from Birch Farm come for a visit at school today. He helped the class plant up some beds with different vegetable like turnips, radishes and spinach. He discussed with the children what plants needs to grow, showed them how to sow, plant and water the seeds. He will […]

S’mores and more

We had fun this week with our last session for the term. Sunflowers and Cranford were awesome and respected the fire. We talked about fire safety and how to behave safely around fire so that we can still enjoy it. They all.had fun cooking marshmallows and eating them. They also shared their craft skills helping […]

Cooking in forest school.

This week was our last session if forest school for a bit. Almonstone had fun in the mud kitchen, cooking Easter damper bread and pizzas with three cornered leek in them and of course s’mores. They worked on some craft as well helping each other with different tasks. We were so lucky with the weather […]

Last session of the year.

The year two’s had a great last session today with cooking campfire pizza, Easter damper bread and of course s’mores. They all showed team work working together together the cooking done. They also showed some great sharing skills helping each other overcome some problem solving. Lastly what amazing resilience with the weather what a difference […]

Our edible woods

This week has been super exciting. After a lot of hard work and planning me and some children have been able to plant our first three beds in our synstropic system. Today we have had help from Jack and Josh from Birch farm with the planting, planning and donations of a lot of trees and […]

Little people came to visit

Little people had come into the Forest School area and left a surprise for Tythecott class.  Using our gift we made friendship bracelets with our partner.  As a reward to the little people we made them some shelters (including swimming pools and swings!)  After a quick game of one breath dragon game we gathered daisies […]

Northam caretrust visit

On Friday a small group of children went to Northam caretrust in Bideford they had a lot of fun replanting daffodils and digging a flat area for there nee shed for their gardening tools. We had a lovely lunch and then enjoyed a chilled out time in their sensory room. We were lucky to have […]

Charcoal pencils

Tythecott class learnt how to use charcoal to make charcoal pencils to write with.  We improved our knot skills and kept warm with hot chocolate.  Ask them what their favourite part of the afternoon was…..

So far in forest school

This half term so far we have planted seeds in egg shells, made bug hotels and cut wood with a saw and learnt about plants and planting seeds for out polytunnel.

Planting trees at the church

Last week we were asked vy the churchbto go help plant some apple trees at the front of the church. It was wet and windy but they all enjoyed themselves being part of something that’s going to last for years.

So far this half term we have made some leave in the stule of stained glass, cut wood and made mini bug hotels and made fossils with dinosaurs. We have also had a few games of capture the flag, stuck in mud and eagle eyes. They have worked so well together exploring different ways to […]

Today we planted our orchard with trees from The Tree Council. Some very excited children can’t wait to have fruit from them and make jam or crumbles.

Fossil hunting

Tythecott class made their own fossils out of salt dough using organic materials found in the Forest School area.  They then went on a dinosaur hunt………   I wonder what they discovered?

A wet Forest School

Tythecott class had fun in the very wet conditions yesterday.  We used our new yurt to create leaf suncatchers. Outside we planted seeds, played in the mud kitchen and the den, solved the leaf game and drank warm blackcurrant.  Which was your favourite and why?

Damper bread hotdogs!!!

Today was our last session for the term and orleigh had a great time cooking s’mores and drinking hot chocolate. They then made damper bread for the first time I loved hearing them talking about how the texture and consistency was changing when they added water or more flour they then got to cook it […]

S’mores and campfie pizzas

We were so lucky the weather stayed dry for us this afternoon. They had fun building dens eating s’mores and campfire pizza and drinking hot chocolate. They all wanted to have a tidy up to which was amazing some even decided to move a pallet together. Amazing fun this term with Burscott.

Year 3 cooking session

Today was a quiet day as we only had the year 3’s. They all got stuck in and contributed to the cooking challenge. We had a team of damper bread makers, campfire pizza makers, and s’more makers. Then they all had a turn at cooking. They also decided to do a bit of a tidy […]

Cooking campfire pizza

It was our last session for the spring term. We finished of with damper bread, s’mores and campfire pizzas. Everyone had fun and were so excited to be part of Shelley’s first s’more experience!!!!

Northam care Trust visit

Some children from Parkham had fun today at Northam Care Trust in Bideford helping them clear an area for their very own log circle area and fire pit. We also got to have fun holding and feeding their chickens Omlette, Hero, Hey Hey.

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