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20th December

20th December: Jesus’ Christmas Party by Nicholas Allen What better way to finish our Advent booklist than with this wonderful version of the Christmas story? The innkeeper and his wife are settling down to sleep after a hectic day, but a stream of visitors keep showing up, asking for Mary and Joseph. Eventually, desperate for […]

19th December

19th December: ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore, illustrated by P. J. Lynch Christmas is a perfect time for sharing poetry and this version of the classic poem is just stunning. Definitely one to save for when the stockings are hanging up on Christmas Eve, you will be totally immersed in the […]

18th December

18th December: How Does Santa Go Down The Chimney? by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Jon Klassen When Santa arrives at a child’s house on Christmas Eve, does he go down the chimney feet first or head first? What if he gets stuck? What if there’s no chimney? Maybe he slides under the door, as thin […]

17th December

17th December: You Choose Christmas by Pippa Goodheart, illustrated by Nick Sharratt  The You Choose series of picture books offers hours of enjoyment for children of all ages and this latest addition is no exception. Make up your own Christmas adventure where YOU CHOOSE what happens. Which Christmas jumper would you like to wear? Which […]

16th December

16th December: Impossible Creatures by Katherine Rundell This book has just won the Waterstones Book of the Year award. It’s the first instalment of an epic fantasy series, which finds an ordinary boy and a flying girl enmeshed in an adventure with a host of magical creatures. Katherine Rundell’s style is irresistible and the story […]

15th December

15th December: The Night Bus Hero by Onjali Q. Raúf Onjali Q. Raúf is well-known as an author who tackles current issues while spreading the message of hope in times of hardship. This story is told from the perspective of a bully, exploring the themes of bullying and homelessness, while celebrating kindness, friendship and the […]

14th December

14th December: Victoria Stitch: Bad and Glittering by Harriet Muncaster Harriet Muncaster has written several series, all with a different heroine. If you are just starting out on chapter books, you can choose a fairy, a mermaid, a witch, or a combination – just look for Isadora Moon, Mirabelle and Emerald stories. Her latest creation, […]

13th December

13th December: Michael Rosen’s A-Z: The Best Children’s Poetry From Agard To Zephaniah Most teachers will have a copy of this anthology on their bookshelves and, after hearing the sad news of Benjamin Zephaniah’s death this month, it’s an appropriate time to bring a couple of his poems to a new generation of poetry-lovers. Michael […]

12th December

12th December: No Roses For Harry by Gene Zion Harry is a mischievous white dog with black spots and was originally brought to life in the 1950s. In this story, everyone thinks Harry looks lovely in his new knitted jacket covered in roses – except Harry! So Harry is on a mission to rid his […]

11th December

11th December: Illegal by Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin, illustrated by Giovanni Rigano A graphic novel for readers of 10 upwards, Illegal is the moving story of Ebo, a 12-year-old boy who is fleeing terrible poverty in his village in Africa. Before he even can find a boat to get him to Europe, Ebo has […]

10th December

10th December: A First Book of Nature by Nicola Davies If you like exploring outside during the holidays, Nicola Davies has written several books about the diversity of life on earth. This picture book is part poetry and part scrapbook of recipes, facts and fragments, reminding you that the beauty of the natural world is […]

9th December

9th December: Cyborg Cat: Rise Of The Parsons Road Gang by Ade Adepitan When Ade moves to London from Nigeria, he knows things will be different, but nothing can prepare him fully. Ade doesn’t always feel welcome in his new community; fitting in is hard, especially as he looks different to everyone else. But Ade […]

8th December

8th December: Little Red Riding Hood by Bethan Woollvin Another writer-illustrator to look out for is Bethan Woollvin, who has taken some very familiar tales and given them a twist of her own. She describes herself as having a touch of humour and a pinch of subversion and her picture books are a delight, especially […]

7th December

7th December: Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren, illustrated by Lauren Child If you haven’t met Pippi, it’s time you did! She lives on her own with a horse, a monkey and a big suitcase of gold coins. She ignores the advice of grown-ups and spends her time having adventures with her neighbours, wrestling a circus […]

6th December

6th December: Little People Big Dreams series by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara This award-winning series has got a biography for everyone, from Jane Austen to King Charles, Harriet Tubman to Lewis Hamilton! The biographies are factually accurate and extremely accessible for children wanting to find out more about their heroes and heroines. There are also […]

5th December

5th December: Ten Word Tiny Tales by Joseph Coelho In this unusual collection designed to spark the imagination, Joseph Coelho, the current Children’s Laureate, brings you stories of underwater worlds, demon hamsters, bears in outer space, and portals to unknown places … all in just ten words! Each tale is illustrated beautifully, and the words […]

4th December

4th December: Madame Pamplemousse And The Time-Travelling Café The Madame Pamplemousse series has been around for some time and should appeal to readers of 7 upwards and fans of Tilly And The Time Machine. In this story, the café-owner discovers that her coffee machine is actually a time machine and, before long, she and her […]

3rd December

3rd December: The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers Oliver Jeffers is another favourite at school, and KS1 staff are already planning to base some learning around Lost and Found next term. He has written so many brilliant books (fiction and non-fiction) that it’s hard to choose just one. This story is one of […]

2nd December

2nd December: Tales From Shakespeare by Michael Morpurgo Michael Morpurgo is a favourite with teachers, parents and children, and he has written books for all ages: if you’ve not tried classics such as Kensuke’s Kingdom or The Story of Adolphus Tips, you’re missing out! His latest offering is a retelling of ten of Shakespeare’s famous […]

1st December

Are you stuck for Christmas present ideas? Would you like to give a present that never runs out of batteries? Do you dread finding room for your family’s presents when Christmas is over? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then make sure you add books to your shopping list the next […]

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