Ugandan Bag Gardens


Class 5 have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Julius Tumwebaze today. He is a small scale Farmer in Uganda and visited the school today to work with the children to create the type of Bag-gardens which can be found in Uganda.

Bag gardens are used in Uganda so people can grow vegetables even if they don’t own any land. The reason they need to grow their own vegetables is so their food is cheaper and affordable for everyone. Fresh vegetables are healthy too.


Bag gardens are really clever! First, a food tin, which has had both ends removed, is put into the bag and filled with gravel. Around this is packed compost or soil.



The tin is then removed, leaving a column of gravel running through the soil. This is the watering point and allows the water to go straight down to the roots of the crop, rather than evaporating on the surface.

Next, the plants can be added to the bag. We used beans, peas, lettuce, parsley and kale.



The bag gardens have been placed on one of our garden terraces. Class 5 will be looking after them all term.


Why don’t you make your own bag garden at home?



Yay! One person has made a bag garden at home? Any more pics we can add?



12 responses on Ugandan Bag Gardens

  1. I really enjoyed this activity and very much hope Julius will come back again – it was really fun

  2. I think Julius was really cool. He explained how useful the bags were to people in Uganda and I think they are a good idea too. I hope he comes back and visits us again.

    1. I agree, Fred. He was very kind to all of the children, and you all looked after him really well. Thank you!

  3. I have just come in and we have finished making a bag garden. Nanna’s chicken bags have come in useful. We have planted lettuce tonight. Let’s hope the slugs stay away.

    1. Can you email a photo of your bag garden, Tom, and I’ll post it on the blog for you. Thanks.

  4. I realy enjoied it and I would personaly like Julius to come in to school again!!!!!

    1. So do I Will. Maybe he really will come and see your bag garden at home if he comes back next year!

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