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Cooking with Tythecott

Tythecott class learnt how to safely light fires and then making ‘smores’ to eat (YUM) We created magic sticks by making pine resin glue from pine and soya wax.  I wonder what they could be used for? We had fun minibeast hunting and observing in a magnifying pot. Lastly, we explored the new yurt and […]


Tythecott class had a go at making a cobra knot and making dragonflies.  We found this tricky and we will continue this next week.  We used team skills to follow instructions. Which bit was the most tricky?

Buckland Brewer Charity Football Match

School voice decided to raise money for Children in Need by dressing up, face paints and having a football match. Ask the children what was their favourite outfit.

Tie dye flags

From last weeks tie dye, we undid our elastic bands to discover the patterns the die had made on the material. We then attached to our chosen sticks to make forest school flags. As we celebrated Diwali Festival of light, we created our own organic glass light lamps. Ask the children what they enjoyed doing […]

Tie dyeing

During Forest School, Tythecott looked at natural dyes. We discussed cabbage, onion, turmeric and sloe and the colour dye it produced.  Which was your favourite? From our item brought in and the piece of fabric Lou gave us, we used elastic bands to create our designs. I wonder what they look like when they dry?  […]

Devon Wildlife Trust

Lou Grout organised for Jasmine from Devon Wildlife Trust to work with Tythecott class today.  Jasmine discussed the Saving Devon’s Tree Scope Project with the children. We looked at a variety of seeds from our local environment and discussed each: Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Hornbeam, Alder, Acorn and Sloe. We then planted them using compost provided by […]

How to make a vehicle

From our DT project of making a vehicle with Mrs Dobson, today we produced a set of instructions so Orleigh could follow them to replicate our designs. What did we need to include? Resources, Step-by-step method, Top Tips, Catchy title, Introduction and Summary. What else could we include?

Which paper is the most absorbent?

During our science this afternoon, we predicted which sort of paper might be the most absorbent.  From a selection of different paper: sugar paper, tracing paper, tissue, tissue paper, writing paper, card, paper towel, disposable cloth. We chose our own and took a piece and dropped the same number of drops of water on each, […]

Wet Forest School

Tythecott class used tools safely to make Christmas stars.  We peeled our willow branches and then carefully measured 6 times and cut them accurately.  We then chose our ribbons, and with help, we tied knots securing the sticks together. Next, we are ready to decorate…….

SCARF came to visit Buckland Brewer School

Helen from the SCARF team, came into school and spent time with each class. She discussed what people need to survive: sleep, oxygen, water, exercise and food. Can you remember what Helen said for each bit?

Morwellham Quay

Tythecott, Stroxworthy and Melbury travelled to Tavistock to Morewellham Quay today. What an interesting place to visit by the River Tamar.   This area was once a thriving home to the mining industry.  The industry needed a transport system, and a number of small quays were built along the River Tamar to ship out the […]

Tythecott go invertebrate hunting

For our science project looking at living things and their habitats, it was time to look at invertebrates.  Did you know some invertebrates have no heads? Or that they make up over 95% of all the animals on our planet?

Buckland Brewer Harvest Festival

  Today we went to the church for our Harvest Festival and we braved the rain on the way back but had a wonderful celebration.  Lovely to receive so many donations of food for the Bideford Harbour Foodbank Charity and to share this with so many parents.   Well done to all the children and for […]

Family Point treat

Last term Sting Rays won the family point treat which was a water fight.  With the lovely weather, we decided to commence the water works this afternoon.  Some very wet children (and slightly wet adults!) had a lot of fun!


Tythecott class welcomed Becky and Andrew into the school to share their fencing skills. We learned to stand correctly, to block and to strike. Please ask your child to demonstrate these actions to you.

Tythecott find out about Christian sacred places

On Tuesday, Tythecott class went to Buckland Brewer chapel and church to find out why these two places are sacred to Christians and why they are sacred.  This is linked to our RE curriculum. Thank you to Dave Watson for organising this for us and all the people who made this afternoon special for us. […]

New clubs start at Buckland Brewer

Our first healthy eating cooking club started on Monday.  How many different tomatoes did we taste?  What did we add to our pizzas? More tasty treat with Louise Johnson to follow…..

RNLI at Buckland Brewer

Ben and Summer came to Buckland Brewer to talk to Tythecott and Gorwood about beach safety.  Ask your child about the flags and what they mean.  Ask your child how to summon help and who to ask? (Orleigh were at Rosemoor)

Easter celebrations

The whole school were invited to the chapel and the church this afternoon. We explored the Easter story through several chapters which were interactive and all the children were involved. Ask the children what their favourite part was?  Thank you to everyone who assisted us from parents, staff and Betty and Dave and their helpers.

Buckland Brewer does Red Nose Day

The whole school came together to raise funds for Comic Relief on Friday.  We dressed in red, had crazy hair and told each other jokes.  Ask your child their favourite ones.

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