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Our Body

In science Sunflowers have been naming and identifying the different parts of their body.   We can point and name the parts of our body such as shoulders, knees and head.   We then learnt about inside our body and had fun taking it in turns to add a piece of puzzle to make a skeleton.  We […]

Continuous Provision

To practise our technology skills, we log on and use correctly the controls on the Chromebooks to access a maths programme. The subtraction to ten game provides a simple introduction to the concept of subtraction. The visual representation of the subtraction process can help to reinforce our subtraction skills whilst having fun. Threading is a […]

Our trip to the fire station

Today we went to the Fire Station to learn all about their job and to look at the fire engine.  We caught the public bus over to Hartland.  Had our lunch in the play park.  Went into the fire station and the firemen showed us around.  It was a great day and we learnt so […]

Nursery Rhymes

At Sunflowers we love reciting nursery rhymes. Every week we learn a nursery rhyme and a copy is sent home so we can practise at home too. We can recite all the words to Incy Wincy Spider and do the actions as well. This week is World Nursery Rhyme Week and we have learnt a […]

Bears for Children in Need

In art we have enjoyed using a palette of watercolours to paint a bear. We learnt in order to get a good co!our we needed to dip our brush into the water and then go “round and round” in the paint. Using play dough helps our eye-hand co-ordination and helps develop our fine motor skills […]

RE -weddings

As part of our RE work we need to understand how Christian’s show love to one another.  TOday Bea and Lucas got married to explain this.  We had great fun.  Noah was the vicar.  We had lots of bridesmaids and a best man.  We finished the wedding off with cake and a little party.  Congratulation […]

PE – large apparatus

Poppies for Remembrance

Whilst gluing and sticking to create beautiful poppies, we had the opportunity to talk about a red poppy being a symbol of remembrance. By manipulating play dough, which strengthens our fine motor skills, we had the challenge of recognising numerals and then creating the correct number of poppies. We enjoyed drawing and colouring a poppy.

Glorious Gloop

We had a great time exploring gloop with our fingers and investigating how it changes consistency in our hands. We like to think of words to describe how it feels. Hidden in the gloop are different coloured and sized elephants. Once we find an elephant we like to communicate with our friends using the language […]

PE – small apparatus

Today we remembered our skills we learn on the floor last week and applied them. We tried to do a tuck, straight shape and a star shape on small apparatus.

Brilliant Books

In continuous provision we have the opportunity to access books in many areas.  We look at books independently or share them with a friend or adult.  Books are an important way of building up our vocabulary. We love choosing a book to take home in our book bag to share at home. We enjoy looking […]

Piet Mondrian

Today we started our art topic, first looking at Piet Mondrian. We learnt that he liked to use primary colours. The Froglets went on a primary colour hunt and the frogs recreated his work.

Gymnastics – shapes

Today we started gymnastics. We learnt to do three shapes – a straight shapes, a tuck shape and a star shape. We pretended the shapes went in the washing machine. When we were doing our straight shape – scarf we learnt to point our fingers and toes. Our tuck shape needed to be small and […]

Fun in Foundation

In maths we have been sorting by colour, size and object type. In our sensory tuff tray, we have had fun scooping, pouring and sprinkling the lentils, helping us develop our fine motor skills. Imaginative role play gives the children the opportunity to develop communication and social skills, such as sharing.

Dough Gym

Every day Sunflowers have fun doing dough gym.  This activity involves Sunflowers listening carefully to instructions and copying specific hand and finger movements to music.  This helps strengthen their hand muscles and develop fine motor skills.

Wind Socks

As part of expressive arts and design, Sunflowers created wind socks. Firstly we made holes in our containers by squeezing holes with a hole punch. We then carefully threaded ribbon through the holes. This activity helped us to develop our hand eye coordination and our fine motor skills. When we took the wind socks outside, […]

A Surprise Visitor

The children found a newt in our outside area and we brought it inside to have a close look. Sunflowers commented  ” it’s like a chameleon”. A child brought in a bag of conkers to show his friends at carpet time.  He told us “I found them in the forest on a long walk”. Sunflowers […]

We Love Numicon

Numicom helps to teach maths and to see connections between numbers. The children enjoyed exploring the tuff tray filled with orbees to find Numicon.  They counted the holes in the piece they found and matched it with the Numicon hanging from the display. We were also able to subitise some Numicon :- recognising how many […]

Imaginative Role-play

In continuous provision there is the opportunity both inside and outside to participate in deconstructed role-play.  This activity allows the children to engage in the role play experience with no limitations on their imaginations. The children decided to transform the cardboard boxes into a fort and to draw features. The cardboard boxes were pretend cat […]

Food technology – sensational salads

Today we learnt why fish is good for us. We learnt about different types of fish. Then we all had a go at making our very own tuna, pasta salad. It was a great success!

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