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Football ⚽️ fixtures

After school, we had two football matches against Hartland. The first match was a Year 5/6 Small Schools league match.  At half time, it wasn’t looking to be our day as we were 2 – 0 down having hit the post twice and had a penalty saved. However, we didn’t give up and showed great […]

Electrical problems

This afternoon, Gorwood class used different electrical components to investigate how to make a circuit work. Using wires, cells, bulbs, buzzers and switches we tried to get our circuits to work. We learnt that it must be a complete circuit with no breaks to allow the electricity to flow. As well as creating circuits that […]

Fencing taster session

Who knew we’d be allowed to do sword fighting at school. Well that is exactly what Melbury class did yesterday. We started with a warm up with four pupils having foam swords trying to strike their classmates below the knee who were trying to dodge them. We then learnt about the stance and how to […]

Fencing 🤺

  This afternoon, Ashmansworthy had a fencing taster session. They started with a warm up with four pupils having foam swords trying to strike their classmates below the knee who were trying to dodge them. We then learnt about the stance and how to hold the foil. Following this we learnt how to move forward, […]

Sketching in the sunshine

Alminstone took full advantage of the sunshine on our first day back. We took our sketch books onto the field with two pencils a 2B and a 2H and found something that we wanted to sketch. We used the different pencils to see what the difference was between them. Mr Davies then challenged us to […]

Parkham Sports Day

Well done to all the children at sports day. You demonstrated amazing skill, determination and team spirit. Starting with the 10 round robin activities including throwing, catching, agility and jumping each team acquired lots of points for their team. This was followed by traditional races with a long race, sprint, novelty, egg and spoon, sack, […]

Family Group Football

Congratulations to Willow on winning the Family Group Football this year. They needed to win by five goals in their last match and won 8-0. Well done to all the children who took part. You all showed great skill, determination and teamwork.   

Family group football

Well done to everyone who took part in the family group football. We had three amazing games. Some great saves, a penalty miss and four goals. A huge congratulations to the winning team, the Tiger Sharks.

Village Schools Football Festival

Well done to all the players who came to the VSP football festival after school at Woolsery. Year 5/6 played three matches and Year 3/4 also played three matches. They were split into even mixed teams, most of them playing with children from other schools. They all showed some excellent skill and great team work. […]

Woolsery Sports Day 2023

Well done to all the children who took part in Sports Day today. You were absolutely amazing. From the sun dance to keep the rain away to the high scoring in all the round Robin activities.  Thankfully the sun dance worked and we only had a few minutes of rain during the closely contested races. […]

Somerset vs Hampshire

Today, children from across the partnership travelled to Taunton to watch a professional cricket match. There was some cricket until lunch with Somerset losing four wickets. During this time the children had their faces painted and tried out some of their own cricketing skills with bowling and throwing at different targets. At lunchtime, Mr Marks […]

Mini beasts classification

In our science lesson today, we used posters to catch and collect different mini beasts. Searching in the bark of trees, under rocks and logs we found many different creepy crawlies. We took them back to the classroom and using magnifying glasses and classification keys identified what we had found. We found millipedes, worms, spiders, […]

Cricket in the rain

This morning, Gorwood class were on the field in the drizzle having their PE lesson with a local cricket coach. During the session, the children were encouraged to communicate and be supportive of the whole group along with great games to learn cricketing skills. The children played some fantastic shots into space as well as […]

Netball friendly

After school, Buckland Brewer played their first netball match against St Helens. It was their first time playing with netball hoops having practised using basketball hoops with backboards and on a court half the size. As the game went on they gained in confidence and dominated the last quarter scoring a great goal. Well done […]

Congratulations to our gymnast finalists

Yesterday, nine children from the VSP competed in the Devon County Virtual Gymnastics final. We all travelled to Woolsery where we had a quick practise before competing in turn with schools from across Devon. Our performances were of a very high standard demonstrating excellent balance, strength and flexibility. All nine finalists came in the top […]

Learning how to run quicker and jump further

   In Tythecott yesterday we had our first athletics lesson preparing for sports day.  We learnt that running is actually very technical and we can run quicker if we remember to keep our head still, pump our arms forward and back, lift our knees, run on the balls of our feet and breathe to help […]

Swimming Gala at Northam Pool

Today the Village Schools Partnership took a team of swimmers to a gala at Northam Pool. For many, this was their first experience in a competitive swimming race. They demonstrated great determination and resilience as they competed in their races with very little rest in between races. One swimmer lost her hat and her goggles […]

Double bubble and more

  In science, we created a model volcano and caused an eruption. We investigated how when the baking powder was mixed with the vinegar it caused a chemical reaction and the mixture poured from the volcano. We then returned to the classroom to experiment with creating the tallest bubble, bubbles making the outline of Mickey […]

What was Clovelly like?

In Burscott this afternoon, we explored what it would have been like in Clovelly hundreds of years ago. We did some research and found that fishing and boat building were a huge part of village life. They also traded limestone and Welsh coal. We decided to re-enact what it would have been like by building […]

Science week – Paper boats and slime

Today, Gorwood class investigated which paper boat would hold the most weight. Using the same design to create each boat they used 5 different materials – printing paper, tracing paper, card, glossy paper and sugar paper. To ensure the results showed no anomalies, we made all 5 boats and work in groups of three and […]

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