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Happy Mother’s Day!

We have been practising making a cup of tea for mums. Filling, scooping and pouring rice helps develop our fine motor skills. It is also a sensory tuff tray as we like to use our hands to pick up the rice and let it fall through our fingers. In expressive arts and design we have […]

Playing to Learn Outside

There has been a lot of imaginative role-play and playing alongside each other to develop storylines in our outside continuous provision. Experimenting with new recipes in the mud kitchen. It’s puppet show time! Exploring Dinoland. “All aboard the pirate ship”. Lighting a fire .

Amazing Art

In expressive arts and design we have been painting daffodils using watercolour paints. We learnt how to use the paints correctly by not using too much water and going “round and round” in the palette to get a good colour. We used our observation skills to note the colour and details of the daffodils. Whilst […]

Junk Modelling Table

Our junk modelling table has been very busy and there have been some amazing creations. We have a large choice of materials to use and we can choose to create whatever we like. We like to start a model and during the week, we improve the model by adding extra features or painting it. Junk […]

Fun with “Tennis Tom”

Sunflowers had a brilliant afternoon with “Tennis Tom” from Atlantic Racquet Centre. After playing some games to warm up, Sunflowers listened carefully to instructions to learn how to use a tennis racket to balance and control a ball. Well done Sunflowers!

Playdough Station

In continuous provision we have a new playdough station which enables us to make our own playdough. This supports the development of our fine motor skills by mixing and kneading whilst learning new vocabulary. This activity incorporates numeracy by recognising numbers and counting out the correct number of spoonfuls of flour, salt and water. There […]


The Nuffield Early Language program resources are available to play to learn in continuous provision. NELI improves children’s oral language skills and supports reading comprehension.

A Super Sandpit

There was great excitement to discover that the sandpit was ready to explore. It was soon busy with digging, scooping and laughter. Playing to learn in the sandpit is great for developing motor skills, building hand-eye co-ordination and socialisation between the children.

New Resources

We are always looking for new and exciting resources to improve and update continuous provision. It is exciting to see the foundations for our sand pit. Cranford Class have the benefit of two tablets which can be used by the Class to scan book QR Codes so they can listen to and enjoy books independently. […]

Physical Play on the Playground

It is great fun spending time on the playground with a range of wheeled resources to balance, sit or ride on. We are good at taking turns to ride the two-wheeled, balance bikes and pedal bikes. These activities all help to develop our body strength.

Our Secret Garden

Thank you to our Forest School Leader, Louise Grout and Finley from Alminstone Class for our lovely new, secret garden.  This area will help us understand the world and help us to understand the need to respect and care for the natural environment and all living things. We enjoyed exploring our new bug house and […]

Playing to Learn

It has been lovely to see Sunflowers and Cranford playing to learn this week. We have had great fun making imaginative and detailed small world buildings using wooden blocks and animals.

Exmoor Zoo

We had a wonderful day at Exmoor Zoo.

“What Shall I See?”

The reading and topic book this week in Cranford Class is “The Train Ride”. It is fun using the small world tuff tray to retell the story using our own words and some repeated phrases from the text; “What shall I see?” Printmaking helps develop our fine motor skills. We enjoyed experimenting with shapes and […]

Happy New Year!

On our craft making table we have had great fun using shape, paper cutters and practising our scissor skills. By learning to use scissors to cut or make snips in paper, we are developing our fine motor skills and co-ordination. In our role play area we had great fun singing and dancing together whilst wearing […]

Christmas Dinner

Today we enjoyed our belated Christmas Dinner. Thank you to all the kitchen staff for a lovely dinner.

Christmas Crafts

Sunflowers enjoyed talking about the shapes they were using to make snowman Christmas Cards for their families. It was fun using cotton wool and paint to make a lovely background for our calenders. We helped to make salt dough by pouring, counting and mixing .  We then rolled the dough and used cutters to create […]

Body Balance

Sunflowers listened carefully to instructions and enjoyed balancing and making shapes with their bodies. We are good at standing on one leg and holding a pose.

It’s December!

Pipettes are a great tool to develop fine motor skills. By squeezing the bulb at the top of the pipette, we watched the water get sucked up into the tube. Our challenge was to use control and release a droplet of water into each hole. We had great fun using a pipette to suck up […]

Our Body

In science Sunflowers have been naming and identifying the different parts of their body.   We can point and name the parts of our body such as shoulders, knees and head.   We then learnt about inside our body and had fun taking it in turns to add a piece of puzzle to make a skeleton.  We […]

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