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Alminstone and their poetry

Alminstone chose poems they enjoyed and performed them in front of the class.  We reflected on how we could improve our performances, to make them even better.

Teeth & the Digestive system

Alminstone used large movements to remember the different parts of the digestive system and their uses. Can they name they different parts from our actions?  Do you know which part of the digestive system has acid to break up the food?

Halloween forest school

Alminstone enjoyed the afternoon with a Halloween theme. From making slime to apple grabbing to making fizzing mud to eating s’mores and pizza and making glass lanterns.  Ask them which was their favourite activity.

Under pressure

Alminstone understood and gave examples of who or where pressure to behave in an unhealthy, unacceptable or risky ways might come from. We discussed the differences between being unkind, teasing and bullying.  What did they say?

Part 2 of stars

Alminstone finished our second triangle using tools and knots to create a star. We had time to do some jobs around the forest school area with Lou: using the bill hook to chop some kindling, storing wood and general tidying up. What did you enjoy doing?

Different feelings

Alminstone were exploring how feelings can be linked to a physical state.  Can you guess our feelings?

Stars part 1

Alminstone used different tools to cut willow sticks, then peeled the bark off and lashed them together to make triangles.  Next week we plan to make a second set and join together to make stars. “Peeling is very satisfying”

An email from Harold!

Again the focus is feelings. Harold the giraffe sent an email and we discussed how his words made us feel.  We looked at the definitions of the words and how some words are stronger than others.

Alminstone’s day at Burford Woods

Beautiful weather gave us a good day out. We made dens, cooked soup, played on rope swings, used fire flints, eating s’mores, had lots of adventures and hid in the ferns, making bread, orienteering, making crafts, exploring Burford Woods and making friends…… Which was your favourite?

OK or not OK?

The children explained what they mean by a positive, healthy relationship. They came up with lots of good ideas and had a lively discussion.  What would you add?

Having fun in Forest School

Alinstone class had an amazing afternoon in the sunshine working together.  Some chose to build dens, make mud masks, transporting water, making a banana bird feeder, doing some woodland management, weaving, helping with the bug hotel or making a hammock.  Ask them which ones they enjoyed doing?  

Human machines

We looked at strategies for working on a collaborative task.  We role played as human machines.  Can you guess some of the things we did?   (Make a cup of tea, with milk, wash and smooth some bed sheets, toast some bread, spread it with butter and cut into pieces, to name a few)  

SCARF Life Education visit

Helen discussed SCARF  (Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience and Friendship) friendship issues today.  She gave lots of practical advice and scenarios.  Which one will you follow?

Year 6 leavers meal at Merry Harriers

What a delight the children were and so well behaved!  We had lovely food and finally got our leavers book, which made us all emotional.  Thank you to all the parents who transported us there xx

Final forest school for Ashmansworthy

Ashmansworthy had a lovely final session with some of Ashmansworthy and some of Alminstone class (as the others were at Cricket)   We started with a stick balancing game with partners and then moved on to 4 different activities: rope through a tree, clay faces, clay and stick creations and finally grab the stick team […]

More photos from Ashmansworthy science projects

Some more of our experiments….

The winners of the Science Projects 2022

The Finalists were: Logan from Stroxworthy ‘What type of ball bounces best?’ Dolly/Mia from Stroxworthy ‘How does the brain work?’ Harrison/Scarlett from Stroxworthy ‘How far does food need to travel to get to your plate?’ Tegan/Ella/Isla from Alminstone ‘How do you make a volcano?’ Mel/Georgia from Alminstone ‘Pollution in the ocean’ Genevieve/Aubri from Alminstone ‘Space’ […]

Ashmansworthy Science Week

Ashmansworthy have enjoyed investigating science issues that interest them, to create boards of information to share with the school.  Some of us shared our experiments with the class……. deadline is tomorrow to complete them.

Burford Woods

Ashmansworthy class enjoyed Burford Woods today.  From den building to orienteering, to cooking to mud masks.  We had so much fun!

PCSO Liz Rendle visits Ashmansworthy

Our local PCSO Liz came into the classroom this afternoon to chat about keeping safe and the consequences of our actions may cause problems for our future careers. The children had a very animated question and answer session.

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