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Forest School fun

Today after sharing a story we went on a walk to collect some blackberries.. We then used them to paint pictures. We had a yummy snack of hot chocolate and crisps!!

Forest School fun

Today after sharing a story we went on a walk to collect some blackberries.. We then used them to paint pictures. We had a yummy snack of hot chocolate and crisps!!

Our first week back at Sunflowers

We have enjoyed lots of painting.. We built sandcastles.. And had lots of fun using the cars.

Forest School

We read the story ‘Were going on a bear hunt’ We then went on a hunt to see if we could find a bear… We did find a very big bear!! He was a very friendly bear, he came back with us and joined our snack..

Forest School Fun

To celebrate the end of our Forest School sessions this year we finished off with toasted marshmallows. Firstly, we had to find a stick of an appropriate length and thickness. Then we had to peel the end off with our peelers. After toasting the marshmallows we sandwiched them between chocolate digestives before eating. All washed […]

Messy Play

Today children have enjoyed using  the muddy kitchen . Extra ingredients  that wriggled! Inside children have been  exploring the gloop with tools.

Lego Boats

Today the children enjoyed making boats from lego . Did they float or sink? We also explored how to change  the boats  to make them float.

The Deep Dark Woods

Today we went for a lovely walk through the deep dark woods. Firstly we had a picnic and then we had to search the woods for our friends from the Gruffalo story. They were hiding really well and it took us a long time to find them all. Then we went to the river to […]

Exploring our Environment

What did we find ? We found lots of colourful leaves and plants and made a wrist band. Some were smelly and smelt like curry! Time for hot chocolate.

Sunflowers take a stroll through the deep dark wood.

Today in Forest School we had to search for all our friends from the Gruffalo story.

Chef’s at the ready .

This week we have been following the children’s interest of home. Following on from our visit to buy ingredients at the local shop. Children decided they wanted to make a chocolate cake ,they found a recipe to follow. Time to get baking Now to decorate . Time to taste. Thumbs up tastes good!

Mr Toad

  The children very excited finding a toad whilst playing at the muddy kitchen .We also had a visit from a Stick insect .      

Ahoy Pirates!

Sunflowers have enjoyed taking part in Pirate activitities over the past few weeks.  The idea began from a child’s interest in making maps.. We made a Pirate ship outside. We explored sea creatures and boats in the water. We weighed and counted treasure in the maths area. Used Pirate themed enhancements with the playdough. We […]

RHS Garden Rosemoor

Wow , a very big thank you to all our volunteers for helping throughout the day . A fantastic day was had by all. All the children were fantastic and had very tired legs by the end of the day. The day started off by following a bear trail into the woods. Followed by bug […]

All aboard

Lets make a pirate ship, what can we use ? Now we need a shark and some fish. Who’s been sorting the treasure ?

Fun in the sun

Sunflowers have enjoyed playing outside this week, we have been busy.. Exploring our new muddy kitchen.. Building towers and seats with the tyres.. And enjoying water play too.

Open afternoon

A big thank you to every one who visited us on Friday The afternoon was a great success. Parents and carers had the opportunity to explore the setting, looking at children’s work and displays. We finished the afternoon off with  a presentation of ” We are the dinosaurs ” “Roar!”

Funny Faces

Our Egg

Our egg has hatched, foot prints every where ! What could it be?

Our egg from the Zoo

Before half term an egg arrived from the zoo, Today the children thought it moved and could hear something inside. Is it a crocodile? Is it a chicken?  Is it an ostrich?  or could it be a dinosaur ? Nobody knows! We all decided that it won’t be long until it hatches as the cracks […]

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