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Double bubble and more

  In science, we created a model volcano and caused an eruption. We investigated how when the baking powder was mixed with the vinegar it caused a chemical reaction and the mixture poured from the volcano. We then returned to the classroom to experiment with creating the tallest bubble, bubbles making the outline of Mickey […]

What was Clovelly like?

In Burscott this afternoon, we explored what it would have been like in Clovelly hundreds of years ago. We did some research and found that fishing and boat building were a huge part of village life. They also traded limestone and Welsh coal. We decided to re-enact what it would have been like by building […]

Science week – Paper boats and slime

Today, Gorwood class investigated which paper boat would hold the most weight. Using the same design to create each boat they used 5 different materials – printing paper, tracing paper, card, glossy paper and sugar paper. To ensure the results showed no anomalies, we made all 5 boats and work in groups of three and […]

KS1 football club

At lunchtime, we started a football club for Years one and two with some helpers from the older year groups. We practised dribbling and shooting and then used our skills in a match at the end of the session. It was lovely to enjoy the football in the sunshine. We’re all looking forward to next […]

Science week – Paper boats

  Today in Alminstone and Ashmansworthy, we investigated which paper boat would hold the most weight.  After working out what our dependent, independent and control variables were, we looked at the 5 different types of paper and tried to predict which would hold the most weight. We used card, printing paper, tracing paper, glossy paper […]

Year 4 and 5 Goldworthy WR attempt

Well done to the year 4s and 5s in Goldworthy who pledged to run a mile to be part of the World Record attempt. We should find out next week if we are successful and officially World Record breakers.  

Tythecott and Orleigh join the World record attempt

Today, Tythecott and Orleigh class pledged to become World Record holders as they completed a mile around the school field. They all showed amazing determination and helped support each other throughout to ensure everyone completed the distance. Well done to all of you.         

KS1 Multi-skills festival

Today, all the pupils from year 1 and 2 joined other schools from ACCT at the ARC tennis centre. They worked together to try out their skills including an obstacle course, tennis ground strokes, tennis ball dribble, throwing and catching and target shooting over a net. All the children gave each other great support and […]

Melbury’s World Record Attempt

Yesterday, Melbury pledged to run a mile in a world record attempt.  They showed great determination to keep going and those who finished the challenge first kept going and ran along side their friends to help and support them to finish.  An amazing effort showing excellent team work in the class. Well done.    

World Record Attempt

This afternoon, Burscott class pledged to run a mile in a world record attempt.  They showed great determination to keep going and offered each other support and encouragement to ensure everyone completed the challenge.  Well done to you all.                           

Plants 🪴

In science this half term, Gorwood are learning about plants. We have made mini greenhouses to see what a plant needs to grow healthily and quickly. This week we have been identifying the different parts of a lily and labelling them.    

Continuous Cricket

Yesterday, Alminstone class continued learning about striking and fielding skills. They practised throwing, catching, running with the bat, as well as bowling and batting. They then used these skills to play continuous cricket.

World Record Attempt

Today, Gorwood class pledged to complete a mile of exercise in an attempt to be part of a Guiness World Record. All members of the class achieved the mile at the start of their PE lesson either running, jogging or walking.  Well done to you all. All other classes across the Partnership will have the […]

VSP Family Group Cross Country

A huge well done to all the runners in their family group races. All of you showed great determination and tenacity, as well as superb support for all the runners. Thankfully, the sun shone down on us while we run a races for each year group. Congratulations to Hazel who were the winning team. Thank […]

Final day singing in the rain

The final day was a huge tidy up, working out who owned what. When we had finally packed, we put on some waterproofs and wellies for a river walk in the sideways rain. We saw some kayakers take on the fast flowing river and bumped into another Dartmoor pony. Finally, we sang some fun songs […]

Movie night and final bedtime

Our last night at Pixies Holt was movie night. We got into our pyjamas and enjoyed the film with some popcorn as well as more birthday cake 🍰.  Then it was bedtime. See you all tomorrow.

Group Two Archery, orienteering and caving

Group Two have also enjoyed the same activities as group one with their own archery champion.

Birthday Cake 🎂

Thank you to all the parents for providing the amazing cakes and cookies for us all to share. They are absolutely delicious.  We will have another treat after dinner with our movie night.  

Group One Archery

This afternoon, group one got their waterproofs on and had an archery session. They learnt about how to handle the equipment safely and the different parts of the equipment before a practise and finally a tournament with a birthday champion. This was followed by high speed orienteering around Pixies Holt.

Birthday Breakfast and Caving for Group One

This morning, we had breakfast and then made our lunches. We then split into two groups. One went caving and the second did archery and orienteering. In the limestone cave, we found stalactites and stalagmites. Everyone showed great determination and resilience and managed to get through all the small gaps and even sat in part […]

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